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HIA Velo Introduces Allied Cycle Works and the US-Made ALFA Road

I am very excited about this project. While there are other US-made carbon road frames on the market, the scope and scale of Allied Cycle Works, under the HIA Velo umbrella, is very promising. Their first road frame is the ALFA, and it’s made in their Arkansas facilities from start to finish. There’s more on this to come, but for now, you can read the press-release below. (more…)

Jan 25, 2017 19 comments
SOLD OUT! Pack it In Pack it Out Bottles

These Pack it In Pack it Out bottles display a simple message, inspired by a hand-carved and painted sign in one of our National Forests in the Los Angeles-area. Printed on Manzanita-colored bottles, these are sold individually for $10 and are in stock now. They will ship this week.



Jan 24, 2017 13 comments
Whisky Parts Co: No. 7 Road Fork

As we’ve seen on the new All-City Mr. Pink road bike, Whisky Parts Co have developed a carbon road fork for 1 1/8″ head tubes with integrated and hidden fender mounts, allowing you to either lighten up your existing road bike, or finally put that lonely frame in your garage to use. Best of all, in my opinion is the fork will clear 35mm tire on a 700c rim or 47mm tire on a 650b rim through utilizing a long reach caliper. The No7 fork has no rider weight limit, a 5 year Whisky warranty and is rated for ASTM Condition 2. Which translates to off-road riding and jumps less than 12″. The No7 retails for $399.99. See more details at Whisky and holler at your local bike shop for ordering.

Jan 23, 2017 26 comments
Rawland Cycles Racks in Stock Now

Everyone’s always looking for good, solid, randonneur and porteur racks. Especially in all-black. Rawland Cycles just stocked their shelves with their new racks, reasonably priced for $70 and $80. Head over to Rawland to see more.

Jan 20, 2017 17 comments
FBM’s Hunter Gatherer Frames

“I love all kinds of bikes, and all different types of riding, but I am never quite sure where any of them will take me. Our latest adventure on wheels is an FBM built in collaboration with our friends at Endpoint. This new touring frame and fork is a bad ass bike called the Hunter/ Gatherer features the combined effort of some great people, stoked on bikes, looking to have some fun! We hope you will join us…” – Steve Crandall

Check out more information, including pre-ordering information at FBM!

Jan 20, 2017 22 comments
Compass UD-1 Rack for Disc Brakes

Got a bike with rack mounts but having a hard time finding a rack that will work? Maybe it’s a disc brake bike and the caliper is in the way? Whatever the reason, the gents at Compass have designed a rack, dubbed the UD-1, that will work with *most* bikes. Head over to Compass to read up on it.

Jan 19, 2017 3 comments
No22 Bicycles: the Aurora Disc Road

With flat mount brakes, a carbon seat tube and titanium main tubes, the latest from No22 Bicycles is one of the slickest looking disc road bike on the market. At first glance, even I didn’t notice the disc rotors… The Aurora is made in the USA and backed with a 10-year warranty. Check out more information on the Aurora at No22.

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The 2017 Mr. Pink Has a Carbon Fork

Ok, yeah, technically there is an “embargo” on this release for tomorrow, but you know what? I don’t care. Jeff is crashing at my house while he’s here in LA, and I hauled all my camera gear up to an overlook to photograph this bike at sunset, so I’m posting it a few hours before the embargo. That means a few things: there’s no link for this bike on the All-City site yet, so you can’t get every single spec and detail. Edit: well, they just pushed it live…

I can tell you the size 55cm weighs 20lbs on the nose (the 52cm pictured comes in under 20lbs), completely stock and the new Whisky carbon fork was developed specifically by All-City for this bike. The new fork has the same rake and tire clearance, yet weights 1.45lbs lighter than the steel fork. These frames are still made from Columbus Zona tubing.

Currently, there will no longer be steel forks offered on the Mr. Pink. The Whisky fork is replacing them. A bit of intel however: All-City is making a limited run of pink Whisky forks for all the current owners of last year’s model to buy and as you can see, the new Mr. Pink is an homage to the classic Motorola Cycling Team. Yay, Merckx!

We love the Mr. Pink here at the Radavist. If you wish to read my review, check it out in the Related Entries in the left column. Also, Whisky will be offering this 1 1/8″ fork in their 2017 lineup. More on that later. For now, check out more photos below and see full specs at All-City. (more…)

Jan 13, 2017 80 comments
Outershell Makes the Best On-the-bike Camera Bag

I get this question all the time: “How do you carry your camera on your bike?” and the answer varies. It depends on the bike and the camera used, different cameras require various amounts of space and have varying weights. More on that later, but for now, let’s look at the best on-the-bike camera bag for medium-sized cameras I’ve ever used.

Outershell’s Drawcord Handlebar Bag isn’t a “camera bag” per se, but it is with one simple hack.


Jan 11, 2017 35 comments