Cycles d’Autremont Road

Hubert from Cycles d’Autremont has been in town for a few days now, en route back to Burlington, Vermont. He brought two bikes with him on his trip, one of which being this deep red road bike. The color is what really caught my eye, which coincidentally came from a reference in Rem Koolhaas’ book Colors – Hubert’s an ex-architect as well…

Some details, which will probably catch the eye of builders off the bat: To keep the proportions balanced on this 52cm road bike, Hubert machined in-house a 1.25″ taper head tube and ran a Chris King Devolution headset for proper stack.

He then used a tapered top tube from Deda so he could run a 27.2 post, 25mm Deda Chainstays and thinner seat stays.

Dura Ace, ENVE and Chris King, Challenge Strada tires… Yep. This thing is stylish! As described by Hubert “this thing for me was an exercise in doing a new-school bike”. Believe it or not, bikes like this are much cheaper for a builder like Hubert to make. The whole thing goes together much faster than a randonneur frame or a traditional lugged road.

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  • Aaron

    Dumb question. When you say “bikes like this” are cheaper and faster to make, are you talking about tig welded frames? Or sloped top tube road frames?

    • This is a fillet brazed frame. It’s cheaper and faster to make, compared to a fully lugged frame, where you spend hour upon hours shaping lugs and filing.

      Tig welding is something different entirely and that process is even cheaper and faster because there’s even less finishing work required.

    • EffOhEff

      I think it has more to do with the lack of eyelets, lugs, and accounting for particular clearances, This bike appears to be both brazed and tigged, but there is definitely more time investment for brazed frames.

  • Phomma

    Beautiful Cacti

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    Beautiful. I love the design approach, ie tube size selection- makes a lot of sense.

  • Talk about clean!

    I really am not a fan of the new DA cranks though. The spider just looks weird to me.

    • David

      See, and I am just the opposite. I love the way they look. In fact my new Stinner will be Ultegra Di2 (w/ 785 hydro. cripes) and I had thought about going with a DA crank just for the looks. To each their own!

  • David

    I’ve had this open on my work desktop all morning. can’t stop looking at it. Beautiful, beautiful ride.

  • Love it. Something about the aesthetic is reminiscent of the Freeman Transport frames.

    • Spencer Olinek


  • James Gonczi

    Love this bike. The accents on the Speed Zero pedals look spot on with the frame colour. Great attention to detail.

  • Jamie McKeon

    pedals are a niiice touch

  • Scott Karoly

    The signature on the downtube is a nice nod to Eisentraut, so it seems. What a pretty bike.

    • Scott Karoly

      Or maybe they just have very similar signatures.

  • btdubs


  • Josh Anderson

    Is this a 1.25″ fork with a 1.125″ frame?

    • “Hubert machined in-house a 1.25″ taper head tube and ran a Chris King Devolution headset for proper stack.”

      • Josh Anderson

        Your quote says nothing about the fork steertube, and the headtube looks straight (not tapered).

        • So, he machined a 1.25 HT and used a 1 1/8″ fork. The Devolution allows you to run a 1 1/8 fork with a 1.25″ head tube. Apologies, I thought that was clear and just copied it because it was easier to do on my phone.

          • Josh Anderson

            Cool thanks for clarifying that!

          • Hubert d’Autremont

            Josh, with a tapered steerers there are many options. Most people are doing 44mm head tubes. This allows an external cup lower and an inset upper regardless of the steerer being 1.5 or 1.25 taper because the inset upper is driving the head tube spec. What I did was to machine a head tube from 1.625″ straight gauge reducing the OD so it was thin were I wanted it. The headtube is smaller hence the external headset cups upper and lower. I like this better because the stack height is more reasonable without extending the head tube and the headset isn’t a new standard.

  • Tim Bateman

    my man has good taste in color!