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Cycles d’Autremont 27.5 Singlespeed Hardtail

Earlier last week, I showcased that red Cycles d’Autremont road bike and now, his 27.5 hardtail takes the stage. Much like the last bike, Hubert wanted to experiment with a simple, clean fillet-brazed frame.

Since it’s his own personal bike, he felt that it’d be the perfect platform to test out his geometry and construction. While he was in Arizona visiting family, he got to ride this thing on all his favorite trails. From what I gather, he’s pretty stoked on it.

After we shredded Pace Bend park while he was in town, I took some photos of this beaut on a crisp and clear Texas winter day. See more in the Gallery!

Feb 13, 2014 25 comments
Cycles d’Autremont Porteur

The tale of Hubert d’Autremont is an interesting one, but that story will be told another day. Instead, I’ll start the coverage of this unique craftsman off with the bike that he rides the most, this Cycles d’Autremont porteur.

I don’t know why, but I really love the aesthetic of porteurs, especially when they’re owned by a builder. A road bike, mountain bike or randonneur all have very specific uses, but a porteur implies a certain utilitarian aesthetic. Grocery getter, errand runner, bar bike and even quick morning mountain jaunts. A well-rounded bike like this is bound to log more miles than the other arrows in the quiver.

Burlington, Vermont isn’t exactly SoCal, and inclement weather is no stranger in the Green Mountain state, so a fully-fendered bike with integrated lighting quickly becomes an essential tool in these parts. Elegant but rugged, Hubert’s own porteur is exactly that. Like any detail-oriented (i.e. obsessive) artist tends to create, this piece of work just appears effortless… See for yourself in the Gallery!

Aug 8, 2013 9 comments
Until Next Time Vermont

I’ve had a blast visiting Vermont. My mornings were spent on the gravel country roads before spending almost all of my free time with family. I did however manage to sneak away for an hour or so to visit Huburt at Cycles d’Autremont for a Shop Visit and to shoot one of his bikes.

You never know what to expect when meeting a builder for the first time, on their turf but Huburt is so easy going that we got to shooting the shit (and photos) easily. I really admire his frames and his attention to detail, which he takes very seriously. I.e. he hand fabricates, carves, thins and finishes all his lugs.

More on Cycles d’Autremont later, once my film is developed!

Lauren and I are heading to NYC today. It’s been too long…

Jul 28, 2013 1 comment
I Can’t Wait to Check out Cycles d’Autremont
Cycles d’Autremont-02

There are few builders out there who have mastered the art of documenting their process. Need examples? Click on the Frame Builders tag… Cycles d’Autremont is one of those builders and while there isn’t a whole lot from this Burlington, Vermont craftsman on the site, I hope to swing by their shop when I’m in Burlington for the JDRF ride in July.

It doesn’t take much to sell a client on your product. A few photos of your work environment, some macro shots of your in-process lugs, or even a full-blown phototorial on why you prefer to make and modify your own lugs can do wonders for your client base.

If you flip through Cycles d’Autremont’s Flickr, you’ll find everything from a clean cross bike, to a rigid MTB fresh from paint, to a porteur to a dirty cross bike. With all this eye candy, it’s still hard for me to not fixate on their killer headbadge.

Hell, I don’t even think my shop visit photos would come close to Hubert’s own! We’ll see I suppose…

Jun 7, 2013 2 comments