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Garrett Chow and His FEA Specialized Venge
Recent Roll: Garrett Chow and His FEA Analysis Specialized Venge

I’m still filing through all of my film photos from the 2013 ATOC but wanted to share with you a few showcasing Garrett Chow and his own FEA-inspired Specialized Venge. Without going too much into what an FEA model is, or Finite Element Analysis, I’ll give you a basic rundown. In a 3D software like Solidworks, an FEA charts the areas of high-stress or load. FEA readouts are essential when prototyping a new frame or component. They allow the designer and the engineer to address areas of high stress.

On a bicycle, these areas tend to be in the bottom bracket, seat mast or seat tube extension and the end of the forks. Garrett used the FEA diagram to become a literal paint sceme on his bike. Some areas have clear lines of demarcation, while others are almost faded into each other. It’s a truly incredible paintjob and the whole time we were walking around the San Jose stage of the ATOC, people were literally picking their jaws up off the ground.

I shot a few portrait-style photos with Garrett on his bike and maybe one day I’ll end up shooting it in more depth, but for now, check out a few more below.

Tools of the trade:
Mamiya 7ii / 80mm
Kodak Portra 400

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Defgrip: Bohie Palecek Wallpaper

Defgrip mentioned something last month about seeking artists to do wallpaper for their site, prompting Australia’s  Bohie Palecek to hop on it. This is sick. So much alchemist symbolism in this one. Also, the Aussies love their “hoop snakes”, which we call Ouroboros. Pick up higher-res versions here, for FREE at Defgrip.

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