Team Dream Bicycling Team: Pream Viking Socks in Stock! Nov 18, 2013


I’ve said numerous times in the past that I’m really stoked on Team Dream Bicycling Team. So stoked that I worked with Sean on an extensive PiNP collaboration kit, beginning with these Pream Team Viking Socks! Made by DeFeet in North Carolina, these socks are $15 a pair and in stock now at Team Dream Bicycling Team!

Also be sure to check out the other sock and cap offerings from TDBT!

  • Keith Gibson

    north cackalacky! DeFeet socks are awesome.

  • Hope Cyclery

    No XL bummer I was going to order them right now…

    • John Watson

      Sold out! We’re restocking!

      • Hope Cyclery

        damn dude, that was quick… I hope to be able to snag a pair when they are back.

        • sauhsu

          all the XL socks are sold out – big feet must be the norm!

          • Sean Talkington

            I have a couple extra “XL” if you are interested shoot me an email to

      • Tucker

        great pun

      • Jamie McKeon

        let me know! i missed them on my birthday of all days

    • Sean Talkington

      I have 2 extra pairs of Prolly XL socks…. Let me know if you still want them…

  • Dylan Nord


  • barry mcwilliams

    “Beginning with…”? Damn it. I don’t have the money for all this nonsense! (Granted I just swooped up a pair…) Looking great, as expected.