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Hold Fast: High Liter Grey FRS

Hold Fast has a few new strap colors in their high-liter series. Have bigger feet? Or like to wear work boots with your straps? These are the ones for you! See more at Hold Fast.

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Burro Commercial

I missed posting this one when I was sick last week, but I’ve gotta support the homies at Burro! Nice one Zane.

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Cadence: Double Straps in Stock

I’ve been running these straps on my track bike(s) since they were first released a few years back. The Cadence bound double straps are made in the USA and very affordable. Swoop a set in black, red, white, or grey at Cadence.

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YNOT: Night Rider Reflective Straps

YNOT‘s got some safety straps for your midnight marauding:

“As an intro to our upcoming Night Riders series, we’re really excited to start offering reflective pedal straps! For an additional ten dollars you can have any colour of pedal strap with the reflective YNOT logo, for extra visibility when riding in the wee hours.

Reflective logos are available in black reflective or grey reflective, and are super extra durable! Grab your own pair here, and be sure to select your reflective preference!”

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Stash Pocket Raidô Hold Fast FRS and Raidô Viking Shirts Now Available
Raidô Hold Fast FRS

I’ve been wanting to do a Hold Fast signature strap for some time now but have always felt there was no need to rush things. Finally, inspiration came to me while I was cooling off from a climb in the hill country here. The trees are shade and in the Texas summer, they are a crucial part of riding. Whether it’s a roll to a swimming hole, a road ride or FGFS, you actively seek the shade to cool off. This is Raidô, or the ride and journey. The dendritic veins extend to the sky finally, I had my inspiration.

For 4.20, I’m offering a Raidô Viking shirt and a pair of Hold Fast FRS straps. For the first time, Hold Fasts will come with a stash pocket and rolling papers. We chose a grey velcro and purple lining in the pocket.

The Hold Fast FRS retail for $59.99 plus shipping and are available exclusively here on PiNP.

The high-quality, photographic-print Raidô Viking shirts are screened on white American Apparel tees here in Austin, TX by Industry. They retail for $25 shipped worldwide.


Pick both up here and check out more photos by clicking here to open the Gallery.

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Yes, tomorrow is 4.20 and coincidentally, I’ll have some new products in the Web Shop. So don’t blow all your green on green.

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Hold Fast: April Strap of the Month

I am way into this colorway and material choice for Hold Fast’s Strap of the Month. But I’m even more excited about that “Patent Pending” on the hang tag. I’ve supported this company since before there was a name for it, developed these straps with Jeremiah and I will always support them. Other websites took money for knock-offs and then came back to them. I’ve yet to earn a penny from this product, yet remain true. Stay true, HOLD FAST.

“Wanted to shed some light on our latest strap of the month, the Reflective Grey & Pink strap is the first in our new HighLighter Series and we are really pleased with how they came out. Check them out and pick them up here! Do it soon because like all our straps of the month, supplies are limited and once they’re gone…”

Pick these up HERE and support Made in the USA products that were born on the street, not from someone seeing them on the internet and ripping off the design.

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