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Death Spray Custom for Morvelo: Blood Brothers Kit

When Morvelo teams up with Death Spray Custom, you know it’s gonna be good. Here’s the latest from the two UK-based brands, a cycling kit inspired from a recent motorcycle suit David designed for Blood Brothers last year…

If you’re into this design (I sure am) head over to Morvelo to swoop because it’s not going to stick around for long!


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Poler Pinecone Kit by Castelli

Poler‘s kits are always the best! For the forthcoming fall months, they’ve worked out a pre-order with Castelli on a pair of bibs, a jersey and arm warmers using their Land-designed pinecone pattern. The pre-order is live now, so head over to Castelli to see more information. For what it’s worth, I’ve found these kits to fit true-to-size…

Aug 21, 2015 5 comments
Bike Jerks 10th Anniversary Kits

Photos by Marty Wood

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Bike Jerks have just launched a kit pre-order. There’s a lot of great information up on the Bike Jerks blog, so head over to check it out. If you’d like to pre-order, you can do so at Podiumwear. Production will take 4-weeks.

Aug 18, 2015 5 comments
Manual for Speed Residency Kits – Sigrid Calon’ and Zio Ziegler Kits

I have no way of describing what I’m seeing here, so we’ll just let Manual for Speed do the ‘xplaining:

“The way we see it Cycling Kit is an opportunity for Elevated Personal Expression. As such we’re proposing a complete break from the hegemonic monotony of Corporate Body Advertising. Rather than being an unwilling participant in some Business Company’s fall product campaign, why not express your own aesthetic; an aesthetic that says culture counts, style counts and god damn it, art counts.

What is it about bike racing that we love so much, is it the Chaos, the Color, the Motion and the Trajectory? Yeah, it’s that. So we told these five contemporary artists to Interpret that.”

Sigrid Calon’s and Zio Ziegler‘s Artist Residency Kits are now in stock at Manual for Speed.

Aug 4, 2015 3 comments
Brenton Salo Shoots the Cadence Collection Keta Kit

Photos by Brenton Salo

The new Cadence Keta Kit uses a repetitive pattern and an ultra lightweight material to keep you visible and cool during the hot summer months. Modeled by Cadence founder Dustin Klein and photographed by Brenton Salo, the following images offer up a preview to the Keta kit which will be dropping shortly. See more below and as always, keep an eye on Cadence for more. (more…)

Jul 16, 2015 2 comments
The Manual for Speed Artist Residency Kits

Manual for Speed is keeping you cool during the hotttt summer months by teaming up with five different artists and allowing them full access to the canvas we call “cycling kits.” The first two kits to be released feature the artwork of Jerry Inscoe and Mike Perry.

Additional kits designed by Sigrid Calon, Karan Singh, and Zio Ziegler are set to be released later this summer. 

For now, check out Jerry Inscoe and Mike Perry’s cycling kits at Manual for Speed’s web shop.

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