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Viking Trail Blazer Patch in Stock

It ain’t easy hitting trails with a Viking Blazer. Remember: if you aren’t crashing, you’re not going fast enough. Drop one of these on your backpack, bar bag, saddle bag or jean jacket. Artwork by Kyler Martz!

Patches are 3″ wide, iron-on, crafted with care in the USA and will cost you $7 shipped to the USA and $8 shipped worldwide. Expect shipments to leave Austin in two weeks!

Sorry, sold out!

Feb 4, 2014 6 comments
In Stock: Flag Hatchet and Mini Viking Sticker Pack

To prepare for the 2013 NAHBS, I made a re-up of the popular Flag Hatchet stickers. Since there was extra room on the sheet of clear vinyl, Sticker Robot sneaked in these little 3/4″ Mini Vikings with the Stars and Stripes overlay. Each pack comes with (5) Flag Hatchets and (5) Mini Vikings.


Feb 15, 2013 14 comments
Sticker Robot Interviewed Me!

When it comes to getting durable, high quality vinyl stickers made, there’s only one place to go: Sticker Robot. I’ve been getting my clear vinyl stickers made there since the beginning and they are a very hot commodity. For those who always seem to miss out. Good news! More are on the way. I just ordered a re-up from them, which prompted the almighty Zoltron to interview me about PiNP, stickers and yes, bourbon in 10 simple questions.

See the interview here at Sticker Robot.

What was your favorite clear vinyl sticker I made? Any in particular I should bring back?

Jan 17, 2013 17 comments
Raidô Viking Stickers Now Available

Raidô means ride or journey in Elder Futhark and now you can embark on one yourself with the new Raidô Viking stickers. Silk screened on high-quality, clear vinyl. These will last for many miles. Pick up (5) for $5 shipped in the States and $6 shipped worldwide now at the PiNP Web Shop.


Jun 6, 2012 15 comments
Stash Pocket Raidô Hold Fast FRS and Raidô Viking Shirts Now Available
Raidô Hold Fast FRS

I’ve been wanting to do a Hold Fast signature strap for some time now but have always felt there was no need to rush things. Finally, inspiration came to me while I was cooling off from a climb in the hill country here. The trees are shade and in the Texas summer, they are a crucial part of riding. Whether it’s a roll to a swimming hole, a road ride or FGFS, you actively seek the shade to cool off. This is Raidô, or the ride and journey. The dendritic veins extend to the sky finally, I had my inspiration.

For 4.20, I’m offering a Raidô Viking shirt and a pair of Hold Fast FRS straps. For the first time, Hold Fasts will come with a stash pocket and rolling papers. We chose a grey velcro and purple lining in the pocket.

The Hold Fast FRS retail for $59.99 plus shipping and are available exclusively here on PiNP.

The high-quality, photographic-print Raidô Viking shirts are screened on white American Apparel tees here in Austin, TX by Industry. They retail for $25 shipped worldwide.


Pick both up here and check out more photos by clicking here to open the Gallery.

Apr 20, 2012 33 comments
PiNP Web Shop

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be adding new products to the PiNP Web Shop. Some will be from me and a few will be limited releases from brands I respect in the industry. To start things off, I just restocked in the Grey Beard sticker packs. Head to the PiNP Web Shop to score some.

Shirts, posters, jerseys, kits and other surprises are on the way this spring.

Mar 20, 2012 8 comments