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Cadence: Decade Kit Now in Stock

It’s crazy to think that a brand like Cadence has only been around for 10 years. Ok, maybe “crazy” isn’t the right word, but for me, Cadence represents a brand that grew out of a truly grassroots scene and what started as essentially a silkscreen shirt company has grown a major name in this whole thing we call cycling.

I remember first seeing Cadence shirts when I moved to New York and now, years later, Cadence is celebrating a decade of radness with a new kit.

Check out the Cadence Decade Kit in stock now!

Oct 28, 2013 1 comment
Ornot: Cycling Gear Made in California

Ornot is a small, new label based in San Francisco. Founded by the belief that you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money, only to look like a rolling billboard. All of their garments are made in California and are minimally-branded.

Check out the full Ornot line here. I will say one thing: kudos to them for developing a women’s line at the same time as a men’s line and making them the same design!

Also, damn, I miss riding in California already!

Oct 28, 2013 4 comments
Superb Kits Pre-Order

Boston’s Superb is having a pre-order for their new topography kits. Head over for more details!

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Superdomestik: Guns of Brixton Kits in Stock!

Kjeld is one of my friends in Los Angeles and as a native of the UK, he grew up listening to the Clash. Now he’s living in LA, way into bikes, is fast, fit and stoked on the community there. He just got some rad kits made by Endo under his label, Superdomestik, as an homage to “Guns of Brixton”.

In case you grew up under a rock and never heard of the Clash, this song had heavy reggae overtones, hence this kit. Scoop one up at Superdomestik!

Oct 7, 2013 1 comment
Team Dream Bicycling Team Kits

You know what? I like stripes. A lot. I didn’t at first but then I wore one of these kits and I realized that they look damn nice. It doesn’t hurt that Sean’s also a rad dude. He’s worked with Endo customs on a set of compression bibs. They’re tight, won’t lose form, won’t fade and come in all black, including the logos. I have a pair and they rule.

TDBT has home jerseys, away jerseys and a wind vest up for pre-sale. See the full offering here. But hurry, the pre-order ends October 6th!

Oct 3, 2013 3 comments
Mash SF: New RGB Kits in Stock

To kick off cross season, Mash has just loaded their web shop with the a complete run of the new RGB kits. Head over to Mash to scoop because they won’t be in stock for long.

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New Kinfolk Kits

My friends at Kinfolk Studios in Brooklyn have just launched a pre-order of their new Endo Customs cycling kit. We all know that Endo’s kits are the best in the US, so there’s no debate over the quality. Put in your pre-order at Kinfolk!

Also, check out a short video the guys made below.

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I’m Stoked on the Tennyson Collective Kits

Tennyson and 43rd are the cross streets at which you can find Pearl Velo, Berkeley Supply and Avery County Cycles, some of my favorite shops in the USA. They believe in riding, racing and having fun! After last year’s SSCX team kits, a lot of locals asked about ordering one.

The Tennyson Collective doesn’t necessarily embody the three shops, as much as it embraces the community and its vernacular. The trolley was designed by their friend Josh Shively after the original trolley that ran in the shop’s area until 1950.

Pick up the new Endo Customs made Tennyson Collective kit or a t-shirt here!

Sep 12, 2013 2 comments