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Something Different with Twin Six’s Titanium Rando – Kevin Sparrow
the frame comes with 4 water bottle mounts. I utilized one for holding my mini pump.

Something Different with Twin Six’s Titanium Rando
Photos and words by Kevin Sparrow

My quest for finding the perfect all-around bike began last summer just before cross season. Cyclocross bikes have always been my choice for an every-day bike. But the problem was I didn’t want to buy another cross bike that was designed for 60-minute dirt crits when most of my miles are spent commuting on pavement. I was in pursuit of something different.

Last year at Interbike, Twin Six surprised the industry with a whole line of “T6 Standard” steel bikes including a 29er, a rando, and a cross bike. On paper, the Standard Rando was exactly what I was looking for in both geometry and aesthetics. By the time winter came around, T6 went all-in and started offering a titanium fat bike and by spring, titanium versions of the 29er and cross bikes. It was also around this time that I started seeing hints of a Ti Rando popping up on T6 employee social feeds, and I was getting antsy for a new bike. I decided to reach out to Brent, T6 co-owner, and he explained that what I was seeing were Ti Rando prototypes. They had the same geometry as the steel rando except for a 44mm HT and a four water bottle mount option. Brent offered me a pre-release one-off and I excitedly accepted. Decision made, deposit down, and 6 weeks later I was and owner of a Twin Six Ti Rando.

Two months in and over 1500 miles commuted on it, and now I am ready share my initial stoke with this bike.


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Mash SF: 10 Year Parallax Frame

This past weekend brought about a ten year anniversary for Mash and to commemorate this event, Garrett Chow’s newly-designed 10 Year Parallax Frame went up for pre-order. Inspired by “X”, the Roman Numeral for ten, this intricately detailed paint job is made from thousands of intersecting and overlapping lines in three dimensions. It’s by far the most complex paint design I’ve seen on a production frame.

Head over to Mash to read more and pre-order a 10 Year Parallax Frame.

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SOLD OUT! Necronomicog Cross is Coming Shirt

Cross is coming! Cross is coming!

The Necronomicog sees things a different way. “Crosses Cumming” was a joke, first surfacing last year around this time, but had to lay dormant until the right moment: the week before the ‘cross season officially kicks off for the US.

These t-shirts are not meant to be taken seriously, so if you’re offended, you don’t have to buy one.

Drawn by Kyler Martz and made in Austin, Texas by Industry Print Shop using discharge ink (wash before wearing). Each shirt comes with a bonus sticker…. LIMITED TO ONE PER CUSTOMER!

Sorry! Sold out! These will ship this week! (more…)

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Blackburn Central 700 and Central 300 Lights

For the oncoming autumn commutes, Blackburn has two new lights to offer a wide range of illumination both on and off-road. The Central 300 is a 300-lumen lamp that’ll get you home safely on the street and still offer enough light to navigate off-road riding, while the 700-lumen Central 700 is a trail-capable head lamp. Both are USB rechargeable and hitting shelves at your local Blackburn dealers this fall.

See more specs below. (more…)

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Lookin’ Good, Yeti

30 years is a long time in this industry and to commemorate three decades of shredding, Yeti designed a limited edition SB6c trail bike. This is one of the best looking, modern mountain bikes I’ve seen in a very long time. A little throwback goes a long ways. 30 years to be exact.

The Limited Edition 30th SB6c is available now at your local Yeti dealer.

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ENVE’s New Ultralight Made in the USA Carbon Road Hubs

Coming in at 232g Hub Set (74g Front Hub + 158g Rear Hub), ENVE‘s new made / assembled in the USA 20/24 hubset caused quite the stir at Eurobike, winning a Eurobike Award and grabbing the attention of weight weenies everywhere. Even if shaving grams isn’t your thing (it’s not mine, personally), you can still appreciate these hubs’ beauty.

As with all lightweight, USA-made products, they’re not cheap, coming in at $1350 for a hubset. They are however one of the sleekest looking designs I’ve seen in the road hub market. Interested in a set? ENVE is taking orders now and will be shipping mid to late October.

For those wanting to know more, check out the full specs below.


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Raleigh Has Two New Bikes for Your ‘Cross Season

With ‘cross season almost underway here in the US, I continuiously receive emails from people looking for lightweight, solid bikes to race on. Raleigh has two new models this season which fit that bill. The first being a race-pedigree SSCX frame, the RXS. Built from 6061 Aluminum, a Gates carbon belt drive, with thru-axles, hydro disc brakes and with a solid price of $1,549, the RXS is a fierce competitor for your local races, or just a good time trail jammer.

Raleigh’s other new bike is not technically a cross bike, but a carbon “all-road” with clearances for a 40mm tire. The Roker Comp is ideal for those of you who might race a few times this season, but prefer to use your ‘cross bike as a vehicle to explore backroads, fireroads and all-roads. This beaut is built with Shimano 105 Mechanical Shifters and hydro discs for $3,299.

Head to your local Raleigh dealer to see these beauts in person.

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Inside Line Equipment: Multicam Seat Bags

Everything is better with Multicam! Including these new Inside Line Equipment Seat Bags. Now available in black, white and standard (tandard as I like to call it). Made in the Bay Area and only $30. In stock now at ILE.

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