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Kris at 44 Bikes Explains Superboost’s Benefits for Hardtail MTB Frames

Photos by Jarrod Bunk

135mm, 142mm, boost and now “super” boost. What gives with all these rear hub standards? I just wanna shreddd! Well, Kris from 44 Bikes knows a thing or two about shredding and frame design, so he tackled explaining superboost in his latest blog post:

“Earlier in the year, I put together a post just after completing the next iteration of the Marauder in a titanium prototype. You can read that post here. What is special about this bike is I used the pre-existing 157mm TA standard paired with an 83mm shell width. This is technically an existing DH standard which Pivot tweaked by adjusting the flange spacing of the non-drive side to move it outboard a bit more to stiffen up the rear wheel build and subsequently re-marketing it as “Superboost”. Which I think took some by surprise as a “new” standard. It’s quite the contrary. And when paired with that 83mm shell width (another existing standard) you get perfect chain line and a critical area of the bicycle is literally opened up to so many opportunities as tires gain more volume and width. ”

Keep reading at 44 Bikes!

Nov 10, 2017 25 comments
2017 Philly Bike Expo: 44 Bikes Titanium Marauder SSMTB

2017 Philly Bike Expo: 44 Bikes Titanium Marauder SSMTB
Photos by Jarrod Bunk, words by John Watson

We saw earlier this week the announcement of 44 Bikes offering titanium as a new frame material for their catalog. This extends to their Marauder hardtail mountain bike frames. The Marauder can come in various configurations, including superboosted, plus, slack and rowdy builds such as this. To up the ante even more, Kris from 44 Bikes added some anodized bits from Wolf Tooth Components give the build some pop. Titanium is a great material for a mountain bike frame and this bike is sure to make its new owner very happy.


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Nov 8, 2017 16 comments
2017 Philly Bike Expo: People’s Choice Winner – Bishop Bikes Disc Road

2017 Philly Bike Expo: People’s Choice Winner – Bishop Bikes Disc Road
Photos by Jarrod Bunk, words by John Watson

The work of Chris Bishop continues to evolve and impress. For this year’s Philly Bike Expo, Chris brought something a bit different. Having teased this frame on his Instagram account prior, from the paint booth of Bryan Myers at Fresh Frame, we knew we were going to see something loud from the Baltimore-based builder. With a Stainless XCR Columbus rear triangle, Paragon Dropouts, a distinguishable Columbus Max fork and Vari-Wal tubing, this modern disc bikes carries many of the classic profile Bishop Bikes has been known for over the years, but the Fresh Frame paint not only coats this bike, it envelops it. The paint compliments the details, such as the stay integration with the Paragon dropouts and the intricate masking on the seat stays.

This has to be Chris’ magnum opus and the attendees of the Philly Bike Expo agree, voting it to a People’s Choice win.


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Nov 8, 2017 26 comments
Jaybe’s Pegoretti-Painted Kirk Frameworks Road

If you had the opportunity to have Dario Pegoretti paint one of your bikes, would you? When Jaybe originally contacted David Kirk about making him a classic road bike, he inquired about just that. At the time, Dario wasn’t interested. Perhaps he was too busy or just didn’t want to. For whatever reason, it didn’t happen, so Jaybe got his bike painted and began riding it every day. We even documented it here on the site. Months later, Dario finally expressed an interest in painting the frame, leaving Jaybe in a bind. Should he send it to him? Or just keep it as-is? I mean, it’d be a tough call for sure, especially with the uncertainty of how Dario would paint the bike. What if Jaybe didn’t like the final product? After much back and forth, Jaybe sent the frame to Pegoretti and a few weeks later, it arrived at his door. The crazy thing is, while Dario had the frame, Jaybe didn’t hear a peep from him.

It was a complete surprise and one that was well worth it, in my opinion…

Nov 7, 2017 25 comments
Lady Crushers On Crustaceans: Amanda’s Team Rock Lobster CX

Lady Crushers On Crustaceans: Amanda’s Team Rock Lobster CX
Words by Amanda Schaper, bicycle photos by Kyle Kelley, other photos noted.

“Alright ladies, this is the highest percentage turnout for women at a cyclocross race that we’ve ever seen! You represent 23% of the racers out here, and next year we’re shooting for 50%. Enjoy your race, watch out for the sketchy descent, and sorry about all the bumps. First wave starts in 10…” (more…)

Nov 2, 2017 19 comments
Drop Bars Make it Hot: Mike’s Moots Mooto X RSL Dirt Drop MTB

Drop bars make any mountain bike hot. Now whether it’s a heat that you feel in your heart or in your stomach depends on your point of view. For Mike at Golden Saddle Cyclery, he wanted to do something new to his rigid Moots Mooto X RSL after growing tired of it with flat bars, so he converted it to a dirt drop MTB. By using a Wolf Tooth Tanpan, Mike was able to run Shimano road shifters with the MTB derailleur and cassette. That nifty piece of tech, gives you Di2 road / mountain compatibility with standard, cable-actuated shifting.

Mike’s been riding it to work at GSC, where he’s a mechanic, via the various dirt trails and roads in LA. When you think about it, a bike like this makes a lot of sense when you can ride dirt from your front door, that may not merit suspension but would benefit from a chunkier tire. Personally, I think bikes like this look damn good and are damn fun to ride.

Nov 1, 2017 41 comments
Bombtrack Announces the Audax Endurance Road Bike

Originally designed for road touring, Bombtrack‘s Audax has been reworked into a modern endurance road bike. The Audax’s geometry was tweaked, resulting in shorter chainstays, while maintaining clearance for tires and a double crankset, through the use of a custom yoke. Other features include investment cast dropouts, clearances for a 47mm road plus tire, a full carbon fork with mounts and the Audax frameset is made from Columbus Cromor tubing. Pricing is as follows: 2.199,99 € // 2.899 A$ // 2.100 £ // 2.529,99 $ // 2.779,99 C$ // 249,000 ¥ // 58.990,00 Kč

Be on the look out out for the new Audax in January of 2018. Check out frame specs and geo below. (more…)

Oct 30, 2017 10 comments
Seth’s Land Run 100 Salsa Cutthroat – Jarrod Bunk

Seth’s Land Run 100 Salsa Cutthroat
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

Seth’s Cutthroat is a Testament to having one bike that can do a lot of things well.  Seth has raced the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, DK200, and completed Land Run 100 more than a few times, this bike was ridden 10,000 miles last year alone.  Local knowledge certainly paid off for him as I’m told he didn’t have to walk any of the hike-a-bike sections. It makes sense to see a 38c tire on a MTB then, especially with the notoriously muddy terrain that can take you from 30MPH to zero in a flash. Those Prototype 38c Vittoria Mud Tires were proven that day, from the loose slick climbs, to the bombing descents they never skipped a beat.  Last year was probably the worst year for mud, ever, and the Shimano Di2 drivetrain worked flawlessly, even when caked full.  

If you’re thinking about riding Land Run this year sign up is live – I know a few people from the Radavist will be there – and you can bet Seth will be there ready to rock as the cannon fires this year. What bike will you bring?


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Oct 30, 2017 35 comments
Speedvagen’s Ready Made Team Issue CX Rig

With three paint options, including Ghost Matte Army, Ghost Vanilla Blue or this Team paint design, the newest offering to Speedvagen’s Ready Made program is the Team Issue Cyclocross.
You have two build kits to chose from, the CX-R with Force hydro and CX-X with a Shimano mix. Both are fully built, ready to race and starting at $5995. Head to the Vanilla Workshop for more information.

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