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Monster Track XV

March 13th – 16th brings Monster Track to NYC for the 15th year. See all the information at the event’s Facebook page. Greg Ulgalde killed it again!

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Beat the Clock Cycling Urbocross Week 01

Each Wednesday night, for the next three weeks, Beat the Clock Cycling will be throwing some short and fun cross races in Austin. Dubbed “Urbocross”, this series is part alleycat style race and part traditional cross circuit races. Last night, a good number of people showed up as the sun was setting on the east side of town to take part in the 20 mile race. Sure, speed counts, but like all alleycat races, your route will make or break you. That and making sure you get your manifest signed at all the check points…

I had fun shooting this race and everyone had fun racing. That’s a win / win if you ask me. See ya next week, Austin. Check out more photos in the Gallery!

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The All-City Championship Alleycat is Tonight!

I’ve been having a blast here in Minneapolis so far. Bandit cross ruled, last night’s track bike criterium was fast and fun but tonight’s main event is going to be even better.

Here’s the scoop from Bike Jerks: Meet at One on One at 4pm, Rollout to Undisclosed Starting Location at 4:45, Shortly after 5pm Race Start

Turn in your Manifest by 9pm or be DQ’d

Gear Junkie Office
2836 Lyndale Greenway Level
Grumpy’s NE
Pat’s Tap
Sample Room
Indeed Brewing
Minnehaha Rail Station
Witch’s Hat Tower
Fulton Brewery
Spring St. Tavern
White Sands Beach
E 27th st / West River Parkway
Cedar Inn
Grumpy’s Downtown
Don’t be a clown, bring your helmet

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Luke’s Surgery Benefit Alleycat

A few weeks ago, on June 2nd, the Austin cycling community came together to help out a local racer and bike messenger named Luke, who had broken his wrist in a crash while racing. Beat the Clock Cycling Club threw one of the biggest alleycats I’ve been to here in Texas to raise money to cover his medical bills (yay America!). Local businesses like Flat Track Coffee, The Liberty and Cycleast showed their support and people from all over Texas showed up on a sunny Sunday afternoon to RACE…

Check out some narrated photos in the Gallery!

Tools of the trade:
Mamiya 7ii / 80mm
Kodak Portra 400

Jun 12, 2013 12 comments
This Weekend in Austin: Luke’s Surgery Alleycat

If you live in Austin and like to race bikes, this might be your only chance to win a race. Why? Because the dude who always wins races (road, alleycat, ss cross, whatever) is out of commission. Luke Kalloch broke his wrist a few weeks back in a road race and has accumulated a hefty surgery bill. To help him out, Beat the Clock Cycling Club is throwing a benefit race and after-party. Luke is one of the nicest (fast guys) you’ll ever meet, so come out and show your support.

I can guarantee this will be a rad event!

May 31, 2013 3 comments
The 2013 MASH Anniversary Race

This will be the first year where I won’t be in attendance at the Mash anniversary race. I’m sure Mike and the crew will have more information coming along for the three-year anniversary race on May 5th, but for now, this is all I’ve got.

You’ll just have to sit on their blog til then.

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