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PiNP Web Shop: NME Knife & Tool – BWB-01T Bottle Opener

When I posted these before, people emailed me asking what I thought of them and if I would be selling them in the PiNP Web Shop. I’ve been going over the idea of stocking other companies’s products before and this was the perfect one to start it off. I know everyone and their mother re-brands the Paragon openers but these NME Knife & Tool – BWB-01T are different from the others. It’s lightweight, small enough to fit in your jersey pocket, machined in the USA from titanium and fits on a key ring. Here’s the run down:

5/32″ Thick 6Al/4V Titanium
Full Size Bottle Opener
1911 Bushing Wrench
1/4″ Female Hex for Bits
Standard Tip Screw Driver/Pry
Fits Many 1911 Grip Screws
Tumbled/Stone Washed Finish

Each order will come with a satchel and stickers. These will ship from Zodiak Engineering.

Pick one up at the PiNP web shop for $34 shipped in the domestic USA only!

Also, the Grey Beards have been re-upped and come with a Flag Hatchet… $5 shipped worldwide for (6) stickers.

Note: Yes, the last Grey Beard sticker orders went out yesterday!

Apr 3, 2012 6 comments