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Cross is Coming: Get on a Speedvagen Team Issue Cyclocross Bike

With ‘cross season right around the corner, Speedvagen unveiled its new Ready Made race frame. These stock-sizing frames come in two Team Issue bike kits, the CX-R with SRAM Force 1 and CX-X with Shimano 1x and begin at $5,995 with three paint options. The pre-order is open for two weeks (July 18th – Aug 1st). Once the window is closed, they’re going to move into production and get your bike to you in time for Cyclocross season. Check out more photos and specs below and head over to Speedvagen for ordering information.


Jul 18, 2017 11 comments
A Ponderosa Cyclery + Tour Eisentraut Road with Mavic Zap – Kyle Kelley

A Ponderosa Cyclery Eisentraut Road with Mavic Zap
Photos by Kyle Kelley, words by John Watson

If you think Shimano and SRAM were the first to the e-shifting market, you’re mistaken, my friend. Mavic blazed that trail over a decade before Shimano put its tires down on it. Back before they shifted focus to wheels and apparel, Mavic developed and manufactured component groups. Their “Starfish” cranks are as iconic as their unique headsets, but one group stood out from the rest of Mavic’s catalog. Zap was the name for Mavic’s electronic shifting system and while it was way before its time, it wasn’t underused, making several Tour appearances. Even Chris Boardman secured several victories in the Tour back in 1994 and 1997. (more…)

Jul 18, 2017 11 comments
VYNL Adds Di2 Option for their Road Framesets

Photos by Ben Frederick

For those of you holding off on buying a VYNL road frameset for a Di2 option, your day has come. After designing the frame with a threaded (T47) BB shell that allows you to run a quality bottom bracket setup and route internal wiring past 30mm crank spindles due to a specially-engineered and machined internal grooves in the shell. VNYL will do this for their cross frameset as well… Check out more of photos of this beautiful frameset below and more details at VYNL.


Jul 17, 2017 7 comments
Butterfly Wing Bishop Road

As a unique pairing to the Butterfly Wing Bishop Track, this road bike dons paint from Bryan Myers of Fresh Frame and a balleur build kit. I can’t decide which bike I like best, so I think it’s safe to say they’re both some of the nicest I’ve ever seen come from the shop of Chris Bishop. See more at the Bishop Flickr!

Jul 12, 2017 3 comments
Bailey’s Pachyderm Bikes Dirty 650b Tourer

Bailey lives and rides in Chicago, where he’s one of the owners and operators at Comrade Cycles. He and Kyle from GSC are buddies. They met a few years back at QBP’s Frostbike tradeshow. At some point, Kyle left an open invite for him to visit Golden Saddle, so Bailey rolled out to Los Angeles to soak in the sun, ride some mountains and officially break in his new Pachyderm Bikes dirty 650b tourer with his girlfriend Allison. The two of them took on some of the rides in the area, during one of our gnarliest heat waves of the year and even braved our psychedelic camping trip up in Chilao one night. I swear, the spider chicken had eight legs.

This bike was inspired by randonneuring bikes, yet Bailey wanted something he could fit a chunky tire on, namely something like the WTB Byway. For this trip, since they’d be sticking to mostly sealed and dirt roads, he went with the 48mm Compass Switchback Hill. Other details include White Industries cranks to an XTR derailleur and Shimano cassette, a Shutter Precision hub powering a Luxos light, with a USB recharging node, powering his Garmin.

For me, the paint is what really sets this bike off, aside from its owner, obvs. The painter masked mountains wrapping the seat tube and top tube, giving it a subtle contrast before finishing the head tube in a bright orange. Brown and orange bikes remind me of A&W root beer and mountain sunsets, with at least one of which I know for certain Bailey and Allison enjoyed on their recent trip. My only complaint was not being able to shoot the bike at sunset!

Jul 11, 2017 31 comments
My Celestial All City Spacehorse Disc – Jarrod Bunk


My Celestial All City Spacehorse Disc – Jarrod bunk
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

All City’s Spacehorse Disc ticks a lot of boxes for me, I fell in love with my canti version two years ago, since then I probably spent the most time on that bike of all of them. It just felt right, the geometry was fun and it climbed, descended and shredded so well.  Fast forward to Saddle Drive last August, I happened to check out the new Spacehorse Disc, it solved one of the only issues I had with the canti version, the braking.  I ordered up a frame, but my mind wandered and I decided to add a few small things to the build, based on what I wished the canti bike had, warranty be damned. I had Maestro Frameworks braze on a third bottle, pump peg, and add some internal wiring for my rear tail light.

Since the bike was getting the paint stripped off for the frame work I had Wanderlust Paint make something special for me. I printed a picture of All City’s geo chart and broke out my markers, I’ve always had something for brown on bikes, so that’s where I started.  I think that paint can make a bike, so I even had my Simworks stem painted to match.  Years ago my friend Jesse turned me onto Pass and Stow racks, I always wanted one, and since then have been waiting for the right bike, this was that bike.  I knew I would be using a dynamo system on my Spacehorse and loved that I could run wiring through the rack for a cleaner look.

I used a little Newbaums tape to cover the wiring safely and protect the powder coat on the rack.  I think this worked out well.  Aside from those details, I’m running a Chris King rear hub, SON front, and Supernova lights.  Other parts include a CK40 headset, Silca frame pump, White Industries cranks, Chris King bottom bracket, and Velocity Cliffhanger rims.  I build custom bikes 6 days a week and breaking bike parts should be my job, so I built this bike with the most bombproof parts I could. Enough about the build, I’ve got to spend a bit of time on this commuting and riding, and its as good as the old canti bike, just a little bit better for my needs. For whatever reason the disc fork feels a good bit stiffer, which is real nice for front loading, and adds some confidence under hard fast braking descents.

Swift Campout was a blast this year thanks to the Spacehorse which handled the muddy, slick, steep terrain perfectly, hence the dirt on it.  I can’t say enough about just how damn fun the Spacehorse Disc is, the versatility of the bike is out of this world, from commuting, to touring, to just shredding gravel I love this bike. It didn’t take much but I turned a stock frame into my dream bike, one I will have for a lifetime.  If you haven’t ridden one I recommend checking one out at your local dealer, you won’t be sorry.


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Jul 5, 2017 64 comments
29 Camping Bikes and Their Riders From Swift Campout Vancouver – Morgan Taylor

Photos and words by Morgan Taylor

From first time bicycle campers to experienced fully loaded singletrack riders, 30 people joined us for Swift Campout here in Vancouver. Swift Industries‘ global call to head out for a bicycle overnight on solstice weekend was a perfect opportunity for us to scope a camp spot and a route and put out an open invite.

After weeks of route planning, helping with camp setups, and hoping for good weather, the sun shone down Saturday morning and we set out en masse with spirits high. For a good number, it was their first time camping by bike, or their first time loading up without racks to ride singletrack to camp.

A quick ferry ride landed us on the Sunshine Coast just outside Vancouver and the group split up, one third to ride a challenging singletrack-heavy overland route and two thirds to ride the backroads, eat ice cream, and swim in the ocean. We converged on the camp spot in the evening and shared stories of our travels.

As expected, we met lots of great people, got to ride bikes and hang out on the roads and trails and beaches, cook and camp together, learn more about ourselves and each other. Thanks so much to the wonderful folks at Swift Industries for facilitating this global event!


Follow Morgan and Stephanie on Instagram at Found in the Mountains, and if you find yourself in Vancouver, join them for #CoffeeOutsideYVR every Friday!

Jul 2, 2017 48 comments
MinneCycle 2017: Cecil Behringer Matching Road and Track Bikes – Jarrod Bunk

MinneCycle 2017: Cecil Behringer Matching Road and Tack Bikes
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

Cecil Behringer started his love affair with bikes at age 17, racing around the track.  Soon after he had to leave bikes behind to join the war at the time. While in the Navy Cecil learned more and more about metals, so much so that some years later he created a lugged Ti frame using an oven (the first one in the world).

His work has a similar approach to Wyganowski, and that with good reason, he is the first in the lineage of builders that taught the like of Terry Osell and Tim Paterek, who then taught Paul Wyganowski.  This is apparent in the use of open tubesets, again to help with the breathing of the frame, and reduce interal corrosion and rust.

This matching set of bicycles was on loan from the Cycling Museum of Minnesota, with similar details spread between both bikes, like the stamped Behringer “top eyes”, Dura-Ace cranks, and Columbus tubesets.  Thank you to the Cycling Museum of Minnesota for bringing out these two beautiful bicycles.  For more information you can check out the Cycling Museum of Minnesota here.



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Jun 30, 2017 3 comments
MinneCycle 2017: Prairie Crow Bikeworks Shred-Muter – Jarrod Bunk

MinneCycle 2017: Prairie Crow Bikeworks Shred-Muter
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk


Prairie Crow Bikeworks makes one beautiful bike.  Based out of Minneapolis,  Alex specializes in custom and limited run bikes, he had this shred-muter at the show.

I love touring style bikes that can handle larger rubber, the Surly Knard/Velocity Cliffhanger combo really makes this bike capable of riding off the beaten path.  From the IGH rear hub to the Dynamo front, Supernova front and rear lights, front rack and swept Metropolis bars, this bike can handle much more than just commuting.

More and more capable bikes are being created every day, this bike covers all the utilitarian needs of getting around Minneapolis, but can handle having some fun along the way.  There are a lot of beautiful touches on this bike, it’s full lugged construction, the asymmetrical cable hanger, and the seat cluster.  The mix of no nonsense parts from the Paul Components canti, MKS Pedals, and Cane Creek 110 headset should keep this bike running for years to come.  Check out more over at Prairie Crow Bikeworks.



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