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OneUp Components EDC Tool Set Fits In Your Steerer Tube

OneUp Components‘ new EDC (short for Everyday Carry) tool set puts a multi-tool, tire lever, chain tool, quick link, spoke keys, and either a CO2 cartridge or a stash capsule inside your steerer tube – or inside their hand pump.

The steerer tube system only works with tapered aluminum mountain bike forks, as it requires the inside of the fork steerer to be threaded in order to use OneUp’s super light hollow stem cap. If you have a steel or carbon fork, you can store the EDC system inside OneUp’s hand pump. Pretty neat!

Watch the video below and check out the EDC system at OneUp Components. (more…)

Jun 28, 2017 6 comments
Recovering a Stolen Bicycle Takes Luck

Perhaps you remember when my Geekhouse touring bike was stolen from my house in Silver Lake? Well, that happened, for those of you who missed that note. It sucked. I wept and I was very, very pissed off. Especially since we had video of the dude and the cops weren’t being any help. Granted, this is Los Angeles and real crimes happen every day. Then, a few people sent me a link to the app Offer Up where a seller had my bike. I went to the police station, showed them the app – which they had never seen before – and told them I wanted to go down there with a few people and get it back. They laughed. Rightfully so, but they were also assuming I had no “street sense” or something, I forget what they said exactly.

The thing that sucked though was when this popped up, I was getting ready for a flight to London, so I had little to no time to do this. I just wrote it off, not wanting to endanger myself or my friends over a bike. Then a miracle of stupidity happened. Kyle met Geoff McFetridge and Nicholas Haig-Arack for a ride on a Saturday, when the thief rode passed on my bike, prompting Kyle to chase him down, knock him off the bike and steal it back. All while the thief was yelling “I just bought this bike for $500.” A lie. The video footage we had as an identical, 100%, match to the dude riding my stolen bicycle.

A victory! But with a lot of luck. Unfortunately, the bike had a few dents in the TT, parts were missing and other things were wrong with it, so I called up Marty at Geekhouse, who said he’d be stoked to repair the frame and make a few key changes to it, which I believe he’s in the process of doing right now. Stories like this are so few and far between when it comes to bike theft and with the latest surge happening across the US, I thought I’d share some positivity to the mix… Thank you, Kyle, Geoff and Nick for being such rad dudes!

Jun 20, 2017 67 comments
The New Niner Sir 9 Hardtail MTB is made from Reynolds 853

Niner just resurrected the popular SIR 9 hardtail MTB and it was well worth the wait. Use this bike as a 29r or 27.5+ shred sled, or load it up with bikepacking bags, by utilizing its 18 mounting options. These boosted bikes are available as completes or as framesets. Holler at your local Niner dealer for ordering and see more information at Niner! If you’d like to see the fully gallery of images, check them out below.

Jun 19, 2017 21 comments
Mission Workshop: Stahl Shorts Restock

Just in time for the heat! Mission Workshop has restocked my favorite summer mountain bike, camping, touring and all-around short in three colors. I’ve put these things through the ringer and only now, after over three years of heavy use have they been deemed unrepairable by my clothing-repairing wizard of a girlfriend. Good new is they’re in stock and shipping now from Mission Workshop.

Jun 19, 2017 4 comments
WTB’s New Resolute 42 Tire Comes in 650b and 700c

For those looking for a little more rubber on their 700c / 650b cross or all-road bike, can check out WTB’s new Resolute tire. Designed for all-weather riding, the small square knobs will roll smoothly across asphalt and then offer traction on even the loosest of roads. In stock now at your local WTB dealer.

Jun 15, 2017 63 comments
Spring Sage Jerseys are Done!

… and shipping this week. If you’ve moved, or would like to change your shipping address, please email us at your original Paypal transfer receipt address to make things easier. Thanks again for the support!

Jun 13, 2017 3 comments