Stash Pocket Raidô Hold Fast FRS and Raidô Viking Shirts Now Available

I’ve been wanting to do a Hold Fast signature strap for some time now but have always felt there was no need to rush things. Finally, inspiration came to me while I was cooling off from a climb in the hill country here. The trees are shade and in the Texas summer, they are a crucial part of riding. Whether it’s a roll to a swimming hole, a road ride or FGFS, you actively seek the shade to cool off. This is Raidô, or the ride and journey. The dendritic veins extend to the sky finally, I had my inspiration.

For 4.20, I’m offering a Raidô Viking shirt and a pair of Hold Fast FRS straps. For the first time, Hold Fasts will come with a stash pocket and rolling papers. We chose a grey velcro and purple lining in the pocket.

The Hold Fast FRS retail for $59.99 plus shipping and are available exclusively here on PiNP.

The high-quality, photographic-print Raidô Viking shirts are screened on white American Apparel tees here in Austin, TX by Industry. They retail for $25 shipped worldwide.


Pick both up here and check out more photos by clicking here to open the Gallery.

  • Lbrasseur

    These are really well done.  Being a designer and all I am overly critical with a lot of design but this tee graphic is really nice. The Hold fast are very unique as well.  JOB WELL DONE man.

  • Brandon

    No medium size shirts?

    • they’re all in stock. Refresh the shop, I had a problem with the Paypal button….


      • Brandon

        Just did that a few times and still no luck. I also tried a different web browser and my phone, all it shows is small.

        • Lbrasseur

          same here

          • It should look like this: attached and I’ve gotten orders already in other sizes…

          • jbolt86

            Yeah, I don’t see that.  Still only smalls.

          • Fixed… f’in paypal… sorry about that guys!

          • jbolt86

            Nope, sorry. Still not working.

          • I can’t figure it out. But if the page says “$25 Shipped Worldwide” you’re seeing the updated page. I’ve checked it on IE, Firefox, Chrome on PC and Mac and it shows it for me. It might be a cookie or your router storing the page….

          • I just deleted the old Merch item and reposted a new one. Should work now…

          • jbolt86

            It says it’s already sold out of large! 

          • jbolt86

            I’m in Austin, I could just pick one up from you. 

          • Brandon

            Yeah, still the same.

          • try here

          • Brandon

            Works great! Only prob is mediums are now sold out… maybe next run!

  • already copped. stoked.


  • If you’re having problems with the shirts, try using this URL

  • Anon

    Shop finally works, but are Mediums seriously out of stock already?

    • Anon

      My apologies, its in stock again

    • I added more M’s and L’s… They’re going fast though!

  • Brandon

    Got it! Thanks for getting it working!

  • ScumbagSF

    I gotta admit the stash pocket HoldFast are rad….but one little flaw I found is that when pedaling and stuff if you have your trees in there, they’re going to get all flattened from the tension on the strap. Am I right here Prolly? I mean maybe you guys already foresaw that but their dope nonetheless. Good job dudes. 

    • They do not in fact! If you put them all the way back in the pouch, they’re fine.

    • Seanmilnes

      i have a pair with a stash pocket and found the same as john.  its not a problem!  and it beats leaving it in your pocket to get all sweaty and shit.

  • wish i hadn’t just bought some straps.  that purple pocket is cool

  • Chris Morris

    Seems to have run out of XL Raido Viking shirts already :(

    • yeah. They flew – I’ll make another batch.

  • Spoon

    Thanks again for the help this morning, John! 

  • Phil&Destroy

    wish i had the cash flow for these sweet sweet gems! hopefully next run!

  • dpstyles

    Nice shirt indeed! Thanks!