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WTF Kits: Braaap Sabbath Bottles

Ok, I know this isn’t a photo of the actual bottle, but WTF Kits is bound to sell out of these before I get mine in the mail to shoot a photo, so just trust me here.

Any given Sunday is race day during CX season. Dirt church if you will. Show up and play some Braaap Sabbath! Each bottle comes with a koozie. In stock now at WTF Kits.

Nov 9, 2014 2 comments
King Kog Gator Bottles

King Kog takes their popular, Gator-inspired logo and puts it on a blue Purist bottle. Simple some would say, genius as far as I’m concerned. See more at King Kog.

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SOLD OUT: The Radavist Sigil 26oz Purist Bottles

I’m a pretty simple guy when it comes to products. I like black jerseys, black t-shirts, black decals and yes, black bottles. You can’t sell black on black though, so for the Radavist’s first bottles, I went with the Specialized’s Purist in a 26oz (it’s summer, drink up!), Watergate top, trans grey with black printing. Printed with “The Radavist” “Rubber Side Up” on the top and the Jackal with the Rune Sigil on the bottom.

These will look good on any bike and even better a bit scuffed up.

Swoop up a set (2 bottles) below for $25 shipped in the US, $35 shipped worldwide. SORRY SOLD OUT Each set will come with stickers.


Jul 31, 2014 30 comments
FYXO: Granciclismo Bottle

FYXO continues with his themed bottles, this time tapping into a beverage of choice for many cyclists, sparkling water. Pick up a Granciclismo bottle at FYXO.

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