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Spencer’s Landshark Road

John Slawta’s work is easily some of the most recognizable in the world. While many have attempted to emulate his paint jobs over the years, even a subtle coat like this one is still strikingly unique. Landsharks are known for one thing: their paint, which is a shame. It’s only a disservice in the sense that Slawta’s fillets are undeniably clean.

Whereas some builders need to cover their work with flashy paint (called the pig with lipstick phenom), Slawta could walk away with a single color just fine. Yet, his bikes are all wild. Even when it comes to just two or three shades of blue (don’t mind the gypsum road residue splatted on the seat tube).

Spencer bought this frame off eBay and began to scrounge up parts. While it appears to be a balleur build, it was still done on a budget. The wheels were gifted to him by his dad (the bike would have still looked great with a box section rim), who also rides, the bars and stem were from his local shop’s spare parts bin. The SRAM Red though, that was purchased new.

Taking a vintage steel frame and dressing it up in a modern component group is by no means anything new, but there’s something special about seeing one done so tastefully…

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Mar 6, 2014 25 comments
Joshua’s 650c Landshark Road
Joshua's 650c Landshark Road

This is a bit of a strange bird. Usually, when you see 650c road bikes, they’re used on small frames, not a 56cm. Like Strawberry and Serotta, Landshark also dabbled in the niche trend of 650c wheels on their road bikes in the early 90′s. Joshua’s road bike has some interesting details, akin to Slawta’s work but the wheels just take this bike over the top. Such funky proportions and yet, it works. Unfortunately, it’s not working for Joshua, so he’s selling it. Hit him up in the comments if you’re interested.

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Mar 29, 2012 10 comments