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Rouleur x Vélobici Combativity Merino Pullover

I wonder, does Santa ride bikes? Because if he does… These new Rouleur x Vélobici Combativity Merino sweaters look to be doing it right. Made in the UK, limited edition (but still in stock) and a great, classic color – sorry, colour – palette. The USD conversion gets a bit steep but if you’re in the UK and are looking for a new pullover, head over to Rouleur to see more.


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Ibis Announces the Mojo HD Generation 3

The Mojo HD is in its third iteration, aptly dubbed the Mojo HD3, following the Mojo HD/Mojo HDR. The crew at Ibis didn’t take this evolution lightly, either, scrapping the previous geometries for a much more modern one, perfect for today’s Enduro demand.

The geometry got longer, lower and slacker, kicking in with 6″ of rear travel and new, more versatile internal cable routing. Some might even say the Mojo HD3 followed the Ripley with a substantial drop in frame weight and increased pedaling performance.

Bottom line is: the HD3 will dust people going downhill after it outclimbs them.

See more at Ibis and check out full specs and frame details below.


Nov 18, 2014 2 comments
Affinity Cycles is Back with New Branding

Introducing the New Affinity Cycles branding, website and frame colors. Brooklyn’s Affinity Cycles has been gearing up for a bit of a relaunch, in between their riders winning the Red Hook Crit women’s field, various alleycats and even competing in the 6 Days.

To start things off officially, Affinity announces three new frame colors and pre-orders: McQueen Green Kissena, Lollipop Purple Lo Pro and the Asphalt Metropolitan. All the frames now have hand painted graphics and their Kissena is featuring an all new carbon fork with aluminum steerer. Each can be pre-ordered as a frameset, or various build specs, ranging from $1,100 up to $4,400 for ENVE.

Check out Affinity’s new website as well, with a side-scrolling gallery of images, representing the brand’s ideology that a street bike can also be a race bike.

See more photos of the bikes below.


Nov 18, 2014 5 comments
God and Famous Paincave Overshoe

I love a good overshoe design and what better reminder that it’s cold out, than a bunch of little paincave emojis crying all over your feet? I feel you guys… Pick up a pair of Paincave Overshoes at God and Famous.

Nov 17, 2014 1 comment
Now I Know Why the Industry Loves Disc Brakes on Cross Bikes

So precision products like the Takara Genkai can grace the shelves of Walmart. Hey, the wheels don’t have to be even remotely true with discs, the brakes don’t need to be toe’d in and the rear triangle doesn’t have to be square, at all. They’re also cheaper to produce.

For $399, who can argue? Is it bad that I want to buy one and see how long it lasts?

Nov 17, 2014 27 comments
45NRTH’s STURMFIST Gloves Use Aerogel Insulation

One of the lightest insulators on Earth, Aerogel has made its way into one of the most practical uses for cyclists: gloves. 45NRTH’s new STURMFIST models utilize this technology that was first formed in the 1930s by Dr. Samuel Stephens Kistler, an American chemist.

It’s taken almost 50 years for companies to adopt this insulation to warm weather clothing and what better piece of clothing to insulate than gloves for cold-weather riding. The very material that was used by NASA will keep your digits warm.

New to the 45NRTH lineup are the STURMFIST 4 glove, for temperatures below 15 degrees and the STURMFIST 5, for temperatures above 15 degrees.

Nov 14, 2014 1 comment