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Morgan and Stephanie’s Soma Wolverine Dirt Tourers – Morgan Taylor

Words and photos by Morgan Taylor.

There are many ways you can build a bike for traveling and all of them have their virtues; striking a balance is not as much a universal truth as it comes down to where you want to make sacrifices. When Stephanie and I set out to build these bikes, we had the long term in mind. Not just the fact that we intended to spend all summer riding them around the western United States, but that we wanted bikes that would be useful beyond that trip.

For us, the guiding principle along the way was that we wanted bikes that would be fun around town and commuting bikes when we came home, which is really what determined the frames we chose. We were building bikes for a honeymoon adventure but the lasting legacy was a bike that would fit in to our daily lives when that chapter came to a close. To put it simply, we didn’t want to tour on touring bikes. And after 4,000 kilometres of fully loaded riding, we’re happy we didn’t. (more…)

Sep 29, 2016 68 comments
Blind Chic’s Goliath Roll Top Hip Bag

Hailing from Budapest, the ladies from Blind Chic know how to design and assemble some damn nice bags. I’ve been a longtime fan of their work and with more and more people asking for options in terms of hip bags (especially European customers,) I can’t pass up the opportunity to plug the Goliath Roll Top, which is available in either waxed cotton or cotton. Head to Blind Chic to see their full lineup!

Sep 27, 2016 4 comments
SOLD OUT! Howdy Western Shirt Series – the Cactivist

“Howdy” is an abbreviation of “how do you do?” and when you say it either on the street or trail, it always gets a smile. Using Western-themed cartoons as inspiration, I pinged Kyler Martz to do a couple of shirts, the first being the Cactivist.

They’re printed on American Apparel white cotton pocket t-shirts, with three color hits by our friends at FUN. In stock now for $28 + shipping. Scoop one up below. Sorry sold out! These will ship on Friday. Thanks for your support!

Sep 26, 2016 9 comments
Barry’s Ride the Griffith Observatory Maps

Our friend Barry just made prints of this awesome map, detailing the rides you can do in Griffith Park, namely the Observatory:

“As I said about the first run: Everyone knows that #LASucksForCyling. Really, it’s terrible. Don’t move here to ride bikes. But if you do, you’ll find out that it’s actually pretty great. I live on the east side, which means that Griffith Park is one of my regular stomping grounds. There are dozens of loops to ride through the park, not too much car traffic and lots of weird LA history (Table 29?).

Looming large over the park is the Observatory. It’s a perfect little after work climb, mid-commute high-point or sightseeing stop. So how do you get there? Wonder no more. ”

18×24, one-color screen print on some nice, heavyweight French Co. paper. Each one signed & numbered. $35, shipping included. Scoop one up at BarryMCW.

Sep 26, 2016 1 comment
Interbike 2016 Mega Mega Gallery
I feel ya, bud!

24 hours. I’ve always wanted to complete a Sub24 Interbike and this year, it finally became a reality. Part of that had to do with the size of the show this year. It’s noticeably smaller. A lot of the bigger brands have pulled out and other companies are now doing private screenings in hotel suites. Consequently, you can now walk the entire show in half a day, so for someone who keeps their eyes on products and trends within the industry, it makes it easy to hop into a booth and spot the product that’s relevant to the Radavist.

Interbike isn’t only about products though. As a media outlet, I like to connect with the companies that I’ve gotten to know over the years and meet readers who might work in the industry, or are just visiting the tradeshow. Enjoy the Gallery and check out some of my favorites below. (more…)

Sep 22, 2016 44 comments
Industry Nine’s Matchstick Thru Axle Trail Tool

Imagine having (just about) everything you need to make trailside adjustments and even chain repairs hidden in your thru axle (15×100 or 15×110) on your mountain or ‘cross bike. The Industry Nine Matchstick is the result of over a year’s worth of R&D and is finally available for ordering. Here are the specs from I9: “Bits – Stainless steel #5 hex integrated into handle, stainless steel #6, #4 + #3 hex, T25 + T30 torx and a flathead bit are included with each MatchStix. Each rider can choose 4 bits of their choice to carry in the bit sleeve.”

Check out pricing and more information at Industry Nine.

Sep 22, 2016 22 comments
Ringtail’s New Tie Dye Breeze Blocker Jackets

The cats at Ringtail have been working on a special project with Cordura over the past few months: a tie dye Breeze Blocker jacket. Each jacket is hand dyed so there are no two alike. These lightweight Cordura jackets stuff into their own pocket and are small enough to be stashed under your saddle. They’re sewn in California and retail for $140. Best of all, they’re in stock now so head to Ringtail to see more information.

Sep 20, 2016 8 comments