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Zipp Speed Weaponry: Chris’ Mondrian LOOK

Photos by Joe Vondersaar

Look, ok, I didn’t mean to use a pun here, but seriously, look at that bike. I’ve known Chris for years. Probably close to ten if my math is right and in that time, his interest in cycling has grown from track bikes on the street, to road bikes, mountain bikes (which didn’t go so well for him), cross bikes and eventually back to track bikes. This time on the velodrome. The last time I saw Chris, he was working for Mellow Johnny’s in Austin before moving to Indy after accepting a job at SRAM / Zipp. That was almost two years ago, so I was stoked to see this bike pop up on Zipp’s website. Mondrian fans will be equally as stoked!

Have a look (dammit) at more of Joe’s photos of Chris’ bike below, or mosey on over to Zipp’s blog for the full breakdown.


Dec 8, 2016 4 comments
Parker from Angry Catfish’s Amazing All-City Log Lady – Kyle Kelley

Parker from Angry Catfish’s Amazing All-City Log Lady
Photos by Kyle Kelley, words by Parker Roenfanz.


It’s the Midwest; trails here often ‘require’ neither suspension nor gears. Having been born and bred in an area where the White-Tails carved much of the early singletrack, the folks at All-City created a capable ripper, with tight angles, classic lines, and a few touches of modern flair.

I had the chance to first ride the Log Lady down in Los Angeles before All-City announced it to the masses, and I fell in love with it almost immediately. Having grown up on rigid 26″ single-speeds, the LL really appealed to me.

When the frameset first showed up, I had to make a couple changes to it to make it mine. First, the color had to go; no offense to the wonderful folks over at All-City, but the Red/Black/White fade was not my jam. After that, I jammed the biggest rubbers I could between the stays: Derby’s AM rims with a 35mm internal width and Panaracer’s FBN tire, which measures out roughly 2.7. And finally, I did what any good human should do these days and put dropper on it! Just a little frame modification and the Fox Transfer post was good to go.

Obviously, this setup is a far cry from All-City’s stock build, but it should help showcase what the bike is capable of, and how well one can make it their own.

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Dec 6, 2016 47 comments
A Special Edition Team Dream Bicycling Team Cielo Base Racer – Kyle Kelley

A Special Edition Team Dream Bicycling Team Cielo Base Racer
Photos by Kyle Kelley and words by John Watson

Chris King’s 40th anniversary is this year and with that, a whole queue of celebratory events, products and collaborations have taken place. From that coveted olive drab kit, to an Open House tomorrow (details pending) and even working with Team Dream Bicycling Team on a kit design, with a corresponding Cielo Base Racer frame.

Team Dream’s Sean Talkington was asked to design a kit for Chris King, using some of his signature colors and designs. Known for their brightly-colored apparel and unique use of stripes, the resulting design featured a red, white and blue paint job, with stripes that look like torn masking edges.

The accompanying kit has been in stock at both party’s web shops but this Base Racer has been kept under wraps for a bit, so enjoy! Thanks to the team at Golden Saddle for the build and look for this bike going up for auction shortly!


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Dec 2, 2016 29 comments
Jesse’s Curve Cycling GMX Drop Bar Rigid 29’r

As an integral part of Curve Cycling, Jesse Carlsson has taken on various endurance races on their titanium machines, including Trans America and the Australian self-supported Race to the Rock. The latter called for something a bit more rugged than his TransAm Curve Cycling Belgie setup. While climbing wasn’t much of an issue in Race to the Rock, deteriorated roads, potential flash rainstorms and endless miles of washboarded roads meant he needed a bit more rubber under his bike. Luckily, Curve had just the rig for this race… The GMX is a rigid 29’r with drop bars and a proprietary suspension-corrected fork. You can see how Jesse set his up for Race to the Rock at Curve’s blog.

In its current form, the bike has been stripped of the many accessories and components needed for a multi-day, self-supported endurance race. Jesse loaned it to our troupe for the week, where it landed under Scott, my riding mate here in Tassie. It suited our needs just fine, as equipped. Well, perhaps minus that massive front chainring. Scott found himself hurting on many of our climbs as they teetered past 18%!

Some of my favorite details on the GMX include the yoke and the seat tube cluster. Others interested might also be turned on by the pricing: $2,999 for a frame or $3,790 for the frame and Curve carbon fork, in various sizes. I’m not sure how the USD conversion alters the pricing, but it’s worth the query if you’re keen on this design. Personally, I can say that I’m intrigued!

Nov 29, 2016 34 comments
My Bush Blasted 44 Bikes Ute Rigid MTB Tourer

Custom bikes are often the result of a person’s opinions formed by their lifelong experiences. Oftentimes, a custom bicycle does its best to address many problems or functions, resulting in a Swiss Army Knife of vehicles, aka jack of all trades, master of none. Personally, I’ve always tried to work with a builder to design a bike specific to one job, rather than fit in a slew of other functions. Over the years, I’ve relied on scalpels, versus cluttered, do-it-all devices to take on whatever kind of riding I’m interested in and while I’ve got a few mountain bikes, none of them were ideal for the kind of bikepacking or off-road touring I enjoy. (more…)

Nov 23, 2016 79 comments
A Shifter Bikes 1990 Team Z TVT Carbone Lemond with C-Record

For Lemond fans, few models hold the same cult-classic appeal like the 1990 Team Z TVT Carbone race bikes. Made in France by TVT these aluminum and carbon machines were made famous by their bright fluorescent paint jobs, Team Z insignia and Scott racing cockpit. Yes, these bikes are legendary. There are even Lemond fansites walking collectors through the process of building up this very bike.

Dan at Shifter Bikes took on this project for a customer, who sourced Campagnolo C-Record, the Scott bars, NOS hubs and hoops, allowing dan to assemble this bike over a two-year timeline. As you can imagine, projects like this are not cheap and are labor-intensive but like all good projects, they’re worth the wait.

The finished project is road-worthy, with latex filled tubies, allowing for peace of mind on a Sunday spin.

Nov 18, 2016 25 comments
A Shifter Bikes Gilded Eddy Merckx Professional with Campagnolo 50th

It’s been over years since I’ve been to Australia, so I made a point to connect with a few of my mates in Melbourne while en route to Tasmania. One of which being Dan Hale at Shifter Bikes, a bicycle studio in South Yarra. Two years ago I shot some photos of a rare gold plated Eddy Merckx Professional at Shifter Bikes and on this recent trip, I got to document the bike, built from the ground up with a Campagnolo 50th group.

While most bikes of this rarity would end up on the wall, the owner of this Merckx enjoys riding it , hence the modern pedals and non-period correct seat post. I suppose when you come across a frame like this, you’ve gotta do what you can to make it road-worthy (just ignore the front tire) and the result is a bike with a patina that comes from years of continued use.

Nov 17, 2016 11 comments
Stephen’s Ride to the Hills Iron Maiden Plante Cycles Road – Kyle Kelley

Stephen’s Ride to the Hills Iron Maiden Plante Cycles Road
Photos by Kyle Kelley and words by John Watson

Everyone loves a good Maiden homage. When Stephen decided he wanted to tackle the world of custom framebuilding, he headed to Yamaguchi‘s school to learn from arguably the best. Back in 2015, he left his home of Rancho Cucamonga for Rifle, Colorado to attend Yamaguchi’s class. Along with him he brought a set of Paragon road dropouts and began learning how to cut, mitre, lug and fillet braze. The result is this “traditional” road bike. A 1″ steerer, non-oversized diameter tubing road frame, with a lugged head tube cluster and fillet brazed rear triangle.

Upon completion, Stephen sent the frame to Jordan Low with a note: make it Iron Maiden themed.


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Nov 16, 2016 14 comments