Back Endo Front Flip at the Red Hook Crit Navy Yard Jun 9, 2013


Photo by Bklynjosh

For as bad as it looks, everyone appears to be ok. Last night’s Red Hook Crit Navy Yard course proved to be too much for 98% of the field.


  • vince

    The quickly rising popularity of crits scares me…

    • It’s fucking awesome! Velodromes aren’t everywhere, it’s about time track bikes got more race opportunities.

      • Yeah and besides, there are wrecks every race at the track… Racing = crashing

  • btdubs

    The obvious fact of the matter is that fixed gear track bikes were not designed with criterium road racing in mind. But I do understand that’s part of the appeal of Red Hook. Crashes are part of racing… Glad everyone is okay.

    • Many of these bikes being ridden were in fact designed by custom frame builders to race crits.

    • that’s no “obvious fact of the matter”. This is a track bike criterium for people that have the experience level to handle a track bike in difficult technical riding conditions. The rider is much more of the equation than the design of the bicycle. That being said, i’m very happy my bike had a 50mm BB drop for this race…

  • Jake Ricker

    So fucking gnarly!
    I hope the dude in the green and black kit is ok.
    I bet his back is so sore today.
    Obviously nothing the Cinelli guy could do.
    But taking a wheel to the back like that has to hurt.

  • Cody Baker

    What do you think made this course to much for most of the riders? This looks like a classic case of tire slip on crosswalk paint.

    • I don’t know. The State Bicycle Co racer appears to get pedal strike about 6′ from the crosswalk paint. You can even hear the sound of metal on the pavement before he crashes.

      • that sound is someone crashing, not pedal strike

        • AdamEldridge

          He washed out to the outside, he was off the line, went into the apex too hot, before the pedal strike, before the paint. regardless, it could have been worse. Thankful there were no injuries. Congrats Cooper for staying up, avoiding and the podium.

          • Crihs

            no pedal stricke. washed right out. the other crash was the same too. you can see the front his wheel go into him. course of fun and dangerous to most. I had a great time!

          • Cody Baker

            I was right inside of one of the crashes in this years first RHC. We were in the hairpin and the guys on the outside were going too fast and pinched some people into that triple high guardrail on the outside. That was a nasty sound. Rubbin is racing. This one could could have ended sooo much worse

  • Wade Stevens

    Bezdek and Kyle Murphy rode a FANTASTIC race WAAAAY off the front. One more lap and they would have pulled the 3,4,5 riders. Dave Trimble kept telling the lead moto to slow down when it was down to 5. Awesomely crazy race.

  • Liam Griffin

    So gnar. You can see Josh about to hit the wall in the left of the frame… crazy to watch this unfold last night via Instagram and the app.

  • Eric Baumann

    If not for all the early crashes at the front of the race, a lot more than 5 would have finished…it was a very technical course that required serious bike handling skill to navigate at race pace. Also, it was a shorter course which makes it much easier for the front of the race to catch the back when there is 100 riders on course, even without crashes involved. It was a ton of fun, much different from the crit in march, just happy to come out unscathed.

  • quarters

    big ups to Dan Chabanov for skidding to relative safety in that crash. street riders ftw

    • Guest

      not that luck didn’t have a huge part to play with who got taken out

  • quarters

    big ups to Dan Chabanov for skidding to relative safety in that crash. street riders word


    That crash knocked my phone onto the course. Dudes are soldiers for walking away from that.

  • Doogie Roux

    YES! I saw it all! I was shooting on that corner, and my homey David got this video. Thanks for posting the photo credit. For a while, none of us knew who snapped the photo.


  • FWIW from being directly behind this crash and avoiding it – it was initiated by someone crossing wheels, not pedal strike. I saw Tony fly into those barriers upside down out of the corner of my eye, i thought Dan was the one flying. Intense shit.
    So glad everyone is alright.

  • Ryan


  • tatortats24

    recorded the crash from the other side:

  • Ian Stone

    Is that a DSC kit?

    • AdamEldridge

      Thats a SRS x DSC kit made by Bobby at Endo. If you’re asking about our magnet kit?

      • Ian Stone

        Yep! I didn’t notice the SRS highstreet till after I posted.

  • purplefixie

    mid crit breakdance sesh?

  • jamison Guest

    It was an incredible race. We watched from that corner and there were at least 3 crashes at that location within the first 5 laps. Does anyone know if there were crashes in other parts of the course? Anyone have info on the qualifying rider who had the serious injury to his face? Navy Yard was a very different experience than the March race. After so many early crashes it was so intense, nerve-racking, and scary every time around that corner. I’m surprised that everyone was OK, spectators included. There was an amazing moment where a lone rider took that corner, lost grip on the lines, lost control and then regained it, righting his bike and continuing the race. The crowd when nuts for it. Anybody know who that was? What a night. Congrats to racers and organizers, that was the coolest event and location I can imagine.

    • pacoflaco

      I had a blowout on the speedbump on the cobblestones on lap 4. It was a instant blowout and had no air immediately stayed up for a second then slid on the ground along the fence area. The guy behind me went over me and my teammate behind him went on me. We were all ok. The qualifying rider was a very young person from the Major Taylor Development riders. His face is in bad shape and he has a collapsed lung =( my heat goes out to him and his family.

      It was a crazy race.

      • jamison Guest

        Wow. I had heard the guy’s injuries were very bad, that is so awful. It stuck in our minds for the rest of the day and still. We heard the crash happen about 50 feet from us, but I couldn’t look. I saw a rider come around the corner after seeing the accident and he was gagging. Hopefully the injured rider can fully recover.

  • No. 22_Bryce

    Does anyone have and update on the status of the rider that hit the rails in the 1st round of qualifications? That was a horrid scene – thoughts go out to him.

    • pacoflaco

      Here is an update from his teammate:
      “He’s still in the hospital. Out of surgery and being monitored. Damage to his face and he had a collapsed lung!”

      • oh man… that’s horrible news. My thoughts are with him!

      • Crihs

        fuck man. his face was messed up. I have never seen a more horrible injury before. such an unlucky crash. 2 inches would of made a huge difference.

    • Tes11
  • Brian Norrby
  • dontrelle

    Another view right on line with the crash:

  • Crihs

    I dont know why people are blaming the bikes. Its not the bikes, its obviously the riders. most of these guys that race RHC or better yet qualify have no idea how to properly ride a track bike. I had one of the lowest BB on the course probably. I had no problems. Most of the Cinelli stock bikes how a regular BB as well. Big ups to Neil and my old roomie #marcmarinoismad!

  • raygunlogics

    Fixed gear. No brakes. Can’t stop. Don’t want to, either.