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The Radavist Discharged Kit Pre-Order
The Radavist Discharged Kit

Pre-order is closed. Thanks!

After emails, comments and other forms of social media buzz, we’re opening up the super simple, very classy and essential Discharged Kit for pre-order. Pricing is $125 for a men’s or women’s jersey, $145 for the bibs and $35 for the Radavist / Rubber Side Up arm warmers (If you’re looking for the Raido / Algiz warmers, they were a one-time run. Sorry!). This pre-order is open until Monday, June 15th. Hopefully, we’ll have these ready and out the door by mid-July.

These are all made in downtown Los Angeles by Endo Customs. They’re race-fit, so check the sizing chart before ordering. Check out the PRE-ORDER, more product photos and sizing chart below.


Jun 8, 2015 31 comments
Manual for Speed: Human Athlete Visual Showcase with the Ladies of LA Sweat

The ladies of LA Sweat mean business. Their throwback 80’s kit looks rad, their attitudes are rad, results are rad and this photoshoot with Manual for Speed is, you guess it: RAD. Read all about LA Sweat at Manual for Speed and pre-order their kick-ass kit at their web shop!

“LA Sweat was formed by the need to infuse a little more estrogen into the male-dominated, testosterone-soaked sport of cycling without sacrificing speed and style.”



Jun 8, 2015 6 comments
Mission Workshop: Softshell Faroe Pullover

I know it’s easy to geek out about ever piece of tech apparel brands like Mission Workshop develop and eventually put to market. I say “eventually” because sometimes it takes a while to make sure it’s ready. Take this Softshell Faroe Pullover for example. I’ve been wearing one since January and it’s safe to say it’s almost all I wear when I’m riding in an environment that demands it. That ranges from sunny days in the New Zealand mountains, where I want to keep the sun off my arms and neck, or a misty mountain hop in the Angeles Crest. Even here in Austin, with our hit-or-miss rainy spring weather.

This one garment has been put through the ringer and it’s still kicking. It’s lightweight (220g) and is constructed using Swiss-made Schoeller®-Dryskin fabric with Nanosphere® water repellent treatment. Schoeller is like the titanium of the fabric industry. What can’t it do? Camping, mountain biking, road cycling, touring, bike packing, its applications are endless.

Check out more at Mission Workshop and yeah, it might not be for everyone, but believe me when I say it’s one of my favorite pieces ever made from the brand. I’ll be taking it with me to Banff this week!

Jun 8, 2015 4 comments
Pacenti Wants you to Trade In and Trade Up Your Shit MTB Wheels

Got a pair of shit wheels kicking around on your 27.5 or 29’r? Tired of using a spanner to remove dents from your rims? Well, Pacenti wants you to trade those wheels in for a pair of their brand-spankin’ new MTB wheels. It’s easy. How easy? Send them your old used and abused Stan’s, Easton, or Mavic MTB wheels for a brand new pair of Pacentis and save 50% (Continental USA only). Head over to Pacenti to find out how in 5 easy steps and check out their wheel line at their web shop. Seriously, this is such a good idea. New wheels for $300 USD?!

Jun 8, 2015 3 comments
The Radavist Discharged Kit Pre-Order Opens Tomorrow
The Radavist Discharged Kit

After all the requests, I’ve decided to open up the Radavist Discharged Kit for pre-order tomorrow. It’ll run for only a week and should be delivered by the beginning of July. You’ll be able to order bibs, arm warmers and the jersey all separately, or all together. Hopefully this quells everyone’s need for an all-black kit and as always, thanks for the support.

The pre-order will open tomorrow at noon CST and will be open all week, until Monday, the 15th.

Jun 7, 2015 3 comments
Search and State’s New Aloha S1 Riding Jersey


Out of all the patterns and designs Search and State could have printed for their first non-solid color jersey, they chose Hawaiian. You can’t go wrong with that. Bring some summer shakka vibes to your road ride with the new Aloha S1 riding jersey. In stock now at Search and State.


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