Lucas’ Orange Camo Cannonball Stoemper SSCX

Lucas’ Orange Camo Cannonball Stoemper SSCX
Photos by Kyle Kelley and words by John Watson

Lucas works the paint gun at Stoemper and if this bike looks familiar, it’s because the predecessor to this particular frame was featured here on the site two years ago. Back then, Lucas’ SSCX was zebra striped and it demanded visual dominance by the contrast of the patterning. This round, Lucas has a new SSCX bike. One with a thru-axle front, XT hydro disc brakes, wider bars and a bright, orange camo paint job.

A month ago, Lucas was in town to soak in some sun and shred the local trails with Kyle. They took off to the upper Chilao trail network where Lucas rode everything on this bike. Now, I should mention, Chilao isn’t a walk in the park and doing it on a flat bar SSCX is quite the accomplishment.

“Lucas is like a cannonball” Kyle exclaimed when I reviewed his photos and yes, it shows.


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  • DopePedaler


  • Quinn.e

    Nice!! What was the gear combo he was using?

    • geoff.tewierik

      Looks like 40:16 to me.

      • Good note!

        • geoff.tewierik

          Felt like being a dentist ;)

          I just counted the teeth and extrapolated for those I couldn’t see.

          Nice to see Lucas confirmed my guess.

    • That would be 40x16t

  • boomforeal

    looks fast. potentially unrelated: the aggressive-cx-bike-as-pasture-for-your-nice-mtb-parts-rendered-obsolete-by-evolving-standards makes a lot of sense

  • Tim Guarente

    Somehow my favorite bikes here always have ATAC pedals (my personal choice). I love this!

  • Gordon Watt

    In the “cannonball” image above, the top tube looks short and MTB-like in length – was the frame designed with flat bars in mind?

  • Different bike, same jeans! All of my favorites on this site are flat-bar cross bikes. Can’t decide if I like the new one or old one better!!!

  • Mike Spadafora

    Another great series of pictures of an incredible bike! Love this website!

    • Thanks! A lot of talented people kill it here for sure!

  • Viet Nghiem

    which lock-on grips are those? very much in love with that look

  • Ben C

    Waste of a nice frame. Never been a fan of flat bar cross bikes.

    • mrbiggs

      I prefer drops myself, but it doesn’t really look like Lucas is wasting it…

    • Andy-bmore

      You forgot to hate on the single-speed, another feature that’s fun rather than standards-conforming.

    • You sound boring. 😜

  • Simon Schnyder

    How much fun is LA on a SSCX bike? I’m planning something…

  • I am thoroughly enjoyin’ that headbadger!

  • Scott Sattler

    Nice to see Hope (hub) getting some airtime. UK represent.

  • Such a nice bike for such a nice dude!

  • Noel Smith

    Metal grips.. am I missing something?

    • AdamBike99

      Yeah, blisters. LOL

  • AdamBike99

    That camo is crazy fun! But it’s also like a Rorschach test… Why do you taunt me so, you beautiful, brazen, orange-haired psycho-pony?! ;-)

  • Steeloats

    Lucas where da nose bonks at plair?

  • duperay

    needs the white industry stuff to match the lightning bolt “S”s ! :-/

  • Lucas Nilsson

    It’s like a mtb, but with small tires! and tight geometry! or a cyclocross with larger tires! and no drop bars!

    Labels confuse me, but I love it.

  • Albert

    Bet this thing is incredibly LIGHT and FLICKABLE.

  • KT

    sweet! I love orange camo, but also love the entire bike. I need one.

  • Vanessa Roth

    Wow, that looks like the all around funnest bike I’ve seen in a while! In the 2nd to last photo I thought the post looked like it had some sort of suspension going on, but think it’s actually the double seat-collarz.

  • Andy Moore

    Best multi-use pedal ever. Have a set for every bike I own! Old school Time ATAC FTW!