2017 NAHBS: Moonmen 8 Lumens Tukt Fatty

Oh, you think being tukt doesn’t matter? Maybe you’re just scared, fearful of a tight, short rear end on your bike. This Moonmen fatty is hella tukt. Using NASA technology, 8 Lumens figured out how to make the chainstay 16.75″ long, slamming that wheel as close to the bottom bracket shell as possible, making manuals and wheelies easy, completely smashing the fat “bikes are slow” stigma.

Other notes include that killer cockpit, with a BMX-inspired stem and bars and that insanely-rad chain tensioner machined into the chainstay.

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  • Nealipo

    This is a killer ride. Did you happen to see a bike at the Shamrock area with the snow camo paint? I hope you document that one. Its crazy cool. Thanks for sharing all of these great bikes with those of us who couldn’t make it this year.

    • I saw it and every time I had the energy to photograph it, someone else was wheeling it away. That was an intense bike!

      • Nealipo

        I got to see it at a NAHBS Preview Party in Indianapolis. Tim does such good work. Thanks again!

  • dancakes

    so. sick.

  • marty larson

    8lumens is tukt alright. :)

  • Konrad Ippohorski-Lenkiewicz

    how exactly this tucking system works with oval ring? there’s a spring inside?

    • Scott Felter


    • AngryBikeWrench

      If the ring is an ellipse, chain tension won’t change. There’s mathematical proof of this that I don’t understand, but I had an old boss who put Biopace on his fixie for poops and smiles and I know it to be true. I don’t know if this ring is a true ellipse, but I’m betting if it’s not, it’s close enough that chain tension is not changing enough to matter.

  • Sretsok

    tuckin’ fukt as fuck.

  • Sarkis

    That cockpit! Love it! Brings back memories.

  • Harry


  • Nice choice of ring there ; p

  • ap

    neat. What is the reasoning behind the upturned stem faceplate?

    • Drew

      In BMX “top-loading” stems have become the norm, its easier to crank the thing down evenly and supposedly stronger when you’re putting all that force into big riser bars instead of flat mtb style bars. Anything to keep them from slipping when you land hard.

      • ap

        did not know dat! cheers.

  • White Mike
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  • chris.blum

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