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Well That Was Fun #GoYonder

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve probably figured out that we made it. It was tough, but fun. For such a large group to finish the ride without any major issues made it even more enjoyable.

The State of Jefferson, at least what we saw of it, truly is mythical. We ended up totaling 233 miles and over 17,000′. In true Brovet spirit, we stopped a lot, swam in rivers, streams, waterfalls and dirt napped when necessary. We flew down frontage roads, chattered our teeth on ruts, lost water bottles, found water bottles, avoided rattle snakes and drank lots of water…

More to come, but for now, catch up on some more photos on my Instagram, where I’ve linked to all the accounts who were also on the ride.

Jul 19, 2013 2 comments
Brian Vernor: Hahn Rossman The Wild One

Photo by Brian Vernor

One of the people associated directly with Yonder Journal is Hahn Rossman but that’s only one of the many projects Hahn is involved with. He’s a contributor for Bicycle Quarterly, a Rapha Continental rider and a seemingly endless supply of ride knowledge. Oh and he’s an accomplished frame builder. All from a Philly native.

Vernor shot this photo of Hahn on a “ride” and it’s gotta be one of my favorite “ride” photos to date. Although, I hope someone got in the river…

Next week, I’m heading out with Hahn and a few other individuals to #GoYonder once again. I can’t wait!

Jul 10, 2013 2 comments
In Stock: Yonder Journal Brovet 01 – Old Ridge Road Permanent Book

Getting out and doing a big ride is a bit easier when you’ve got a cue sheet and great photos to help you along the way. The Yonder Journal Brovet 01 – Old Ridge Road Permanent Book is just that. Over 30 pages of absolutely stunning photographs taken during the ride and a official Brovet card so you can earn your patch. Whether or not you do the ride is entirely up to you…

Pick up one of these high-quality, printed books at the PiNP Web Shop for $15 shipped in the US and $20 shipped internationally, for a limited time only.

Introducing Yonder Journal: Brovet 01 – Old Ridge Road Permanent

Feb 13, 2013 1 comment
Introducing Yonder Journal: Brovet 01 – Old Ridge Road Permanent
Brovet 01 - Old Ridge Road Permanent

I love it when projects like this pop up and everyone involved are damn talented individuals. Introducing Yonder Journal, a project by Daniel Wakefield Pasley and Emiliano Granado. Without saying too much more, here’s the first installment of Yonder Journal: Brovet 01, Old Ridge Road Permanent.

“We like to think of ourselves as Cultural Anthropologists, armed with cameras and notebooks, compelled into the field to explore, document, digest and publish a lasting and meaningful record of our experiences there.

Yonder Journal will be a series of Briefs, Guides, and Studies that endeavor to understand and relate American Frontiers and Western Principles.”

“Today, we begin with our first of many Studies – Brovet. Inspired by the world of Randonneuring (long distance cycling), Brovet is a Guide book to American Permanents (predetermined routes) that aims to inspire, entertain, and inform.”

Click here to download the Official Cue Sheet and Brovet Card. Print the instructions and ride the ride using the turn-by-turn instructions therein. Complete the Brovet Card provided and send it to Yonder Journal to receive your Official Brovet Patch. More details inside. See more in the Gallery above!


Jan 15, 2013 10 comments
Recent Roll: Brovet

For some reason, a group of us decided to try out this ride. A “brovet” if you will. Doing 120 miles is easy, doing over 350 in one swoop is a little more difficult. Doing it in the wake of a Hurricane, over the Appalachian mountains is, as we found, even more difficult. I unfortunately didn’t plan on Sandy and showed up to Pittsburgh with arm warmers, leg warmers, shoe covers and wind-proof gloves. Bad times! But it doesn’t have to be fun to be fun, right?

More on this project to come, but for now, #GoYonder and check out some select shots in the Gallery.

Nov 19, 2012 24 comments
The Brovet was Hell
photo (1)

This ride broke me and I’m not ashamed to admit that. After 8 hours of riding in 25 degree weather, through headwinds, frozen rain and mud, I cracked. When I packed for the trip to NYC, Philly and this ride, Sandy wasn’t even on the map. So I left all my rain gear, winter gloves, jackets and wool at home in Austin. In a mad dash to acquire appropriate gear, I found myself without a lot of options.

Cheap gloves, leg warmers and a packable rain jacket quickly reminded me that I was underprepared for the weather we faced out of Pittsburgh and into the mountains. For the entire morning, my body convulsed as I shivered. My hands went numb for hours and I was soaking wet from head to toe. I still can’t feel my finger tips or palms and my jaw was sore this morning from chittering all day. But today was a different story… We’re sitting just outside of DC, awaiting our flights home.

More on this story to come. For now, check out the #GoYonder Instagram tag and I want to thank all the dudes who made this trip so memorable!

Nov 2, 2012 9 comments
About to #GoYonder
Geekhouse Woodville Tourer Mode

Today, before the sun is up, a small group of friends and I are going to embark on a 600k brevet-style ride out of Pittsburgh, over the Appalachian mountains and into DC. Loosely termed a “brovet”, this ride is part of a project that’s come to be called Go Yonder. I can’t say anything more than that but we’ll be posting photos on Instagram ( @JohnProlly @moi_is_moi @tytanium @no_ralphy @quesofrito @coelmaness @yonderjournal ) of all the randomness we encounter for the next 36 hours.

The Mudville will be my work horse and since we have no idea what to expect on the road, it’s set up with a SON hub, an Edelux lamp (mounted to a Cronometro Nob, via a R&M mount) and a Viscacha saddle bag by Revelate Designs. We’re all hobo-camping, probably only clocking in 2 hours of sleep, so I’ve got a bag liner, a tarp and a merino hoodie. Fingers crossed, loose legs and Scrapple!

See you on the other side of the mountains and check out more photos below.


Oct 31, 2012 33 comments