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North St Bags: Hip or Handlebar Pioneer Bags

I use a hip bag to carry my camera on rides, or my tools, a water bottle and snacks. They’re versatile and best of all, you don’t have to have something on your back. North St. Bags takes it one step further with their Pioneer bags. They’re designed to fit on your body or your bars and come in two sizes, with a variety of colors. The Pioneer bags are in stock now and shipping from North St. Bags.

Oct 26, 2016 5 comments
Choke Out Winter with Brancale’s Made in the UK Cycling Gloves

There’s something very Dario Argento about this product photo for Brancale’s new winter cycling gloves and I like it. These gloves are made in England, come with a fleece liner and a cognac-colored finish. I’ve used similar gloves in cold weather and love them. Plus, they look great off the bike. They’ll set you back $200, and are in stock now. Head to Brancale‘s site for sizing information and ordering.

Oct 25, 2016 7 comments
Own a True Temper Slim Chance Road Frame

If you’re looking for a new steel road frameset, check out the latest offering from Fat Chance. These True Temper Slim Chance frames come with a number of configuration options. You can choose a steel fork, or an ENVE, color-matched ENVE stem, and even a color-matched Silca frame pump. You can even select if you want a cabled road groupset or SRAM Red eTap. The pricing starts at $2395 for a frame, fork and King headset, allowing you to tack on options as needed. This pre-order is a limited edition offering, and will close out on November 15th with a end of January 2017 delivery.

Head to Fat Chance for the skinny on the new Slim Chance.

Oct 24, 2016 17 comments
Heading to Santa Cruz for the Rock Lobster Cup!

When I was in Santa Cruz after Grinduro, I swung by to see Paul Sadoff, the man behind Rock Lobster Cycles. Paul’s always pretty busy and this trip was no exception. He was in the throes of planning the Rock Lobster Cup Two, which is being held at the lighthouse park in Santa Cruz. After talking about the course, why it was moved from Bonny Doon and how he’s planning on making a relatively flat course exciting, I decided I’d skip town yet again and come up to photograph the race. Hell, I might even jump in it.

Because you can’t swing by Rock Lobster and not take a few photos, I documented the shop’s current condition, which I might add, is the best I’ve seen it so far. Check out a few more photos below. (more…)

Oct 20, 2016 4 comments
Derailleurs of the World: Suntour

The team at Bicycle Quarterly are now carrying Hideki Sasaki’s latest addition to his “Derailleurs of the World” series. This edition features SunTour, one of the world’s most innovative component makers. Pick up a copy at their web shop.

Oct 20, 2016 2 comments
An Ode to the 1-Up Rack

While not everyone needs a bike rack, or even a car, plenty of people out there rely on their automobiles to transport their bicycle or bicycles to a cycling destination. Here in California, it’s easy to hop in your car and be transported to a completely different environment within a few hours, sometimes even fast enough to get in a good pedal before sundown.

Over the years, I’ve used just about every mainstream market bike rack. While they all do the job, only one excels. The 1-Up Rack is hands down the best bicycle rack on the market and the fact that it’s made in the USA is an added bonus. I’ve been using mine for over a year now and while it pinched my pockets upon purchasing, I have no regrets. (more…)

Oct 19, 2016 49 comments
Niner Launches the Alloy JET 27.5+ 29r

Not everyone can drop upwards of $9,000 on a trail bike and not every rider wants rocks pinging off the tubes on a carbon fiber frame. Knowing this, Niner launched their popular JET RDO 27.5+ 29r frameset in an alloy version. Utilizing the same CVA suspension and engineering standards as the JET RDO, the new JET 9 is made for tackling your local trails, all at a pricepoint of $2,600.00 with SRAM NX-1. Check out more specs at Niner and see a few more product photos below. Keep an eye on Niner’s demo days via your local dealer to test one out. (more…)

Oct 19, 2016 2 comments
I Photographed the 2017 Bicycling Magazine Calendar
BicyclingCalendar_JW-lead copy

Admittedly, when Bicycling Magazine reached out to me to be their 2017 calendar photographer, I was nervous. As someone who shoots thousands of photos a month to populate the pages of this website, along with the social media channels, I can’t even begin to posses the power of editing down 13 photos for something like a print calendar. For Bicycling Magazine nonetheless. Luckily for me, Jesse, the Design Director at the magazine, had already waded through the photographic archives that is the Radavist and narrowed down a selection. Fast forward a few months and viola! The calendar is done, in my possession and I have to say, it was fun going through all the memories associated with the photos. From Minneapolis, to Austin, Portland and Los Angeles, there’s something for everyone.

These beauts are in stock now at Bicycling for $16.00

Oct 18, 2016 5 comments