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Speedvagen’s 2016 Surprise Me! Road

Each year, Speedvagen offers up a Surprise Me! option for their road and ‘cross bikes. This year’s models feature bright gradients and polka dots, building over previous year’s designs, with three color palette options. When you order a Speedvagen, you can choose your paint, or you can tell them, Surprise Me! Head over to Speedvagen for more information.

Sep 1, 2016 7 comments
Cane Creek Takes Over EE Cycleworks

Photo by Firefly Cycles

I absolutely love EE Cycleworks‘ caliper brakes and will say with confidence that they’re the best brakes I’ve ever ridden on a road bike. Problem is, their availability is often low to say the least. Today Cane Creek announced it’ll take over the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of EE Cycle Works. As of November 2016, Cane Creek will begin rolling out product, so stay tuned. Head to Fair Wheel Bikes’ blog to read the full scoop.

Aug 29, 2016 9 comments
Giro: Sentrie Techlace

The newest shoes from Giro uses the best of both worlds by joining the convenience of a strap with the comfort of laces. The Sentrie Techlace uses an Easton EC70 carbon sole and a Boa system strap. Check out more information at Giro and expect your local dealers to receive stock later this year.

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Bike Jerks: Baphomet Shirt
Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 6.16.02 PM

The Baphomet is a symbol, first drawn by Eliphas Levi, that represents balance in the universe. Over the years, it’s been heavily circulated throughout the “metal world,” from bands to bicycles. Bike Jerks plays homage to this century-old illustration with their Baphomet shirt. In stock now at Bike Jerks!

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Onion Velo’s Anylander Panniers by Porcelain Rocket

Projects like this always pique my interest and tap into my Paypal account:

“Together with Vince at Ponderosa Cyclery in Omaha, I’m excited to announce the launch of a project that is near and dear to both of us, and has been in the works for a while. The Anylander Pannier is a bag system that has been born out of a fondness for the style and function of traditional panniers combined with the need for technology that can handle the rough and tumble lifestyle of a backroads tourist.

As a pack system, we’ve found that we really like the usefulness, versatility, and size of panniers, as opposed to the popular, rack-less “bikepacking” style bag systems. However, when riding the rocky, extremely rough backroads of Western Nebraska, many panniers available do a less than perfect job handling the demands that we put on them. While we have found the durability and simplicity of bikepacking bags to be advantageous in some situations, the extremely stripped down nature of rack-less bags, as well as the detailed “tetris-styled” pack plan necessary to use them cramps our relaxed, easy going, “bring-a-few-luxury-items-if-not-the-entire-kitchen-sink” touring lifestyle.”

Check out the new Anylander Panniers at Onion Velo and pre-order these $325 panniers by hollering at Carl’s Email!

Aug 24, 2016 14 comments
Team Too Late

It’s never too late to enter the kit game, especially with two great introductory designs. Check out what Team Too Late’s got to offer at their web shop.

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