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Special Delivery

I’ve got a few bikes in the review queue coming up, but I had to share these two photos… Don’t worry, there’s more to come soon. Now get out and ride your bike this weekend!

Feb 19, 2016 12 comments
Jaybe’s Speedvagen Surprise Me Road with Campagnolo Record 11
Jaybe's Speedvagen Surprise Me Road with Campagnolo Record 11

When it comes to custom steel road bikes, It’s safe to say that Speedvagen produces some exceptional machines. Many of these bikes are “Holy Grails” for their owners, who treat these bikes with the utmost care, while riding them every chance they get. In Los Angeles, those rides can take you from Sea Level to 7,903′ at Dawson Saddle and back in one day. There are few places in the USA where you can do that… And you can finish the evening at a museum or sipping on a cocktail.

Jaybe‘s Speedvagen would inspire anyone to get out on the road and push it as hard and as far as they could. With Campagnolo Record 11-speed, Chris King and ENVE wheels, this machine has more than enough performance to take on any ride in LA…

This particular paint scheme was one of my favorites to come from the Vanilla Workshop last year. There’s just something about the Masashi Ichifuru, or “Ichigo”-designed typography, especially with that color palette.

Feb 18, 2016 32 comments
Eric and His Ocean Cervelo S2 Road
Eric and His Ocean Cervelo S2 Road

Eric Bones is an artist. One you may know of through his collaborations with Firefly Cycles in Boston. “The Bones Project” bikes featured a high-contrast black and white design which was almost entirely done with a paint brush and a sharpie. As I said, Eric is an artist and artists need creative outlets so Eric began OCEAN, a team of sorts, focusing heavily on expanding from Boston where Eric is based, to the US and beyond. It might not seem like much, but that’s the point. Not every “team” needs to boast about conquests, some just need to look really, really good.

The Ocean Kit is an eye catcher and when you pair it with this Circle-A painted Cervelo S2 road bike, you’re bound to turn heads.

People of Boston fly west for the winter and I found a whole flock of them this week. One evening while we watched the sun set, I grabbed a few photos of this unique bike against an ombré sky…

Feb 17, 2016 23 comments
Speed Up Slow Down

Here’s an interesting take on the obsession with speed…

“Speed. It has become a passion, an obsession, a religion in the world we live in. We try to do more and more with less and less time. We turn every moment of every day into a race to the finish line — a finish line we never reach. But amid all this, deep inside of us, we know: In between all those goals, there is a thing called life that has to be lived and enjoyed. That less is very often more, that slower is better. But decelerating is hard. And for some of us, the easiest way to slow down is to speed up.”

Feb 15, 2016 1 comment
Mosaic Cycles Spitfire RT-1D Road

The Spitfire paint job has been tackled by so many framebuilders over the years and yet, it’s still one design that I can’t get enough of. Like this RT-1D road from Mosaic Cycles. There are enough details in the paint to make anyone envious. Or ENVEous? See more at the Mosaic Flickr!

Feb 5, 2016 10 comments
Pablove Across America

This looks great!

“Pablove Across America (PAA) is a pro-plus cycling experience with a world-class support crew and the energy of 50 people riding for a cause. We spend seven days covering 550 miles to help The Pablove Foundation fight childhood cancer with love.”

See more at Pablove!

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