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Photoset Re-Up: Goodbye New York
Photoset Re-Up: Goodbye New York

Last week, I cleaned out one of my old computers and came across a bunch of my old 35mm photos from when I lived in Brooklyn. 99.999999% of it sucks. Hey, I’ll admit that but this one roll of film in particular made me very nostalgic. Call it #ThrowbackThursday or whatever, these were some of my last photos from when I lived in NYC and it make me miss that damn city. Except for the winters…

Feb 14, 2013 6 comments
Beautiful Bicycle: The Cicli Devotion Team Cross Bike by Seth Rosko

Photos by Alan Tansey

When two local brands come together for the good of grassroots racin’, It’s a wonderful thing. Take this project for example. Cicli Devotion and Seth Rosko. Two familiar names here on the site and two of my good friends in Brooklyn. While the official framebuilder sponsor is Rick Jones, Matthew had already commissioned Seth to build his and the outcome is damn classy. Nice looking Horse Cycles paint too! Many thanks to Alan for the photos and Matthew for sending these over. Check out more below!


Sep 14, 2012 23 comments