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Keep Your On the Bike Bevs Cold with the Miir 32oz Howler

Since the authors of the Radavist always have a camera on them, we’re going to try to provide more brief, succinct reviews of everyday products. This one’s been a staple in my car camping equipment for a while, though I never thought to use it on the bike. That is until I recently discovered that it fits in a Looney Bin.

The 32oz Insulated Howler by Miir keeps your beverages cold for a day (I’ve tested it) and hot for 12 hours, depending on how often you open it up. This thing is solid, made from stainless steel and consequently it’s a bit heavy but on a touring bike or townie bike, that’s kinda irrelevant, especially when having an icy cold drink at the top of a climb is of the utmost importance.

To give you an idea about it’s size, it’s 11″ tall, 3.5″ in diameter with a 2.5″ opening, complete with a flip top. You can fit it in a Loony Bin, a Widefoot Liter Cage, or any other “cargo cage.” It’s available in black or silver and in stock now at Miir.

May 12, 2016 13 comments
Chris McNally for Spurcycle… BOTTLES!

San Francisco has something for every cyclist. If you’re into road riding, there’s plenty to fill the afternoon with hairpin turns that bank into the fog. Or if gettin’ dirty is more your liking, the ribbons of brown pow await.

Chris McNally has illustrated the “skinny” and the “dirty” in two bottles for Spurcycle. In stock now and ready to ship!

Dec 21, 2015 2 comments
Abloc Bottles Offer an Easier Access

Just because something isn’t technically broken, doesn’t mean you can’t attempt to make it better. That’s what Abloc is doing with their new bottles. Their uniquely shaped design offer easier access to cages through using unique tapers. This is particularly handy with mountain bikes where cage access is limited by shocks or cables and with smaller frames where riders find it difficult to even fit a bottle in the first place. If you like to put bottles in your jersey pocket, the taper makes that easier too.

I gotta admit, this looks interesting and even though I’ve never had a problem with my bottles in King Cage Iris cages, I can see how this design would assist in many of the aforementioned scenarios.

Retail is $12 a pop and in stock now. See more at Abloc.

Oct 29, 2015 10 comments
Manual for Speed: New Artist Residency Bottles

If those wild, colorful Manual for Speed Artist Residency kits were too much for you, then how about some wild, colorful bottles? Each artist in the project got to design a pattern which was translated to a bottle, made in the USA by Specialized. In stock now at the MFS Shop.

Aug 10, 2015 Comments are OFF
New WTF Kits Bottles

WTF Kits brought back their classic Whiskey bottles but in a 26oz size for summer. There’s also a restock on the popular Braaap Sabbath bottle. Head on over to the WTF Kits shop to check’em out.

Jul 22, 2015 Comments are OFF
Fabric’s Cageless Water Bottles

Fabric has just announced their cageless water bottles, coming in September of this year:

“Our revolutionary cageless water bottle completely does away with the need for a cage by mounting directly to your frame. The ultralight-weight 1.5g studs are secure, remove unnecessary parts and improve the clean lines of your bike.”

See more at Fabric.

Jun 23, 2015 20 comments
SOLD OUT: the Radavist Berserkir Bottles

Inspired 10% by Clerks and 90% by Odin’s animalistic warriors….

One of my favorite stories from Norse Mythology relates to nature’s impact on man. Scandanavian warriors would often wear the skin of a bear or a wolf before entering battle, resulting in the spirit of the animal possessing them in battle. As Odin’s personal army the Berserkir were known for ferocity as well as loyalty as they fought for the pack leader. In fact the Old Norse word berserkir, literally translates to “bear-shirt” and was soon called “going berserk.”

Venturing into the woods, be it during an expedition, or just an everyday ride, we too can find ourselves transformed. Every time we push ourselves on the bike, or subsequently find ourselves pushed off the bike, we grow – #RubberSideUp. This introspective experience not only shapes us as riders, but it continues to strengthen our relationship with nature. If anything deserves respect, it’s the woods.

This image of the Berserkir, or Úlfhéðnar, is further empowered by the Norse protection symbol, the Vegvísir, which is a direction sign that enables you to stay the course without being lost. Something extremely beneficial to cyclists.

Drawn by Kyler Martz and made in the US of A by Specialized. Two bottles sell for $27 shipped or $37 shipped Internationally. This is a PAIR of bottles.

Sorry! SOLD OUT!


May 26, 2015 7 comments
Supreme Purist Waterbottles

As arguably one of the first legitimate streetwear operations, NYC’s Supreme has literally been there, done that in today’s collaboration environment. Recently however, they’ve been branching out of their normal product line with some left field products. Case in point: these Specialized purist water bottles. Luckily, you won’t have to camp outside one of their stores to “cop” a pair. These are going up on the shelf in the office for sure.

Mar 4, 2015 16 comments