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A Look at the Ultra-Low Visibility Camo Leh Cycling Goods Bar Tape and Saddle Bag

With NAHBS approaching – this weekend! – one of my favorite features to photograph are the unique touches that make the bikes of the show, show bikes. While not everyone can afford a crazy titanium fatbike with bends for days, or a carbon road bike that weighs only 12 lbs, that doesn’t mean we can’t accessorize our bikes to look like a balleur show bike.

Leh Cycling Goods is a leathersmith, based in Texas, that makes custom saddles, bar tape, and other cycling accessories, but what makes Leh different from the others is his ready-made stock, including leather-clad saddles! I’ve been using two of Leh’s products on my Speedvagen OD OG-1 and they really bring this bike’s whole package up a few notches… Check out more below. (more…)

Feb 13, 2018 6 comments
Ponderosa Cyclery + Tour Enamel Mugs

I love a good product with an even better back-story and you can tell the team at Ponderosa really loves Pine Ridge:

“What yer seeing here (the topo) is the Pine Ridge of Nebraska. Real special place. Two-track, big pine forests, grasslands, badlands… most of the good stuff. We like to ride bikes out here. In the grand scheme of things, this is the very northwest corner of the state. Sioux County (number 80 on the plates, 1 in your hearts). Wyomin’ just to the left, South Dakot’r to the north. Elevation is between 4800′ and 5000′. High plains. Lots of Ponderosa (“x” marks the Champion Ponderosa), lots of Yucca. It’s where the Munsons live. Go out there, ride a bike, camp in Gilbert Baker (WMA), sleep among the trees and under the stars. You won’t (can’t) regret it.”

Check out these enamel mugs and other products at the Ponderosa Shop!

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All-City and Deer Jerk

Photo by Cassie Lopez

For their latest product collaboration, All-City teamed up with Morgantown, West Virginia-based artist Deer Jerk on a capsule collection, featuring a cap, bottle and shirt. Head to All-City to read the full interview, go to your local shop to order and see the products below.


Feb 13, 2018 3 comments
Thank You for Bidding on Edie’s Bike!

If you bid on this bike, thank you! If you read the post, thank you! If you took the time to send Edie positive energy, THANK YOU! All companies involved would like to thank you for helping us raise $5,600 for our friend Edie Perkins. Thanks to SRAMZippBrooks, Industry Nine and Chris King for donating everything needed to build the bike at Golden Saddle Cyclery, and to top it off, thanks to Stinner Frameworks for color-matching components!

Feb 12, 2018 1 comment
Support Death Valley and MUSA Sneakers with New Balance

I’ve got much love for our National Parks and while some have become overrun with excessive tourists, there are still many out there that offer a true wilderness experience from the safety of your car, or in our case, your bicycle. We’ve almost had our fill of desert exploration this year, but I’m always looking for ways to support our National Parks. That can come in many forms, from sharing stories or photos taken within the park boundaries – as long as you’re not using a drone! they’re like the e-bikes of cameras, and are illegal in all National Parks – to buying a yearly parks pass, or even unique collaborations like this, between J Crew and New Balance.

These limited edition, made in the USA 998 New Balances are inspired by the tonality of Death Valley’s Mojave desert, both low and high. They’re in stock now at J Crew for $180 and yes, you can ride a bicycle in them just fine. Oh and they even have an all-blue 998 model inspired by Crater Lake, but I’m not a fan of mosquitos

Feb 8, 2018 7 comments
Special Edition PAUL Somethin’ Somethin’ For the Radavist

Over in Chico, Travis from PAUL had an idea, inspired from a certain band from the 80’s and wanted to do a fun product for the readers of this website. Splatter ano, like this band, had its heyday in the 1980’s and without giving you a direct link, if you search for the band’s name this color combination represents, it’ll take you to a special page where you can pick one of these special Somethin’ Somethin’ up.

We’ll give you two hints. The first being: this band was formed by two brothers, who were born in the Netherlands and moved to Pasadena, California in the early 60’s. The second: two lead singers were prominent during this band’s lifespan, which continues today.

If you head to PAUL and add in the answer to the search bar, it’ll take you straight to the product. For whatever reason, y’all can’t figure this out, express your concern in the comments…


Feb 7, 2018 33 comments
Paul Component Engineering: 35mm Shorty Box Stem

In the world of modern mountain bikes, shorter stems are usually better, and that’s the motivation for Paul Component’s newest version of the Box Stem. These made in Chico stems now come in a 35mm length and weigh only 118grams. They’re in stock now at Paul. I can’t wait to put one on my mountain bike and on my touring bike.

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Pacenti’s Trans Am Inspired Carbon 30D Dynamo Wheelset

Pacenti’s Director Duncan Lloyd took on the Trans America race in 2017, inspiring the brand to produce a limited run of 15 sets of Dynamo wheelsets. These 28h wheels feature an SP8 Dynamo front hub, a Pacenti rear hub, and come supplied with a 12mm front thru axle, 12mm x 142 Rear. For quick-release bikes, 135 x 10mm rear end caps are available to purchase separately. These wheels are designed to be light, fast and strong, ideal for ultra-endurance road or dirt riding and retail for $1,499. See the full details at Pacenti.

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