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Hitters in the Dark

In winter months, you’ve got to make use of every hour of the day, including the darkest hours of the morning.

Mar 7, 2016 7 comments
2016 NAHBS: Bastion Cycles 3D Printed Ti and Carbon Road
2016 NAHBS: Bastion Cycles 3D Printed Ti and Carbon Road

The technology is there and a few builders are utilizing it for sure, but you don’t often see a 3D printed frame with elegance like Bastion Cycles‘ titanium and carbon road bike. This thing is a beauty and for me, was a pleasure to photograph. I love the contrast of materials, the 3d-printed NAHBS insignia on the driveside dropout and the mean fuckin’ stance of this road bike. See for yourself in the gallery!

Mar 2, 2016 44 comments
2016 NAHBS: Calfee Manta Pro Road with Sram Red eTap
2016 NAHBS: Calfee Manta Pro Road

Calfee‘s bikes are truthfully, some of the hardest to photograph. It’s like my lights just liquify them and all I get are bright reflections, rendering these beautiful machines useless to post. This year, I tried something new however and the digital renderings of this Manta Pro road bike truly capture this bike’s beauty. Look, Calfee makes damn usable art and these bikes are the most unique creations at NAHBS. They appear to be some ancient beast, laying dormant in chrysalis…

Feb 29, 2016 15 comments
2016 NAHBS: Jeremiah Kille Caletti Road
2016 NAHBS: Jeremiah Kille Caletti Road

John Caletti‘s custom titanium machines are always a pleasure to shoot and this road bike is the prize of his booth at NAHBS. He reached out to Jeremiah Kille to hand draw all over the frame, fork, stem, and even commissioned him to design matching bar tape. It didn’t end there. If you check out the Caletti Instagram, you’ll see the matching Giro shoes and helmet too!

At a show where over the top paint jobs reign supreme, it’s nice seeing someone take this approach to frame embellishment…

Feb 27, 2016 6 comments
2016 NAHBS: Mint Mosaic RS-1 Road
2016 NAHBS: Mint Mosaic RS-1 Road

Aaron Barcheck and his team at Mosaic never cease to amaze and impress at NAHBS. For them, they don’t need to go over the top on show bikes because their work is just that: over the top. It’s the “every bike is a show bike” mentality. This minty green RS-1 road bike, with painted to match Silca frame pump is for Velo Smith in Chicago.

Feb 27, 2016 4 comments
2016 NAHBS: Argonaut Cycles Road
2016 NAHBS: Argonaut Cycles Road

Argonaut has had so many extensive features on this website, so I’ll spare you the introductions. What I will say though is that shooting a white bike with this setup is a godsend. That and the Argonaut-branded t47 BB standard… I still get goosebumps when I shoot these bikes and with good reason. Wow.

Feb 26, 2016 14 comments
Josh’s Beat the Clock Cycling Icarus Road
Josh's Beat the Clock Cycling Icarus Road

Big guys have big headtubes. How big? Bigger than a tallboy? Depends, but if you’re a Texan like Josh Hines, everything’s bigger there, so why stop with a bicycle?

Joking aside. Josh and I are buddies from Austin. He’s in Los Angeles this week to take on some mountains and break in his new Icarus Frames road bike. After being fed up with stock sizing and carbon fiber, he wanted something with more longevity so Josh turned to Ian Sutton to make him a special road bike… and special it is.

Ian’s not one to turn down a challenge. Well, that’s not true, I’m sure everyone has their limits but let’s just say Josh’s request piqued his interest. While Icarus has made carbon and steel bikes before, he hadn’t spent much time working with carbon seat tubes, which is what Josh wanted. Will Ian do it again? Probably not, as it turned into quite the challenge. Does it look rad? Of course!

Josh wanted a road bike for long days in the saddle. His full time job of being a chef doesn’t offer much free time, so when he has a day off, he wants to spend it all on the bike. He wanted the frame to be painted to match his older Beat the Clock Cycling kit, which has geometric patterns all over it and while the frame is about a month old, the parts were all bought used. Even those Bontrager Aeolus wheels! In fact, all he’s waiting on is a new stem, painted to match the Ben Falcon-paint job and he’ll clean up that steerer-area asap.

Til then, Josh has been enjoying Los Angeles’ killer road climbs. Yesterday he rode Mt. Wilson and we’re trying to convince him to take on Cloudburst… We’ll see! Even if he doesn’t, that bike will be happy regardless.

Oh yeah, how’s that new Will Bryant-designed Beat the Clock Cycling kit? So good!

Feb 24, 2016 29 comments
Speedvagen’s 2016 Road Guidebook and Asia Fit Tour

It’s never too early to think about your next and hopefully lifelong road bike. Speedvagen’s 2016 Road Guidebook is now live on the Vanilla Workshop site. Inside you’ll find various paint options, build kits and other details on how to make a Speedvagen your next, and possibly only road bike.

The 2016 Speedvagen road framesets begin at $3,450 (frame/fork/ISP) for a stock geometry, with full custom beginning at $4,650 (frame/fork/ISP). That’s including one of the many paint options. Custom upgrades are available including carbon seat tubes, ​full Di2 battery integration, and ​color integration on components like hubs, stems, headsets, you know, the works.

Also coming in 2016 is the Speedvagen Asia Fit Tour. Check out all the info you need at the Vanilla Workshop.

Feb 22, 2016 5 comments