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ENVE Launches New CX Carbon Disc Tubular Wheelsets

With a 31mm depth, an external rim width of 28mm and an internal rim width of 21mm, it’s obvious ENVE wanted to make a cyclocross-specific wheelset for dedicated ‘cross athletes. Available as tubular-only, these made in the USA carbon wheels were designed specifically for the weekend races and are available in a variety of hub, freewheel and axle specifications. Head over to ENVE for more information.

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Niner Updates the RLT 9 and RLT 9 Steel

We loved Niner’s RLT9 Steel ‘cross bike but even in its perfectly capable form, Niner felt like “good” wasn’t enough so they took the entire RLT9 line and gave it thru-axles along with a new fork. This new fork takes a 15mm thru axle as well as new-mid mount rack attachments as well for those wanting to run a rack on their race bike in the off-season.

Overall, these new details add to the versatility of these new bikes, which are shipping now in prices ranging from $1,050 for a RLT9 frame, $2,000 for a 2 Star, 105 11-speed build and up to $5,500 for the Di2 Hydro 5 star build. The RLT9 Steel frame is a bit more, starting at $1,500 for a frame, $2,500 for a 2 Star, 105 11-speed build and up to $6,000 for the Di2 Hydro 5 star build.

Check out more photos below and see more information at Niner.


Oct 21, 2015 28 comments
The Tube Top by Stashers

Well-planned portage is all the rage these days and with all the money you probably piss down the drain at pubs and bars, shouldn’t you just take the party on the road? Check out these Tube Top bags by Stashers. Designed to carry, uhh, you know and then some. These Tube Tops are available in size small (two cans) or size medium (three cans). They can be stacked or attached to the bars and even your seat post.

Check out more at Stashers.

Oct 20, 2015 11 comments
SOMA: Shikoro and Supple Vitesse Tires
shikoro 33c_34_frt 1k

SOMA always does a great job at addressing tire demands from its customers. Their new Shikoro tire offers the ultimate protection with reinforced sidewalls and tough tread, while the Supple Vitesse offer a smoother ride with tubular casing and two tread thicknesses.

Like options? These tires are available in 23, 28, 33, 38, 42mm widths. That’s literally something for everyone. Check out more info at Soma’s Blog and swoop up a pair at your local dealer.

Oct 20, 2015 19 comments
Tomii Cycles Cable Hanger

Weighing in at just 1 gram, this Tomii Cycles cable hanger is the minimalist’s dream straddle solution. No word on when it’ll be available for public consumption, or if he’ll be doing anodized colors, but you can sign me up! For now, keep on top of Tomii Cycles at their Instagram.

Oct 19, 2015 7 comments
Surly: New Extraterrestrial 26″ Tires and 8 or 24 Pack Racks

26″ isn’t dead, it just took a back seat on an interstellar space trip for a bit. The newest tire from Surly, the Extraterrestrial proves that there’s a lot of fun to have on your 26″ bike. These 2.5″, 60TPI tires have been designed for multi-surfaces and will still enjoy a commute that’s mostly pavement.

Speaking of commuting, there are two racks coming in from Surly: the 8 Pack and the 24 Pack Racks. Surely you get the reference… See more at Surly.

Oct 19, 2015 4 comments
Team Dream Team’s Fall Launch Looks Amazing!

The guys at Team Dream Team have been working hard on this fall launch, with tons of new products and unique designs. From jerseys to riding wallets and decals, there’s something for anyone’s budget, all in glowing hues and tones. One of my favorite pieces are the fade jerseys and the new Rumblin’ Rolls. All made in the USA!

All I gotta say is, good thing it’s payday! Swoop up at Team Dream Team.

Oct 16, 2015 4 comments