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Rec Fail Visits Brooklyn Bikes

Matt Lingo recently took his Fuji Obey track bike in to get some wrench love at Brooklyn Bicycles in San Diego (yes confusing) and he took some photos of Richie Ditta’s 3Rensho pista. I’m just guessing that the top photo is the wheel laced up to this 3Rensho, based on the fork end lug. Pretty snazzy. Check out the rest at Rec Fail.

May 7, 2012 12 comments
Rec Fail: Rudy Melo and Planes

Photo by Matt Lingo

Matt caught a little bit of flack over here when he posted up his photo of Josh Hayes in San Diego and admitted to photoshopping in planes and pedestrians. He touches on that a bit at Rec Fail, in his latest post featuring Rudy Melo. Check the rest of the photos out here.

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