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Shaking it Down on the Salsa Cutthroat
Shaking it Down on the Salsa Cutthroat

There’s nothing like taking a brand new bike and throwing it into the proverbial fire.

Bikes like this are not meant to be babied, nurtured, wiped down with a micro-fiber cloth and sprayed with chemicals to make them look shiny. They’re meant to be abused, smashed, shredded and put to the test, straight out of the gate. Especially bikes specifically designed for arguably one of the most intense endurance races in the Continental United States.

The Salsa Cutthroat is what I would call a first for the company. In the sense that it’s a bike designed for a specific event: the Tour Divide Race.


Jun 18, 2015 62 comments
Introducing the Salsa Cycles Cutthroat Tour Divide Bike
Introducing the Salsa Cycles Cutthroat Tour Divide Bike

Without getting too far ahead of myself here, I have to admit the giddiness flowing through my veins at the moment. I’m in Banff, Alberta at the start of the Tour Divide Race, arguably one of the most intense self-supported off-road races. I’m here with Salsa Cycles, and while we’re not doing the entire TDR, we are riding a three-day section of the race. Why? Because Salsa has supported racers and riders in the TDR for years and all the time and energy put into supporting athletes who train for to events like this has culminated in a bike that’s just being launched.

At this point, if you’re even reading this still and haven’t sprung right into clicking through the gallery images, I need to point out that Salsa champions the drop-bar off-road touring and racing bike. They love the hand positions, the unique stance and the options for drivetrains. That said, over the years, they’ve perfected what is arguably their best “all-road”, dirt-tourer: the Cutthroat.


Jun 12, 2015 60 comments
Spirit of PAUL Quick Release Skewers

When you’ve made quality bicycle components in Chico, California since 1989, I’d say you can anodize anything you make in red and blue. The Spirit of PAUL quick-release skewers are the finishing touch to your made in the USA bicycle or even just your made in the USA wheels.

In stock now at PAUL, sold in 100mm, 130/135mm, 170mm and 190mm lengths.

Jun 9, 2015 2 comments
Silca Introduces Dario Pegoretti Artist Edition Super Pista Ultimate Pumps

As if a $450 floor pump wasn’t balleur enough, Silca has begun to stock their artist-edition Super Pista Ultimate Pumps first previewed here in the 2015 NAHBS coverage. The first artist being the legendary Dario Pegoretti. Known for his beautifully-constructed frames, made in Italy and painted like none other, Dario’s a true auteur in the modern framebuilding world.

Each pump painted by Dario is created completely by hand and no two will be exactly alike. A total of 10 pumps are available. See the entire collection at Silca.

Jun 9, 2015 6 comments
The Radavist Discharged Kit Pre-Order
The Radavist Discharged Kit

Pre-order is closed. Thanks!

After emails, comments and other forms of social media buzz, we’re opening up the super simple, very classy and essential Discharged Kit for pre-order. Pricing is $125 for a men’s or women’s jersey, $145 for the bibs and $35 for the Radavist / Rubber Side Up arm warmers (If you’re looking for the Raido / Algiz warmers, they were a one-time run. Sorry!). This pre-order is open until Monday, June 15th. Hopefully, we’ll have these ready and out the door by mid-July.

These are all made in downtown Los Angeles by Endo Customs. They’re race-fit, so check the sizing chart before ordering. Check out the PRE-ORDER, more product photos and sizing chart below.


Jun 8, 2015 31 comments
Manual for Speed: Human Athlete Visual Showcase with the Ladies of LA Sweat

The ladies of LA Sweat mean business. Their throwback 80’s kit looks rad, their attitudes are rad, results are rad and this photoshoot with Manual for Speed is, you guess it: RAD. Read all about LA Sweat at Manual for Speed and pre-order their kick-ass kit at their web shop!

“LA Sweat was formed by the need to infuse a little more estrogen into the male-dominated, testosterone-soaked sport of cycling without sacrificing speed and style.”



Jun 8, 2015 6 comments