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Keep Your On the Bike Bevs Cold with the Miir 32oz Howler

Since the authors of the Radavist always have a camera on them, we’re going to try to provide more brief, succinct reviews of everyday products. This one’s been a staple in my car camping equipment for a while, though I never thought to use it on the bike. That is until I recently discovered that it fits in a Looney Bin.

The 32oz Insulated Howler by Miir keeps your beverages cold for a day (I’ve tested it) and hot for 12 hours, depending on how often you open it up. This thing is solid, made from stainless steel and consequently it’s a bit heavy but on a touring bike or townie bike, that’s kinda irrelevant, especially when having an icy cold drink at the top of a climb is of the utmost importance.

To give you an idea about it’s size, it’s 11″ tall, 3.5″ in diameter with a 2.5″ opening, complete with a flip top. You can fit it in a Loony Bin, a Widefoot Liter Cage, or any other “cargo cage.” It’s available in black or silver and in stock now at Miir.

May 12, 2016 13 comments
Ortlieb’s New Bikepacking Bags
Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 8.54.32 AM

While Ortlieb may be known for their brightly colored, yellow or red waterproof touring panniers and handlebar bags, the brand has developed a new line of bikepacking bags that are technical, yet utilitarian. This new line is completely welded and waterproof, available at your local dealer for ordering now. Head over to Ortlieb to see more.

May 12, 2016 1 comment
Silca’s Throwback Tee

Ya know, Silca didn’t begin in Indianapolis. There’s a long legacy of pump making in that brand’s DNA. To commemorate this legacy, as well as the Giro, Silca teamed up with Tim DeBoom to illustrate this 1970’s team car and had them printed at Endurance Conspiracy in Boulder.

Scoop one up at Silca.

May 10, 2016 2 comments
Hold Fast for Jim Brown Gloves

“I’ve been around Jim and Rad Racing long enough now that the kids have grown up into adults. Many continue to race through secondary education and beyond with some even making it into the professional ranks. Rad Racing kids learn hard work and determination from Jim Brown, he learned it from his father.”

“It was his father’s passing in 2011 that prompted Jim to tattoo the nautical term HOLD FAST on his knuckles, a physical reminder to bear down and stay the course through any storm. The kids have never been a storm to Jim even though there’s a lot of them and they are kids after all. Working a race weekend is a hurricane of energy and emotion but the team ship, often weighted down with a treasure chest of trophies, always returns to port.”

Continue reading about Jim Brown at the Athletic and while you’re there, check out the Hold Fast gloves!

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Manual for Speed — Surprise ME! Kit — SURPRISE !!!!!!!!

In an effort to better understand the Greatest Spectacle on Earth we thought we’d start by gaining a better understanding of ourselves, Manual for Speed. Who we are and what we are trying to do. How we got here. What used to matter. What still matters. What matters now. What might matter tomorrow. Does anything really matter? If we’re journalists and documentarians documenting the Greatest Spectacle on Earth, are we part of that Spectacle? Are we a Spectacle?

This important idea about Road Cycling is one part introspection, one part retrospection, and all parts celebration of Manual for Speed. As such, we could think of no better artist than Yoko Honda to create what is effectively an homage to our most core-est of core ideas: Spectacle. This kit, which—unlike any other kit in the 2016 Manual for Speed kit season—will be sold sight-unseen, and is a joyous (breath-taking!) assemblage of Spectacle’s myriad colors, wonders, sights, sounds and smells. We wish you could see it, oh wait, you can! If you buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To spend your money, learn more, or just watch this totally excellent Surprise Me! gif in its natural environment go >>>>>HERE<<<<<

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