Hartley Cycles Speaks May 6, 2015


Juliet did a nice feature on Caren Hartley of Hartley Cycles in the UK over at the Brooks England Blog. She was the first and only builder at Bespoke, which is an achievement in it of itself, yet from the looks of her work, she deserves that award for Best Utility Bike!

Check out more at the Brooks England blog!

  • http://abovemountaintops.tumblr.com/ Tinj

    Wow, really impressive stuff. Her Demi Porkeur is INSANE…that fork crown and matching bridge are the coolest.


    • Chris Valente

      wow that this is stunning!

  • http://sklarbikes.com Adam Sklar

    Woah, her work is gorgeous.

  • Kinkicycle.com

    “She was the first and only builder at Bespoke”?!

    • Richard Smith

      “She was the first and only female builder at Bespoked, which is an achievement in and of itself”

      • Kinkicycle.com

        Yep. I think the word female is missing in the above write up.