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Paul Perret’s X-Ray Prints

A while back, I posted an “X-Ray Pinarello” graphic from an artist named Paul Perret. Almost two years later and now all five of these unique cycling prints are available for sale. I’ve never seen anything like this in terms of cycling posters, so head over to Paul’s webshop to see the rest.

Mar 28, 2016 2 comments
Ritchey: P-29er Completes in Stock

This year, Ritchey has been rolling in complete MTB frames with great starter kits and the newest bike to follow suit is their popular P-29er. Built with a Rock Shox SID and XT throughout, this bike will last you for miles upon miles of trails, where ever you call home. Check out more at Ritchey!

Mar 24, 2016 11 comments
Surly’s Dirt Wizard is the Shredliest 27.5+ Tire I’ve Ridden – Morgan Taylor
Surly Dirt Wizard 27.5 x 3

Photos and words by Morgan Taylor.

I’m not going to get away without laying down some bad puns here. Sorry if that’s not your thing. 27.5+ tires have really blown up this year. Just look at this year’s NAHBS galleries. You couldn’t swing a cat without hitting a 27.5+ hardtail out there.

Last year, in my long term review of the Surly Ice Cream Truck, I casually mentioned that I thought this bike was a good candidate for a 27.5+ conversion. John told me he had a pair of WTB Scraper rims that had yet to be built up and, with a promise to keep my mouth shut for a while, Surly sent me a proto pair of their now-available 27.5 x 3” Dirt Wizards.

The 27.5+ Dirt Wizards both weighed in at a hair under 1225 grams. Heavy by mountain bike standards, light by fat bike standards. Nice thick sidewalls and big, gummy tread blocks. Promising. John surprised me by having Mellow Johnny’s lace the rims to a pair of Industry Nine fat bike hubs and the project was underway.


Mar 24, 2016 27 comments
North Street Bags Make Bike-Friendly Duffels

In the USA too! North Street Bag’s Scout duffels come in two sizes: bar-mountable and Wald basket-mountable. Or the Scout 14″ and Scout 11″… These bags come in various colors and are optimized for around town portage. See the full lineup at North Street Bags!

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Jones Plus 148 TA Pre-Order

For those of you who fancy Jones’ curvaceous frames and have been long-awaiting the 148 thru-axle plus sized frames, today the pre-ordered opened up on the 23″, 24″ and 25″ frames. For $1,375 you get a frame, fork and choice of two colors: green and black. They’re also launching their own hub, headset and rims… I’ve always loved the way these bikes look and having only spent a brief moment on one, I can say they’re a lot of fun. For more information check out the Jones site.

Mar 23, 2016 4 comments
Mixed Works Falcon Backpacks

Mixed Works’ newest bag is a weatherproof, roll top backpack that comes in a variety of colors and tones, including camo. There are pockets, an optional waist strap, Cobra buckle upgrade, cell holster and two sizes: small and medium. Head over to Mixed Works now to check it out.

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Strawfoot Travel Kit

Bags upon bags. When I travel, I have at least four bags inside my duffel and when I spend long weeks on the road, it keeps me sane. I’ve always been a fan of Strawfoot bags and these new travels bags fit the bill in terms of mobile organization. Use them for electronics, tools or even as an oversized Dopp bag. See more at Strawfoot!

Mar 22, 2016 1 comment
Phil Wood 45th Anniversary Hubs

To celebrate its 45th birthday, cycling component manufacturer Phil Wood just released two style of anodized hubs. Available in both road and track, but in limited numbers, these beautiful road hubs will set you back $630 and the track hubs start at $395. See the other anodized color and more information at Phil Wood.

Mar 22, 2016 8 comments
New Products from Ass Savers

Ass Savers is known for their minimalist fenders that pack down and save your rear end from rain and road debris. Small and simple design to save the day, right? Yet their two new models do more… After recently adopting the rights to the Fendor Bendor, Ass Savers now manufactures a longer rear fender, along with a new MTB Mudder front shock fender. See the full lineup at Ass-Savers!

Mar 21, 2016 1 comment
Thomas Slater for Yonder Journal

I could try to paraphrase this project, but instead, I’ll leave it to the pros:

“Anyone concerned with things like time and efficiency will go from A to B by planes, trains, or automobiles. In fact, a bike would rarely even factor into the equation. But for those more focused on reinforcing friendships, seeing new sites, and exploring Australia’s interior than punching the clock and making “good time,” you go for a ride.

In the case of the latest Yonder Journal trip, the gang rode from Sydney to Melbourne on our Diverge, opting against the obvious choice, the Princes’ Highway. There were dirt roads, paved roads, snow-capped mountains, and plenty of good times along the self-supported way.

To celebrate the trip, we worked with one of our favorite illustrators, London-based Thomas Slater, to create bottles, shirts, and even bike paint jobs, that reflect the icons of Australia, albeit stereotypical ones, in his tongue-in-cheek style. The color palate is all drawn from nature, taking cues from the Outback and midnight sky, and of course, the gear itself is of the utmost quality.”

See the bottles and shirts at Specialized and if you haven’t read the Yonder Journal posts, don’t miss those either!

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