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Land Run 100 Rides: Mary’s Humble Frameworks Resurrected SSCX

Good steel frames never die, they just get repaired. Mary got this Humble Frameworks years ago. She raced it and eventually, the frame developed a few stress risers and cracks. It took a while, but she eventually took the frameset back to Michael at Humble and he repaired the bike. Liking the way the repair marks looked, Mary clear coated the reparis and turned this ‘cross bike into a single speed dirt road bike. She now rides it at races, including the Land Run 100, where I was able to document this unique race machine.

UPDATE: Mary got third in the single speed category this year!

Best of luck to all the racers taking on the 100 mile course this year. It’s a dry and dusty one out there!


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Mar 17, 2018 28 comments
Lucas’ Orange Camo Cannonball Stoemper SSCX

Lucas’ Orange Camo Cannonball Stoemper SSCX
Photos by Kyle Kelley and words by John Watson

Lucas works the paint gun at Stoemper and if this bike looks familiar, it’s because the predecessor to this particular frame was featured here on the site two years ago. Back then, Lucas’ SSCX was zebra striped and it demanded visual dominance by the contrast of the patterning. This round, Lucas has a new SSCX bike. One with a thru-axle front, XT hydro disc brakes, wider bars and a bright, orange camo paint job.

A month ago, Lucas was in town to soak in some sun and shred the local trails with Kyle. They took off to the upper Chilao trail network where Lucas rode everything on this bike. Now, I should mention, Chilao isn’t a walk in the park and doing it on a flat bar SSCX is quite the accomplishment.

“Lucas is like a cannonball” Kyle exclaimed when I reviewed his photos and yes, it shows.


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Apr 25, 2017 36 comments
Cyclofunk Single Speed Rock Lobster Cyclocross – Kyle Kelley

Cyclofunk Single Speed Rock Lobster Cyclocross
Photos by Kyle Kelley, words by John Watson

Single speeds are by far the most elegant ‘cross bikes in my opinion and this Cyclofunk rig has tons of character built in.

Jake’s got style for days when it comes to his Rock Lobster SSCX bike. For starters, orange is the fastest color, especially when it matches the Giants’ livery. Then, the Campy Record and Chorus SS drivetrain and brake levers adds a bit of Italian componentry flair where it’s noticeable and finally, the PAUL “party” mullet brake combination of a Touring Canti with a MiniMoto provide ample stoppage. Black and orange make for great bike colors and I can’t keep my eyes off this one. The black Rock Lobster head tube logo is a perfect touch!


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Feb 14, 2016 11 comments
Golden Saddle Rides: Cinelli White Collar Work Bike

Golden Saddle Rides: Golden Saddle Rides: Cinelli White Collar Work Bike
Photos by Kyle Kelley, words by John Watson

While the success of the Cinelli and San Francisco-based brand Mash may lie in their Histogram and other aluminum frame collaborations, the Work frameset was the first frameset that really plucked a heart string with me. When a frame rolled its way through the doors of Golden Saddle Cyclery, it hit hard with co-owner Kyle Kelley, who insisted we feature it on the site.

What’s not to love about these machines? Raw, clear-coated steel with red-inlayed machining, options to run it as a fixed gear or SSCX bike (or a FGCX bike!) with canti brakes, internal routing and a nice, level top tube.

Cinelli and Mash have done a lot of great things over the years, but I’ll always remember this bike…


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Feb 5, 2016 42 comments
The Mash and Cinelli Work Frames are Now Shipping

Whether you’re into messengering, street fixed gear races or even singlespeed cyclocross, the new Mash Work Frames will fit the bill. Born on the streets and trails of SF, the Work Frame’s versatility is its most shining asset. As Mash’s first steel frame with Cinelli, the Work Frames were born from Chas Christiansen’s idea to have one frame to rule them all. Rather than painting the frames, Mash went with a raw, with a clear powdercoat, which will most definately patina over time with heavy use. These frames are spaced at 100mm and 120mm, with clearances for a 35mm tire and an english threaded bottom bracket.

The Work Frames are in stock now at Mash for $875.

Jul 29, 2015 7 comments
Ryan’s Stoemper SSCX

I shot photos of this bike back at Crossvegas but first, Ryan wasn’t pumped on the build and I wasn’t that stoked on my photos. So last weekend at SoCalCross, I stole it yet again to shot more photos. This time around, I think we’re both stoked.

Paul Mini Motos, Thomson, Chris King and that bright orange-red frame make this Stoemper one of my favorite SSCX bikes I’ve shot this year! And Ryan is living the (team) dream. That is, until he fell and lost a bar plug during the race.

At any rate, see more of this beauty in the Gallery!

Dec 17, 2013 17 comments
Ty’s Death Spray Custom All City Nature Boy SSCX

I don’t know if you know this but camouflage is “in” right now and so is cyclocross. A few months ago, Kyle from Tracko got his ENVE fork painted by Death Spray Custom, for a new bike coming in time for cross season. When Ty didn’t have a fork for Cross Vegas, Kyle let him borrow it. Enough of a backstory? The fork looks great on the black Nature Boy Zona, especially with the Easton camo tape. Let’s just say Ty is living the dream…

Sep 23, 2013 23 comments