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Nick from Harvest Moon and His Sycip 27.5+ ‘Land Cruiser’

Nick has a few loves in his life. Sure, family comes first. Then probably his very successful business, Harvest Moon Cafe, a farm-to-table restaurant in Sonoma, with a specialty in meat. The two things that Nick relies on for entertainment, certainly piqued my interest when I first met him in Japan during the Chris King Gourmet Century. He’s been a mountain biker since the 90’s, taking on the trails surrounding Santa Fe, and racing bikes. Since moving to Sonoma, he’s been friends with neighboring builders Curtis Inglis and Jeremy Sycip. (more…)

Apr 23, 2018 8 comments
Speedvagen Announces the 650B Rugged Road Bike

It was only a matter of time! Speedvagen recently updated their catalog to include this 650b Rugged Road model, equipped to handle on and off-road riding with a plush, 650b tire. While this bike is on display at the Sram Road booth at Sea Otter, their product photos came out beautiful for those of us not attending the event this year. This 650b Rugged Road model is only available as a custom complete and features new Speedvagen custom chainstays, flat mount thru axles, 160mm rotors, and is coated in 2018 paint schemes.

$1000 deposits locks in your spot and Speedvagen are only making 111 full custom bikes this year across all custom models. See more information at their 650b Rugged Road site and a few more photos below! (more…)

Apr 20, 2018 8 comments
Carbon Artistry and the Allied Alfa Disc All-Road Bike

The Allied story is one that has been touched on briefly here on the Radavist. A brand that was formed through the foresight of one man; Tony Karklins and his ability to acquire a Canadian brand Guru’s assets at auction. This included the machinery, technology, everything; down to the paint booth. Upon winning the bid, Tony then moved this equipment to Arkansas, hired a few key players and began cranking on this new brand, dubbed Allied Cycle Works, which operates under the umbrella of HIA Velo. I could go more into this story, but people like Patrick at Red Kite Prayer have done an exceptional job covering the beginnings of Allied, so if the story of the brand is what you’re here for, head to RKP for an exceptional write up.

Now, when Patrick wrote his piece about Allied, they had but one model; the Alfa road bike. Later, the brand developed this beauty, the Alfa All-Road. While the Alfa road has all the lines and functionality of a proper carbon, rim brake road bike, the Alfa All-Road opens up the door a little wider to the sorts of rides we really enjoy over here at the Radavist; dirty and dusty fun! (more…)

Apr 10, 2018 24 comments
44 Bikes: Lars’ Marauder in Attack and Ute Mode

Kris Henry at 44 Bikes recently completed this beautiful Marauder build, with a dual usage; touring bike and full-on trail attack mode. This 27.5+ platform is quickly adaptable for when that itch for wanderlust strikes. You can see the entire build process, from the cutting of tubes, to welding, and the final product over at the 44 Bikes Flickr.

Apr 9, 2018 2 comments
Starling Cycles’ Murmur Factory 29’r

You may or may not have heard of Starling Cycles before. They’re UK frame builders of mountain bikes, including the Murmur 29’r, a full suspension, steel, made in the UK frame. Well, the UK brand has now offered a Taiwan-built version of the Murmur, called the Murmur Factory 29’r and it’s currently available to order. There isn’t much difference between the Murmur and the Factory, except cost. So if Made in the UK isn’t as important to the consumer, they can save some money. Head to Starling to see more information on the Murmur Factory 29’r.

Apr 5, 2018 1 comment
The Sierra Shredder: a Project by Squid Bikes, Paul Component and Sierra Nevada!

This entire project is so rad, from the concept, to the Squid Bikes frame, to the build and Travis from PAUL‘s press-release, which you can read in full below!

“The bike is done, and you can have it!

Wow, remember when we sent out that last teaser press release about the sweet custom bike we were building for Sierra Nevada Brewery to show off at this year’s Sea Otter Classic?”

Apr 4, 2018 2 comments
Adam’s Prototype Sklar Rover Single Pivot Steel Full Suspension

Bikes. People love seeing bikes. Especially ones made by this feller, Adam Sklar. I’m going with my gut here, which is telling me to share this bike, before the story of how we got to where this unique shred sled was photographed. I’m assuming you’ve probably figured out that we spent last week in the Moab, Utah area, which is where we linked up with some people from Bozeman, Minneapolis, Tuscon, Philly and Los Angeles.

We initially rolled through Fruita, then out to Klondike Bluff, a singletrack area between Moab and Green River, to ride trails, check out dinosaur tracks, rock hound, and enjoy all that Utah has to offer. It was here, that I shot one of the wildest Sklars to date – sorry Benedict! (more…)

Apr 4, 2018 37 comments
Jaegher Steel

Jaegher makes some damn beautiful bicycles and this video taps into the modus operandi of the brand and builder.

Apr 3, 2018 1 comment