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Outside is Still Free Zine

Pearl Velo has some Outside is Free zines up in their web shop from NAHBS. Hey, it’s been a while but there’s plenty of inspiration inside these newsprinted pages to make you want to get out on your bike.

To further explain what #OutsideIsFree means, Jeremy at The Athletic has a great write-up on these zines and where it all started, so go check that out.

Scoop up an Outside is Free zine at Pearl Velo for $5.

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Pearl Velo Has Some of the Best Branding

I know I’ve given Denver, specifically Pearl Velo, a lot of love here on the site this week and it’s not going to end. Not yet anyway. One of the best ways small bike shops can generate income during the slow winter months is through selling merchandise. The problem is, very few shops put time and energy into this, so they miss out on the opportunity.


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Pearl Velo Team SSCX by Avery County Cycles
Beautiful Bicycle: Pearl Velo Team SSCX by Avery County Cycles

As I await for my film to get processed and scanned, I figured I’d post a little bit of love for these two parties: Pearl Velo and Avery County Cycles. Last year, when Josh from Avery was hanging around Pearl Velo, he and Tyler chatted about making a run of singlespeed cross frames for the Pearl Velo ‘cross team. This one’s Tyler’s personal frame, the first from the batch.

He prefers his cross frames a bit smaller, with a positive rise stem to put him at the proper riding position. Built with Columbus Spirit tubing and a sparkle clear over the olive drab paint, this is a no-nonsense race machine.

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Outside is Free at Pearl Velo
Event Recap: Outside is Free at Pearl Velo

Saturday night was a blur. The anxiety of having a photo show had subsided and as the clocked moved closer to the opening hour, all that was on our minds was “will anyone actually come?”. Forecasts were calling for 10″ of snow and there were tons of other events happening. All the worries subsided when the house was packed at 8pm. Then, Lauren surprised me with an unexpected flight in from Austin. The Outside is Free show was a ton of fun. Thanks to everyone who came out, drank, dodged flying dildos and had to sit through my awkward public announcements.

Many thanks to Avery, Pearl VeloBerkeley Supply and PBR for making the night a success. I’ll have zines in stock this week, for anyone who wants to pick up a copy. I didn’t shoot nearly as many photos as I wanted to but check out a select few in the Gallery. Also, if anyone has photos, link them up in the comments!

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#OutsideIsFree is Tonight at Pearl Velo
Outside is Free

Tonight after NAHBS, the Outside is Free show is happening at Pearl Velo. We were all there late last night hanging our work, sipping bourbon and trying to stay warm. Dustin from Cadence has a pop up shop and will be selling gear, alongside Poler and Pearl Velo’s own merchandise.

Swing by Pearl Velo from 7-10pm. Attendance is limited to invites as long as it doesn’t get too crowded. Check out some previews in the gallery.

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Pearl Velo: New Camo Trucker Hats

I’ve never been a fan of the snapback or the 3 panel but the trucker hat I could get down with. When a box arrived from Denver’s Pearl Velo containing this hat, I got real stoked. Herringbone Twill Camo (HBT) is one of my favorite patterns and I love the Pearl Velo logo. Now, I have no idea where you can get one of these, other than their shop, so call or email the shop to order.

Can I just say how stoked I am on NAHBS this year? I’m bringing my cross bike. Let’s get muddy.

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