Cookin’ Up Some New Wheels With Profile Elite RC Hubs Apr 4, 2012

I have been salivating over the idea of a Profile Racing road / ‘cross hub since Christian first spun the cassette in the phone to me over a year ago. I like a loud hub and having ridden White Industry, Phil and Chris King, I’m very excited to try out the new Profile Elite RC hubs this coming ‘cross season. When the UPS delivery man dropped off the box today, I had to fry ’em up and see them glow.

Check out more below.

The Road / Cyclocross (RC) hubs currently come in silver and black and are machined in the USA from 2024 Aluminum with 7075 cones and axles. The EZO Sealed bearings can be easily upgraded to ceramic, if that’s your thing and they can be topped off with your skewer of choice. Weighing in at 88grams, the front hub is a lush and with the rear coming in at ~302g, they aren’t as light as other options but it’s god dammed Profile.

Oh, you want a loud hub? How about a swarm of pissed off hornets from hell? The Profile Elite Ultradrive system is a force to be reckoned with. 6 pawls tear into 68 individual steps on the hub’s ratchet ring to keep things moving, resulting in a chainsaw-like sound coming from the freehub. It’ll scare deer out into the trail, so be careful.

Now, what rim should I lace them to? Tubulars? Clinchers? I’ve been really into my HED Belgiums, or maybe the A23. Velocity did just move to Florida… What’s everyone keen on this year? I don’t want carbon rims.

Pick these hubs up at your LBS or order direct from Profile.

MSRP: Front: $149.95 Rear: $299.95 (Shimano, SRAM only for the moment, Campy on the way)

I wanna see these in some crazy colors and patterns, so support American-made products and support Profile. Maybe it’s time for the return of the confetti? Or some red, white and blue patterning? Christian, make it happen.

  • Ponder this

    I’ve heard Christian’s hub up close and personal many a times. It’s a sexy sounding piece of machined candy. Closest sound comparison would be the Industry Nines. Now if they’re released in a pallet of colors as their competition is they’ll be a hit.

  • Jake Ricker

    I loved my tubulars for cross last season.

  • Team Seagal

    Velocity A23. no questions needed.

  • Mavic reflex tubulars for sure.  DT aero comp spokes and some shiny brass nipples!

    • Don’t get Mavic Reflex’s, the eyelets pull through the rim if you ride hard, which is the point of cross.

  • Pookums

    Lodge brand cast iron skillet?  What’s your seasoning method?

  • Trackosaurusrex

     What skillet is that?

  • Victor

    who’s gonna build your cross bike?

  • I’ve got a pair of NOS Sun Vista Cruiser’s you can have, on the house.

  • A Theriault

    Stan’s Notubes Alpha rims with Sapim CX Ray spoke and alu. nipples. All in black! Strong, light, beautiful and more choice of cx tire. (dream wheel) +/- 1390g ;)

  • Jon

    A-23’s. 32 CX-Rays on the rear (3-cross), and 28 Sapim Lasers up front (2-cross or radial). Fuck the weight, 20 grams makes no difference if your bunny hop is only 2 inches! 

    Be sure to season the rims just like that pan.

    • Gonna get my #crossiefreestyle on and I can damn well hop higher than 2″!!

  • Chris

    HED belgium for the win. Just laced some Chris king/alchemy hubs up to those and got a bombproof outcome. Stan’s are softies.

    • Yeah, I’m not convinced by tubeless systems. But I wouldn’t mind tubies for this build.

  • B $

    Stan’s Alpha will not hold up to Prolly toughness on the CX course, they are nice and light but I knock them out of true on the road and I’m pretty light at 150. Raced HED Belgium SS CX last year and was super happy with them, SOLID, didn’t have to true them once. Challenge latex tubes and Clement LAS file treads and you will be ruling it ! The profile of the tire on the wide rim is awesome. I went down to 35 psi no pinch flats.