Brooks Introduces the All-Weather Cambium C15 Sep 7, 2017

For anyone who’s ridden in the rain on a cambium, you can attest to how fast the materials can wear. Brooks has addressed that problem, with the all-weather, and most importantly, all-black C15 All-Weather Cambium. These saddles will perform in freezing rain to blazing sunshine. The saddle top is made from a waterproof, weatherproof nylon cover and designed to perform flawlessly in all conditions. Additionally, the updated fiberglass reinforced back plate has loops for a saddle bag or other accessory. Looks like a win/win if you ask me!

In stock now, so head to your local shop to order.

  • Chris Mack

    nice, but wasn’t the original cambium supposed to be the all weather version of a leather brooks? :

    • Technically, it is but they’ve improved upon the fabric in these saddles. I’ve ridden my Cambiums in the rain and they tend to get a bit slick, these have better grip.

      • Jordan Muller

        Does better grip mean more abrasive? My experience on a Cambium thus far has been dominated by how rough the texture is (when riding in just shorts and no chamois).

        • Ryanisinallofus

          Even with one they chapped my ass. I have one bike with the B17 and one with a random carbon railed minimalist saddle and both are preferable IMHO.

          • Matthew J

            I must be a true hard ass. Never ridden with a chamois or any other sort of diaper padding. Have Cambiums on both my bikes since they first came out. Never experienced any discomfort.

        • I don’t know. I haven’t ridden one yet.

    • My thoughts exactly.

      Ah, whatever, I like my gear worn down anyways. *sigh*

    • boomforeal

      “waterproof and maintenance free” is how they bill(ed) them. they’re neither

      • Yeah, I’ve broken a few but they honor their warranty, no questions asked.

        • boomforeal

          wow. light, water proof, durable, strong, cheap; pick none.

          • GNARdina

            That’s the thing about brooks though. Their main selling points are exactly what you like about them. Most people buy them for comfort and style. The leather saddles have been time tested and will last if you maintain them. The cambiums are, unfortunately, just meeting up with the test of time and it appears the originals aren’t all passing.

          • boomforeal

            traditional brooks, yeah. while they’re billed as “the last saddle you’ll ever buy” they’re a PITA to own if you ride your bike much. bent rails, blown rivets, maxed out tensioners, thrashed leather, etc.

            the cambium was billed as a departure – “waterproof and maintenance free” -that addressed some of the primary weaknesses brooks saddles have as functional pieces. as you say, the test of time exposed them as different, but same same where it counts

            how many riders will pony up for round three hoping that, this time brooks, got it right? a lot, probably

          • I’m not gonna argue your opinion, because I know every experience is different. Same goes for the cambium, so I’ll just add my experience. I’ve been riding one brooks b17 for 10 years and never had a single problem. I literally ride it every day, as I commute. I even brought it with me and rode on it (on a different bike) when I lived in the UK for three years. I have a brooks on all three of my frames. Never a single issue, and just for clarity, I’m just under 220 lbs, 6’1 and ride on three 531 steel frames.

            No brooks likely has ever lived up to the reputation it’s been given over the decades, but if I had to give an opinion, I’d say the steel framed leather saddles are more sturdy and reliable than the cambiums have so far seen to be.

    • Liam Griffin

      Seriously. I bought into the hype too.

      They also eat the seat out of whatever you’re wearing…

  • Elek Norbert

    The perfect all weather, all season saddles to the riders who’s braver than the elements! Im I win this saddles to my ACC MachoMan Disc bikes ? ;-)

  • ChicanoHoodPass

    I was thinking of shellacking my cambium c17… anyone done this??

    • Klaus Momberger

      Yes, I have been doing this with 2 Cambiums so far with no regret. I gives the saddle some patina and makes the surface shiny and smoother.

  • Röbby Sanfranciskö

    Yeah damn I have a c19 on my dragonslayer…I thought they were supposed to be weather resistant at ther least…

  • FAT999

    Amazes me that anyone even has to question the ‘waterproof-ness’ of a bicycle component but such is life, apparently. I was looking at one of these for a new build but the comments here have made me think twice.

  • I’ve been riding brooks leather saddles for years. I personally don’t understand why people don’t think they are ok in the rain. Use some basic leather waterproofer on the underside (especially if you don’t have fenders) Keep it clean and properly conditioned and it will be fine. If you’re riding in the rain your butts protecting the top. Don’t leave it out uncovered in the rain. If it does get soaked through, let it air dry, recondition. May seem complicated in writing but it’s basic leather care. Same for a pair of shoes, belt, bag, etc. Follow this and a leather brooks is fine. I strongly agree with others that brooks marketed the cambium as an all weather brooks, and it never was. I’ve never owned one personally, so my opinion isn’t a personal experience one, but I’ve read enough reviews and opinions (like the ones in this comments section) to know that the cambium has never really lived up to the reputation brooks tried to give it. I welcome this new version, but it DOES say a lot that brooks is marketing as what the original was supposed to be. 🤔

    • trololo

      I get what you’re saying but the cambium was also marketed as a lighter weight product that’s vegan friendly

      • And on that front, they did deliver. No argument. But as a total package, has it lived up to the standard brooks set? Brooks customers expect? I’m not so sure.

        • Matthew J

          I have one of the original numbered Cambiums on my road bike. I ride all year in Chicago. What’s that – 4-5 years now?

          The saddle has proven comfortable and durable. It’s color has faded a bit since I got it. Otherwise it’s fine.

          Maybe the mild Chicago weather hasn’t put it to the test others have? (Yes /s)

    • Rowdy Rollins

      “If you’re riding in the rain your butts protecting the top.”

      This depends strongly on what kind of riding you’re doing. Commuters and other urban riders spend a lot of time off the saddle waiting for lights, etc. Once your pants soak through it’s over for the saddle too. Obviously the answer is stop riding and let it thoroughly dry out, but if a bike is your transportation and you’re away from home, you gotta ride that soggy hide and it’s gonna get saggy. Also depends a lot on what kind of rain you get. Constant drizzle? Ride all day in it, sure. 10 minute downpours? Yer screwed.

      This was the usecase for me and most of my friends who bought the Cambium.

      • As a commuter myself, I don’t get off the saddle when I’m stopped. Most commuters I see, don’t either. Unless you’re commuting on a track bike, why would you get off the saddle at a stop? To each their own on this regard, and I take your point on this, but I have years of commuting experience on a brooks and over ten years experience riding brooks in general and I feel you’re exaggerating to a degree. Simply having a wet ass won’t soak through a brooks. Ask me how I know. I’ve even had saddles caught in the rain for 30+ minutes on a bus bike rack without soaking through. This strongly comes down to proper care of the saddle. Keeping it conditioned and using weatherproofer goes a very long way, and is a normal part of necessary maintenance, especially if you’re a commuter. Riding a 300 mile tour and it’s raining the entire time? It could end up ruined. I have a friend who knows first hand. I won’t argue, it can be tedious if you’re in a place where heavy rain is very regular, but leather care is leather care. I’m not arguing the case that a leather brooks is better than a cambium in ugly weather, I’m only making the point that a leather brooks can handle the same weather just fine.

        • Koyote1

          Actually, a track bike might allow the rider to track stand, and not dismount even while standing still at a red light.

          I recently parked my commuter bike outside of a restaurant where I was having a lunch meeting…Came out afterwards to find it had been raining almost the whole time. Since I had used Proofide on my Brooks Swift saddle, the water had just beaded up and run off. No harm.