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WTB: Limited Edition Buddy Newman Galaxy Saddle

In honor of the late Buddy Newman, WTB is using this limited edition galaxy print Volt saddle to raise money for the Nevada Union Miners mountain bike team’s race fees. The WTB Volt saddle, features titanium rails and DNA Padding, and is available in limited quantities of the 135mm widths. Head to WTB to scoop and support high school mountain biking!

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Brooks Celebrates 150 Years

… with a limited edition run of polished copper rail and rivet saddles. Oh and one of those Pickwick Rucksacks too. See all the details at Brooks and order any of these products at your local Brooks dealer!

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Brooks England’s C13 Saddles are in Stock and I’ve Been Riding One

I’ve been a fan of the Cambium line from Brooks since its inception, yet was always hesitant to put one on my carbon Argonaut road bike. Why? I dunno, they never really matched the sleek and minimal aesthetic of my bike. Read that as: they never came in black! Now I don’t really care about weight. I’m not a gram counter, especially when it comes to saddles- even though the C13 weighs 259g – less than any of my other saddles. What I like in a ride is comfort without sacrificing aesthetic or most importantly, functionality. A lot of the über weight weenie saddles look scary or don’t fit my sit bones right. Or they’re just too damn stiff.

On the other side of the coin, Brooks saddles have always felt great. Luckily, the Cambium C13 continues this tradition just with an undated material palette. It’s so sleek that it looks great on a road bike (full driveside photo coming soon with another product review,) which I have to say has been feeling a bit neglected as of late. Yet over the past few weeks, since receiving the C13, I’ve been riding my road bike more and more, just to test the saddle’s durability and feel before I even began to think about writing this review. I was worried the C13 would lose the springiness of the other Cambium saddles when adopting the carbon weave, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it give just the right amount. The only bummer was having to track down oversize rail hardware for my ENVE seatpost.

After what I would consider a lot of road riding for this dirt-minded individual, I’m completely satisfied with the C13. It’s elegant enough for a carbon road bike, fits great, and is made in Italy. The C13 saddle is available for $220 at Brooks Dealers of Excellence worldwide or online at Brooks England.

Any questions? Leave them in the comments and check out more photos below. (more…)

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Busyman Bicycles: Fluro Skull Arione

Busyman Bicycles is capable of some really amazing leatherwork. Take this custom saddle for example. The fluro halftone skull pops thanks to all the precisely-cut holes, which are all cut by hand… You’ve gotta see more at Busyman Bicycles.

Dec 29, 2015 1 comment
The Brooks C13 is In Stock Now

The first batch of 259 Brooks C13 carbon fiber saddles have landed in the Brooks web shop. These lightweight (259g) Cambiums feature aluminum rivets in all black and is the first in a series of models to follow from Brooks. Each of the 259 saddles comes in a limited edition packaging and a special ‘First Batch 259’ marking on the underside.

Pick one up in the Brooks web shop today!

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GSC’s First Sunday Social Event: Saddle Workshop for Women – Jen Abercrombie

GSC’s first Sunday Social Event: Saddle Workshop for Women
Words by Jen Abercrombie and photos by Crystal Haggard

I was having a cup of coffee with Kyle Kelley when he suggested I host a series of women’s events at Golden Saddle Cyclery. He wanted women to take over the shop for a night, no men allowed. I could do whatever I wanted, but it should be as much of a party as it was about products. With that in mind, I christened it “Sunday Social”, to be held on Sunday nights after the shop is closed. GSC is more than just my local bike shop. It feels like a clubhouse for me. Since it first opened I’ve spent a lot of hours there tipping back beers, talking bikes, and dishing dirt. I wanted other women to feel as welcome there as I did. (more…)

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