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Crystal’s Moth Attack Disc ‘Cross
Crystal's Moth Attack Disc 'Cross

It happens every year. Frame builders get the request for a new ‘cross bike and while it’s not necessarily a bad thing, there’s always that one caveat: “can I have it in time for this year’s season?”

Last year around this time, the Mudfoot team was clamoring for their new bikes and one of the rider’s wife, Crystal, really wanted to get one as well. After some thought and a brief conversation with Megan from Moth Attack she decided to support not only a female builder, but an ex-LA frame builder. Megan re-located to Colorado a few weeks back, but her and Crystal stayed in touch.

The docket was easy: discs, 44mm head tube, an english bottom bracket and red paint! Megan delivered on all fronts and Crystal built up her new bike with Shimano Ultegra, Chris King, an ENVE CX fork and Easton parts.

Personally, I’d like to think this is the kind of ‘cross bike most people would want to order currently and It’s one of my favorites I’ve seen this year. There’s something about its size, simplicity and I love the various logo hits on the bike. Great job, Megan and Crystal, ENJOY!

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Jason’s Hufnagel Porteur City Bike
Jason's Hufnagel Cycles Porteur Bike

Jordan Hufnagel took a short sabbatical from bicycle frame building to take on his transcontinental motorcycle trip with West America partner James Crowe. Before taking off on the road, or dirt rather, he produced a run of porteur bikes. These bikes may look similar, clad in their matte black with gumwall 650b tires, but each one was specially tailored to his client’s needs and potential uses. Hufnagel has an aesthetic he likes to hit, ever-so precisely.

As I was flipping through Instagram, I noticed an newly-built olive-drab disc bike on Jordan’s Instagram. No less than a few minutes later, in rolls Jason with his Hufnagel.

Jason snagged one up as soon as he saw the pre-order go live and to be completely honest, it’s my favorite one I’ve seen. Having shot a few for the Radavist already, I was impressed with the detailing that went into Jason’s build: clean lines, custom fender brackets, custom racks, custom stem, matte black paint, clean generator routing and that awesome pannier…

See for yourself in the Gallery!

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Kelli’s Stinner ‘Cross Bike with Airglow Paint
Kelli's Stinner 'Cross Bike with Airglow Paint

In Los Angeles, a ‘cross bike’s limitations are self-prescribed. You can ride just about everything on one, as long as you’ve got the right equipment and the willpower. Bigger tires and appropriate gear range are paramount. Things like blinged-out componentry are just added bonuses to the spice of life. And in LA, the spice must flow.

Kelli‘s not necessarily new to cyclocross but this is her first legitimate ‘cross rig. Her husband Ty reached out to Aaron Stinner to make a bike that would embody race pedigree but still be at home in the hills and mountains of Los Angeles county and beyond. When she’s not running her women’s cycling team, LA Sweat, she’s trying to take on more off-road riding and this bike is more than enough motivation to do so.

PAUL Components, 3T, and a Luxe Wheelworks Chris King to H+Son Archtype wheel build all compliment the absolutely mind-fucking beautiful AirGlow paint job by Hill Clarke. If you like to geek out on painting procedure and process, make sure you check out Hill’s Instagram.

Before the comments open up, YES, technically the tires are on backwards here and yet the bike didn’t explode upon hitting the dirt. ;-)

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Sklar Bikes: Scott’s Custom 29+ Singlespeed MTB

A bike that’s at home with 2.5″ or 3″ tires, that is curvalicious as a rigid, yet able to accept a suspension fork and sports a mean green coat of wet paint is about to be unleashed upon the singletrack of Ft. Collins thanks to Sklar Bikes. Scott’s bike is looking great. See more at Sklar Bikes.

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Swear to Shred

Scout’s honor!

I can’t wait to break this bike in tomorrow in the San Gabriel mountains. Kris’ work at 44 Bikes is so incredibly clean, down to little branding hits like this decal.

Aug 22, 2015 3 comments
Horse Cycles: Surf Side Car Cruiser Bike

This is so rad:

“The Sidecar Bicycle is a stout three wheeler with a hardwood flatbed and a small 12″ wheel. Here at Horse, we use it for work and for play. It’s perfect for hauling packages around town, but after hours we throw a surfboard or two on her and cruise down to the beach. It has approximately a 100lb load capacity = 3 large dogs. Made entirely of super strong chromoly alloy steel, this bike was built strong and Horse tough.

The bicycle comes complete and ready to ride with 35mm tires, Brooks Saddle and Brooks Grips. The flatbed is made of hardwood oak, but is also available in reclaimed Coney Island Boardwalk salvaged from Hurricane Sandy.”

See more at Horse!

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Mark’s Black Cat Gatto Nero Grinduro Disc All-Road – Derek Yarra
Mark's Black Cat Gatto Nero Grinduro Disc All-Road

Mark’s Black Cat Gatto Disc All-Road
Photos by Derek Yarra, words by John Watson

Grinduro, the timed segment gravel race in the Sierra Nevada mountains approaches (10.10.2015) and for people like Mark Riedy, it’s the perfect opportunity to get a California builder to construct a dream bike for the event. An race like Grinduro will bring about polarizing opinions regarding what the ideal equipment might be. Some would say a hardtail or a rigid mountain bike, since the descents are technical and the last 12 miles of the course is singletrack.

Others would say a disc “all-road” or ‘cross bike because of the timed road segments and the 20-mile climb. Mark Riedy, Giro’s longtime PR guy, is clearly in the drop bar camp, so he looked to Santa Cruz’s Black Cat Bicycles to build him a bike.

Now, for those of you who know Mark, you can attest to his love of the Gios Torino road frames. They’re classics and Mark is always on the lookout for one in his size. Perhaps this was his motivation when contacting frame painter Keith Anderson, or perhaps he just wanted to have the word “Gato” on his head tube.

I reached out to Mark and asked him what he was trying to accomplish on Grinduro weekend. To which he replied, “I’m riding Grindruo just for fun and to be able to get in a weekend of camping with my family, so it doesn’t matter to me if I win or finish last, but I do want to have the most fun.”

SRAM 1x, Zipp and yes, white bar tape with a white saddle topped off this very modern bike inspired by an iconic classic. A guy who spends most days riding the dry, gravel fire roads of Marin County, Riedy wanted a bike that handled exactly like a performance road bike, but featured clearance for up to 38c tires and disc brakes. For most rides, Riedy runs Continental 28C Gatorskin Hardshell rubber, but for Grinduro he’ll definitely go with something bigger, like a Conti CycloXKing.

See you at Grinduro, Mark! I’ll be on my rigid

Grinduro still has spots available, so head over to check it out.

Thanks to Above Category‘s Derek Yarra for the photos!


Follow Derek on Instagram.

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RSVP for the Speedvagen Fit Tour Australia in Sydney

On August 24th – 30th, the Speedvagen Fit Tour is headed to Australia with rides, parties, and most importantly fit​ting​ sessions​​ with Sacha White, owner and lead builder at The Vanilla Workshop. For the Sydney stop, Speedvagen will be partnering with the Rapha Cycle Club and Shifter Bikes in Melbourne.

To schedule a fit for your own Speedvagen with Sacha White in Australia contact Speedvagen.

RSVP for our Sydney Ride with the Rapha Cycle Club (Aug 29th).

RSVP For our reception with the Rapha Cycle Club (Evening Aug 29th).

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