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Search and State: S1-S Bibs in Navy

Some of the softest, most comfortable bibs in my collection just got a new color. The Search and State S1-S bibs are now available in navy blue, for those who like to mix it up a bit. Made in the USA and in stock now at SAS.

Feb 6, 2015 10 comments
Rapha’s New Pro Team Softshell Jacket

One thing is for certain: Rapha knows their outerwear and cold weather apparel. Every jacket I’ve owned of theirs has been top-notch, far exceeding my own expectations, especially when it comes to the wind, rain and cold. For 2015, Rapha has introduced their new Pro Team Softshell Jacket and it looks to uphold that aforementioned pedigree.

Read more at Rapha.

Feb 6, 2015 3 comments
Cueva Omnium Handmade Carbon Track Frame
Cueva Omnium-1

It’s not everyday that you come across a handmade, Italian, carbon fiber track frame. By today’s internet offerings, the pricepoint is anything but cheap, but see above descriptors for rationale and see more at Cueva.

Feb 4, 2015 3 comments
AARN Chainrings Back in Stock

The AARN chainrings were an instant classic when they launched back in 2011. Each year, designer Aaron Panone restocks the 144#47/49 chainrings in limited batches. The first restock of 2015 is now on 44RN, in a run of 200. Head over now to pick one up.

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Rangeley Morton: Post – Bicycle Display Stand

Rangeley Morton is a furniture builder and a cyclist, so it was only a matter of time before both passions began to inform each other. One such effort is the Post, a handmade, collapsable, bicycle rack, best suited at home or in a shop. This unique design was inspired by classic tools, while ironically, no tools are needed to assemble Post.

Post’s arms and legs are locked in place with sailing twine threaded through a removable brass pipe. Simply tie a knot… Designed to work with everything from a MTB to a classic road frame, Post only requires a top tube to hold and display your bike.

Each Post is signed, numbered and retails for $450 – simply email to order. See a quote about Post from Rangeley Morton below, along with more photos.


Feb 3, 2015 7 comments
Ritte Cycles Unleashes the Ace Performance Road

I like the looks and body language of this bike. The Ritte Ace is taking over the road racing lineup, utilizing true one-piece monocoque construction, positive molding with a T700/T1000 Carbon Layup and integrated Di2 or mechanical cabling setups. Because bigger is better, the Ace will also fit 25mm – 28mm tires, depending on rim width and manufacturer’s specs.

Not everything is new with the Ace, however. Ritte adopted the geometry from their Vlaanderen model for familiar handling. See more specs and photos below.


Feb 3, 2015 9 comments