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Patch’s Rusted Steel Road

During our journey along the Sverigetempot, we had a few riders join in for bit of riding. One of which was Patch, a local who met our group on the last day’s journey. Patch showed up in this fluoro Rapha jersey and this rusted road bike, built with mis-matched parts and older aero bars. It immediately caught my eye, even in my groggy state, which was heightened by a fresh knee injury from the evening before (I clipped my knee cap on a rock while sprinting to set up a photo).

The story behind this bike was pretty rad, considering the bike’s current state. To summarize, one of Patch’s friends was beginning to build frames, so he helped Patch braze this bike together. Over time, it broke, so he repaired it and in that time, it’s been his go-to bike, taking him on brevets and tons of road miles. After a mishap, he ended up with mismatched wheels, which, I might add, really work here. The patina has come from years of riding it raw, through Swedish winters and the frame bag dons patches of both victories (like the Sverigetempot completion badge) and personal mantras.

Patch is a designer, a person who usually controls details and aesthetics yet this bike seems to have designed itself. That, to me, merited a photoset.

Jul 26, 2016 26 comments
Spooky Cycles: Mulholland Road Frameset

Spooky Cycles is back in business, working again with legendary Frank the Welder in Vermont on small batches of frames. Currently there is a road frame, dubbed the Mulholland. These bikes have clearances for a plump road tire, are made from Dedacciai and US-made dropouts and ship roughly two weeks after you order one. There are still a few in stock, so head over to Spooky for more information and keep in touch via the Spooky Facebook.

Don’t need another road frame? Well, it appears there’s a ‘cross frame coming! Oh and why wasn’t this bike photographed on Mulholland Drive!? ;-)

Jul 24, 2016 12 comments
Bishop Bikes: Ben Falcon Project Bikes – Number 01

Photos by Keith Trotta

Chris Bishop is in the process of making a series of project bikes. Each one with be a collaborative effort between various artists and painters, will be one-offs and best of all, for sale. This being the first, a collaboration between Ben Falcon, the New York-based painter. It’s a size 52cm and is built with Dura Ace, Ritchey and ENVE. Head to Bishop’s Flickr for more photos and holler at Chris if you’re interested in purchasing it.

Jul 20, 2016 5 comments
Seven Introduces the RedSky Medium-Reach Road Bike

Seven Cycles has released a new road bike, the RedSky, a medium-reach road bike, suitable for all road conditions and with enough clearance for a 32mm file tread tire, even dirt. The frame comes with optional, hidden fender mounts. The 5E road fork comes in 8 different rakes, which allows them to optimize handling for riders across the size spectrum, as well as addressing issues of toe overlap for smaller riders.

RedSky can be built with a choice of build kits from SRAM, Campagnolo or Shimano and is available now from Seven.

Jul 12, 2016 3 comments
Froome on Climbing

Gilette interviewed Chris Froome, the winner of Stage 08 of the TdF, while he was training in Mallorca, Spain with Team Sky about how he became such a good climber.

Jul 9, 2016 4 comments
On a Steel Horse I Ride: the Speedvagen OG1 Road Bike

The Vanilla Workshop has multiple tiers in terms of frameset design and production. At the highest tier is a Vanilla. These are 100% custom, lugged beauties made entirely by Sacha White. Their wait list is so long, it’s not even worth mentioning. Then on the more readily-available tier is a Speedvagen frameset. These used to be only available as a 100% custom geometry with multiple options from paint, ranging from a simple, single color with detail hits to complex, “Surprise Me” paint jobs that are so wild, they’ve inspired how other builders tackle paint design.

Now, Speedvagen has a third option in its pricing catalog: the OG1 road frameset. These are stock frames, already painted and in stock now, ready to ship to you in days or weeks, not months. The OG1 also carries a pricetag that won’t make you choke on your morning breakfast, when it comes to a made in the USA frame anyway.

The OG1 is still made 100% by hand in the Vanilla Workshop and it’s painted in house with a custom Speedvagen design, usually two per year with the first year’s designs being limited to a matte lavender or a burly-looking matte olive drab! It’s obvious which color you’re seeing here.

These frames are a deal, but there’s a catch… (more…)

Jun 29, 2016 54 comments
Jeff Curtes for MAAP: Passes in Italy

Words and Photos by Jeff Curtes

My first big magazine assignment took me to Italy. Nearly the exact same spot that now, nearly 25 years later, we set off to basically do the same thing. Ride, explore, get lost, drink up the local everything, and have as much damn fun as possible. Back in 1994, it was a Transworld Snowboarding Magazine feature, and having never been to Europe before, I was wide eyed and so amping for just everything that Italy does so incredibly well. We were in Italy, riding, search for snow, and just loving every minute of it.

And when the next season’s Volume of Snowboarding dropped, our trip was front and center, my first TWS cover and a full feature of our debauchery and wanderlust in Italy. Thousand of images and memories which came back the second we set foot in the country again a few weeks ago with the Maap crew to shoot their new Winter 16 collection and mostly, to ride, get lost, and have as much fun as possible. We’d also eat and drink and love everything that makes Italy, well, Italy. Doppio espresso came easily back to the tip of my tongue. (more…)

Jun 29, 2016 4 comments
Firefly Bicycles: May the Wind Be At Your Back

Fūjin is the god of wind in Japan and this rendition can be found on traditional Japanese designs dating back to the 700’s. Perhaps these little wind bands are present on this Firefly road to ensure the presence of a tail wind at all times? See more of this beautiful work at the Firefly Flickr.

Jun 28, 2016 2 comments