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FBM: Throne Pivotal Saddles

This is no game… of Throne saddles. It’s FBM’s new pivotal with their embossed logo. Check out more details at FBM.

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Collateral BMX Interviews Steve Crandall of FBM

I don’t post a whole lot of BMX content here on the site, but usually when I do, it’s from FBM. Why? Because Steve and his riders are living the dream and part of that is dealing with the struggles of being a company that still believes in American production.

Over on Collateral BMX, JPR interviewed Crandall and even though a lot of it is cryptic and weird, there are some gems in there:

What kinds of new products do you have coming out? Anything exciting?
Yeah, we have U.S. made in-house 8.75” and 9” FBM handlebars, Bellwitch’s are getting worked on right now, Erbles just pieced together a 650b women’s city commuter bike and Kenny’s testing a prototype frame called the Orphan, which later this summer if all things fall into place will be manufactured in-house. Then we’ll be trying to get people to buy them.

That’s the key, getting people to buy your stuff.
Seems like we could fart like ten years ago and people would pay attention and now it’s like I gotta drive a black school bus around with muppets on acid to try and get people to even notice us.

Check out the full interview at Collateral BMX!

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The Albion: Live Free or Die

This is rad. If you’ve checked out the Albion Issue 9, this video is supplemental to the article found on page 77 called Live Free or Die.

“Clint Reynolds and his friends, Brian Yeagle, James P. Nutter, Matty ‘Anal’ Aquizap and their dog Raja drive across America in Betty – an old Mercedes van that runs purely on used Vegetable Oil taken from restaurant bins.”

Such rad vibes going on here. Thanks for sharing George!

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Full Frame Collective: Cubby’s Birthday Hill Bomb

Bombing hills on any bike is fun. Even a BMX!

“For the fourth year in a row, we have successfully completed a Bolinas day trip for Cubby’s birthday. Every year he’s added more friends to the adventure, but the itinerary has stayed the same. Drive out from the city as early possible, get to the top of Mt. Tam, jump on the bikes to ride 6 miles down a twisty one lane back road (this time we bombed two hills, one into Alpine Dam the second into Bolinas). From there we ride the skate park in Bolinas for a few hours and then head to bass lake.”

Full Frame Collective

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The Albion 14

The Albion continues to amaze me with their cover art. Issue 14’s was illustrated by Taj Mihelich and you can now pick up a copy in select BMX shops.

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