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Outlier: New Way Shorts

Photos by Emiliano Granado

My favorite piece in Outlier’s collection was photographed by Emiliano down in Mexico last month. The New Way Shorts are indeed, new and improved versions of previous Three Way Shorts models. $120, made in the USA and seriously, one of the best pieces for your spring and summer wardrobe. Scoop up a pair at Outlier, while they’re still in stock!

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Emiliano Granado at the Red Hook Crit Navy Yard
Emiliano Granado at the Red Hook Crit Navy Yard

Few people know speed like Emiliano Granado. He’s one of cycling’s most creative and compelling photographers, known best from his work with Daniel Pasley on Manual For Speed and Yonder Journal. Emi’s in your face approach to documenting the sport often results in candid, up close and personal portraits in what many would consider the most inopportune time. Don’t expect podium or finish line shots from Manual For Speed because this is the real side of cycling. MFS spends every waking moment with professional cyclists. They know the tricks of the trade and in many ways, this experience makes MFS one of the most authentic resources for those wishing to see what it’s like to truly be PRO.

The Red Hook Crit Navy Yard was quite the race. A quick, technical course awaited over 100 racers and only 5 would finish. All it took was one big spill to split the field and with Neil Bezdek out in front, it seemed the race was determined after the first lap. Kyle Murphy from MASH SF held Bezdek’s wheel, placing him in second and Marc Marino from Team Chica Sexy won in a sprint for third. Everyone I’ve talked to about the Red Hook Crit Navy Yard said it was one of the fastest races they’ve been in. A true exhibition.

See all of Emiliano’s Guest Gallery from the 2013 Red Hook Crit Navy Yard below!

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Emiliano Granado at the 2013 Red Hook Crit
Guest Gallery: Emiliano Granado at the 2013 Red Hook Crit

By now, everyone’s already seen the media overload that came from the 2013 Red Hook Crit. In typical Manual for Speed fashion, but atypical media coverage, Emiliano Granado went into the RHC looking to catch riders off guard for some flash photography rider and spectator portraits.

Guest Galleries have become a new favorite section of the site and I’m always stoked to get some exposures from Emiliano. See more in the gallery!

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Cycling Inquisition Interviews Emiliano Granado

From Manual for Speed

Klaus from Cycling Inquisition pulled together a rather comprehensive interview with my BRO, I mean buddy, Emiliano Granado (Manual for Speed / Outlier / Yonder Journal). As someone who aspires to one day pull in cycling photography work, I’ve always admired how Emiliano photographs the things I care about seeing with professional cycling. I.e. save the finish line shots for the other guys…

Here’s just a sample question:

Your collective work seems to turn the camera away from the action, namely key—but somewhat expected— moments in a race, and toward a more human side of the sport. Do you see this a conscious deviation away from Cartier-Bresson’s “decisive moment”, or simply a different but equally “decisive” way of photographing.

I don’t want to argue with the establishment of the “decisive moment,” but I may argue that there are many, many decisive moments in every situation. With that said, we are not interested in capturing the same moment everyone else is after – ie, arms-raised-across-the-finish-line. The whole point to Manual For Speed and the majority of our work is to explore the unexplored. So if everyone is seeking certain photographs and decisive moments, then we’re concerned with capturing something else. Something more subtle, quieter, and more honest.”

See the full interview here!

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Outlier: New Website!

Outlier has a fresh new website, with product photography by my buddy, Emiliano Granado. The photos from Iceland are incredible. Even if you don’t want to buy the clothing, at least go take a look.

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