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Profile Racing Summer Mix

Those Florida boys at Profile linked up with Mark Mulville, Chad Degroot, Mike Meister, and Wade Lajlar to pull together a summer mix. Shot across the state of Florida in a few sessions, here’s a nice mix of street styles.

Jul 29, 2013 2 comments

Perspective has many applications, especially with reference to this site. PiNP made its impact through covering track bikes and FGFS in NYC and beyond. Still, cycling commentary, of all sorts filled the pages. Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time riding road bikes, been out bicycle camping, touring and the content all shifts depending on what’s going on.

Sometimes, looking at things a little differently can change your perspective and even a new track bike can bring back the nostalgic past. Shooting the Sword today made me really miss the days of bombing NYC traffic with my friends and wheeling down the avenues.

Even before I pushed hard on domestically-produced bikes and components, the Profile fixed hubs were the best thing money could buy for the street-thrashers and they look so bitching on this bike.

What I’m trying to say is, I fucking love this bike.

More to come…

Feb 4, 2013 7 comments
My Geekhouse Team Mudville Cross

Truth be told, I put a deposit down for a 2012 Geekhouse Team Mudville cross bike before my Woodville touring bike was stolen. While I’m planning on racing here in Austin when there are local events, I’m also just stoked to finally have a cross bike to travel with. Over this past year, I’ve come to determine that a cross bike is an ideal travel bike.

You can do just about everything on them: singletrack, off-roading, gravel, road rides and even light touring. Because this bike will be 60% all that and 40% racing, I built it up initially to respond to riding in Northern California and a brevet I’ll be riding later on this month. Hence the double cages, clinchers and Ramblin’ Roll. In fact, I’m heading to Cali right now to partake in some dirt rides.

Enough of the intent, how about the bike? A few things are new on the 2012 Team Mudville models. For one, the ENVE tapered fork and headtube. It’s so big and yes, it really offers a noticeable difference in handling. The tubing selection is a little different on mine than the other bikes. Columbus Life stays ensure my big ass won’t tweak the rear end riding like an asshole or casing barriers.

I honestly don’t have tubular race wheels, so I’ll be using my trusty Profile Elite road hubs to HED Belgiums. The SRAM Force group, ENVE stem, Thomson Elite post, 3T bars all compliment the brightly anodized Chris King InSet Mango headset and matching bottom bracket. A Paul Components Funky Monkey drops the front cable a bit lower and stopping power is provided by Paul touring cantis. After getting everything dialed in, I can say that I’m really enjoying the ride.

Many thanks to Geekhouse bikes for the stellar frame and Ben’s Cycle for the parts!

Enough copy, check out the photos!

Oct 17, 2012 103 comments
Benny’s Custom S&M Racing BMX

Sydney, Australia has always had a burgeoning BMX scene and it’s still thriving due to rad shops like Hell On Wheels. Tom’s space is part museum and part storefront, where he caters to the local park rats and street thrashers alike, all while keeping his eyes and ears to the American brands.

When one of his customers, Benny wanted a custom BMX racing bike, they hit up S&M. A few months later and viola, Benny’s custom S&M bicycle moto-cross machine was done. Happy Friday morning Sydney, here’s a Beautiful Bicycle for ya.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

May 10, 2012 4 comments
Cookin’ Up Some New Wheels With Profile Elite RC Hubs

I have been salivating over the idea of a Profile Racing road / ‘cross hub since Christian first spun the cassette in the phone to me over a year ago. I like a loud hub and having ridden White Industry, Phil and Chris King, I’m very excited to try out the new Profile Elite RC hubs this coming ‘cross season. When the UPS delivery man dropped off the box today, I had to fry ’em up and see them glow.

Check out more below.


Apr 4, 2012 19 comments