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Endless Summer in Owens Valley: A Tale of Three Gargantuan Climbs

It’s no secret that Owens Valley has become a favorite playground of mine. It’s the interstitial region where I like to ride and explore when the Spring temperatures are too hot in Los Angeles and Death Valley has already hit triple digits. With natural hot springs, enough geologic formations to shake a stick at, and lots of rich history, this place is both an educational experience and a thorough workout, all in one. Especially when you begin to venture into the Eastern Sierra.

History. It’s something we rarely touch on here, and to be honest, I’m not sure why. I’ve read numerous books on Owens Valley, including Cadillac Desert, the history of how Los Angeles robbed this region of their water, and quite frankly, continues to do so, even today. After this trip, I found myself asking “where did the name Owens Valley come from?” To which, a quick history lesson began. (more…)

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… and We’re Back

… from our Lone Pine Double Header. It’s taking a bit to catch up this morning, so thanks for your patience!

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Let’s take a journey through the Ukrainian Carpathians this morning.

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Rapha Rides Seoul

There’s an old saying, “Seoul’s got soul” and the latest from the Rapha Rides series explores just that…

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Tourist de France – Sean Talkington

Tourist de France
Words by Sean Talkington, Photos by Sean Talkington and Kyle Kelley

Roughly 8 or maybe even 9 years ago (it’s a bit fuzzy after all these years) I started working at a bicycle shop in LA called Orange 20. The shop manager at the time Mr. Kyle Kelley aka Trackosaurus Rex hired me to work in the new larger space they had just rented. Soon after that, Ace Carreterro aka The Sleepers came on board. Ace and I were both sales associates who ended up working pretty much the same weekly schedule with Kyle. I had very little in common with the two of them. (more…)

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Leave it on the Road and the Big Lap

To honor Bill Brady and to fight cancer, Leave it on the Road gets ready for this year’s big trip:

Leave It On The Road is proud to present another epic cancer-fighting ride. Beginning Sunday August 6, 2017 six riders will ride 1000 miles in 10 days around Ireland in honor of Conor Brady’s father Bill, who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in 2013. Bill’s racing career evolved into a love for multi-day rides, the most ambitious of which he called The Big Lap. We are honored to recreate this ride with Conor and share the story with you on Instagram. ”

And of course, they get to ride these sweet Speedvagens. Check out more photos below. (more…)

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Crystal’s Gunnar Not-So-Roadie – Jarrod Bunk

Crystal’s Gunnar Not-So-Roadie
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

I still remember seeing this frame when I was in District Bicycles this March at the Land Run. You remember that story, right? The muddy as all hell race where I couldn’t feel my hands or feet? Well, anyway, I was at District and I asked, when is that thing going to get built?  I was told it had been there a while, like three years a while.  

Crystal, Bobby’s wife and co-owner / operator of District made the jump to get this built just a few days before Saddle Drive this year, test ride around the block and boxed up for a trip from Oakland California, to Saddle Drive near Truckee.  The 300-ish mile trip took Crystal on some pretty beautiful roads on her way to NorCal over three days. 

During my visit to District Bicycles I felt like Crystal was the glue of the operation and it was great to see her break in this beautiful Gunnar on such an epic journey. Next year, the whole Radavist team needs to make an appearance at the Land Run… Til then, thanks to District for the constant stoke!


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Saddle Drive 2017: Northern Frameworks Disc Road with SRAM eTap

Upon arriving at Saddle Drive in Tahoe, I was surprised to see that many, if not all of the bikes here are under embargo, meaning, I can shoot them now, but can’t post them until the embargo is lifted. I’ve spent my morning scouring the booths for bikes that are free to share, hence this beaut…

Minneapolis’ Northern Frameworks is the in-house brand of Angry Catfish. Each frame is made in house, per the customer’s measurements and desires. This disc road bike was designed to take on long days in the saddle, with clearance for up to a 32mm road tire and SRAM’s Red22 eTap. Laced with Zipp components and a beautiful Chris King Mango headset, this bike has plenty of visual pop where it matters.

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Sportful Squadra Avventura in the Oregon Desert

If you’re wanting to see a different side of Oregon, be sure to check out the Alvord Desert and Steens Mountain, as shown here in the latest from Sportful Squadra Avventura.

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