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Pentabike is Back

For those wondering what happened to the brand Pentabike in recent years, I’ve got some good news. Their website is back, including apparel, and their handlebar black and brass MustStash. Head over to Pentabike to see more.

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Josh’s LOW

After the 2011 NACCCs, Josh relocated to Austin from SF, where he worked at TCB Courier. Once settling in here in town, he took Andrew Low up on his offer for a track frame. Andrew went to town on this one with the finishing. This was the first frame that Andrew etched the owner’s name into the top tube. Other finishing notes include the TCB Courier logo etched in and Andrew’s signature on the non-drive chainstay.

Josh wanted this bike to ride fast and secure, so he went with some SRAM Omniums and a bullhorn on his cockpit. What better way to top off the build than with a Pentabike Muststash?

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

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