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Compass Cycle Introduces a New Chromoly Rack

Finding a strong, lightweight, chromoly rack ain’t easy. Especially one that has the light mount on the correct (for US riders) side. That’s why Compass went straight to the source: Japan’s Nitto to fabricate their new rack. It’s got a 22lb carrying capacity, comes in at 167g and yes, has the light mount on the road side, not the shoulder side.

See more at Compass and read up on the rack at the BQ journal.

Jan 27, 2016 7 comments
Cadence Collection: Establish Gloves

I’m the kind of rider that wears full finger gloves year-round. In dirt at least. So I’m always keen on seeing what companies put out in terms of a lightweight, smartphone-friendly, minimal glove. Cadence has always made solid options and the Establish gloves are the newest to their catalog. The best part is the price: $46. Head to Cadence for more information.

Jan 27, 2016 3 comments
Blackburn’s New Expandable Outpost Frame Bag

The detail-minded readers of the site might have picked up on this bag last year in my initial review of the Niner RLT9 steel ‘cross bike. The photoset featured the newly designed expandable Outpost frame bag from Blackburn. Now, there are tons of options for bikepacking frame bags out there, but the Outpost had a few details that caught my attention. For one, there’s a water bladder port, an easy to set up divider insert, straps to secure the bag to your frame and a drop-down expansion flap for when you need every square inch. Now, a production frame bag won’t fit your bike as well as a custom one, but the Outpost has enough straps to at least secure it. See more details at Blackburn!

Jan 26, 2016 3 comments
AARN Black and White Camo #144/49 Track Chainrings in Stock

Over the next few weeks, AARN will be producing a number of chainrings in both limited batches and new designs. This particular batch of black and white camo anodizing came a bit early, after a wholesale customer backed out on an order. Their loss, your gain. Swoop one up now at AARN.

Jan 26, 2016 1 comment
Brooks Metropolitan Collection

As a brand, Brooks has really grown from just making saddles by hand in England. While they continue their British handmade saddle heritage, they’ve also introduced a number of handy bags, for both on and off the bike use. Their latest additions being the Mott Weekender duffel and the Rivington Rucksack. As a part of Brooks’ new Metropolitan collection, these two bags are handmade in Italy and as expected, carry a stout pricetag. Stout, but well worth it in my opinon anyway. See more at Brooks England.

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Mission Workshop: the Sector Merino Crew Neck
merinowool-crew-2 copy

A few good merino crew necks are staples in anyone’s wardrobe. I’ve been wearing a sample of this shirt for about three years. It’s become a favorite shirt for riding, traveling and day to day wear.

The Sector is Mission Workshop’s 18.9 micron 190g/sm Australian Merino Wool crew neck and to give it an extra strong resilience, they spun nylon into the weave. Made in San Francisco and in stock now at Mission Workshop.

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Brooks England’s C13 Saddles are in Stock and I’ve Been Riding One

I’ve been a fan of the Cambium line from Brooks since its inception, yet was always hesitant to put one on my carbon Argonaut road bike. Why? I dunno, they never really matched the sleek and minimal aesthetic of my bike. Read that as: they never came in black! Now I don’t really care about weight. I’m not a gram counter, especially when it comes to saddles- even though the C13 weighs 259g – less than any of my other saddles. What I like in a ride is comfort without sacrificing aesthetic or most importantly, functionality. A lot of the über weight weenie saddles look scary or don’t fit my sit bones right. Or they’re just too damn stiff.

On the other side of the coin, Brooks saddles have always felt great. Luckily, the Cambium C13 continues this tradition just with an undated material palette. It’s so sleek that it looks great on a road bike (full driveside photo coming soon with another product review,) which I have to say has been feeling a bit neglected as of late. Yet over the past few weeks, since receiving the C13, I’ve been riding my road bike more and more, just to test the saddle’s durability and feel before I even began to think about writing this review. I was worried the C13 would lose the springiness of the other Cambium saddles when adopting the carbon weave, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it give just the right amount. The only bummer was having to track down oversize rail hardware for my ENVE seatpost.

After what I would consider a lot of road riding for this dirt-minded individual, I’m completely satisfied with the C13. It’s elegant enough for a carbon road bike, fits great, and is made in Italy. The C13 saddle is available for $220 at Brooks Dealers of Excellence worldwide or online at Brooks England.

Any questions? Leave them in the comments and check out more photos below. (more…)

Jan 13, 2016 37 comments