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Fyxation’s Sparta All-Road Fork

I’m sure I enjoy posting forks like this as much as you enjoy seeing new options. Fyxation throws their hat into the ring of the carbon fork with rack mounts circuit, offering up a 1 1/8″, 12mm thru-axle, flat mount disc fork. The Sparta will be available in a tapered option later on in Fall of 2017, but for now, this 1 1/8″ option is available. See more at Fyxation.

Apr 6, 2017 8 comments
Spring Sage Jersey Pre-Order Is Coming This Thursday

We put a fresh spin on the California Sage jersey from last year, in a new tri-color, all-over pattern with a pop of yellow. To ensure everyone can get their hands on one, we’ll be opening up a pre-order for two weeks this Thursday. From there, it’ll be a 4-6 week lead time for your order to be shipped to you. These will come in a men’s and women’s cut, exactly like the last run, so order accordingly.

These were designed by Kyler Martz and are made by Endo Customs in Los Angles, California.

Apr 4, 2017 15 comments
Ren Cycles GX1 Carbon fork with Titanium Rando Rack

These 1.5″ tapered forks from Ren Cycles have a 400mm axle-to-crown, a 12mm thru axle, 50mm offset and will fit a 45mm tire. Best of all though, these forks are designed to work with racks, including the new Ren titanium randonneur rack. These racks will hold a bag like the Swift Ozette, or a Wald basket. Check out more information and Ren Cycles.

Apr 3, 2017 20 comments
The Radavist 2017 Calendar: April

This is the fourth layout of the Radavist 2017 Calendar, entitled “Sun to Snow” Shot with a Canon 1DX and a 70-200mm in Owens Valley, CA

This time of year, the backdrops along many of California’s sunny roads tell a different tale.

For a high-res JPG, suitable for print and desktop wallpaper*, right click and save link as – The Radavist 2017 Calendar – April. Please, this photo is for personal use only!
(*set background to white and center for optimal coverage)

The mobile background this month the same road, from a different angle. Click here to download April’s Mobile Wallpaper.

Apr 2, 2017 2 comments
The Fridge Cargo Bibs

Made in Los Angeles, by ENDO and designed to enable you to carry lots of stuff, the Fridge cargo bibs look great, in black (pictured), or royal blue and are available for pre-order now. Head to the Fridge for more information.

Mar 30, 2017 27 comments
Smooth Rolling with Industry Nine’s AR25 Disc All Road Wheels

For me, wheels can be measured by two factors: price and resilience. I try to act like weight doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t matter until it does. That’s a whole ‘nother discussion though. Anyway, for the past month, I’ve been riding the new Industry Nine AR25 wheels. Marketed for “all road” applications, these wheels use the Torch disc hub system with a three-pawl, 6º freehub mechanism, a 21mm inner width rim, and are laced with 24 Sapim CXray spokes. Industry Nine reduced the pawls by half to cut down on weight, drag and that insanely loud noise they’re well known for. There’s always that moment of anxiety when you spin an i9 hub for the first time. Just how loud is this one going to be? (more…)

Mar 30, 2017 30 comments