Pat’s Little Prince Firefly Disc Road

“One sees clearly only with the heart, anything essential is invisible to the eye.” This quote is from the novella the Little Prince and really resonated with Pat, the owner of this new Firefly disc road. What a fitting mantra for a bike that is designed to climb and descend mountain passes in Los Angeles by utilizing Shimano’s flat-mount disc brakes, White Industry 30mm spindle cranks, a beautiful segmented wishbone seatstay, a Parlee fork and supple Compass tires. Raw titanium bikes don’t usually do it for me, but this one sits like a dream.

Congrats to Pat and the team at Firefly for building up yet another Beautiful Bicycle for the mountains of Los Angeles!

  • Martin Pont

    Love that wishbone!

  • Ryan

    Super duper pretty bike!

    Nerdy question: That looks to me like a dura-ace 11speed derailleur and a pretty big cassette (i’m guessing 32 or even bigger). Did you use one of those wolf components pieces that “connects” the derailleur with the hanger, or is it one of those things where the derailleur actually is able to handle really big cassettes but Shimano just indicating some kind of limit (i’m guessing for liability reasons…). The latter was actually the case with the 10 speed dura-ace gruppos where Shimano said you should not use anything larger than 28 but you were able to squeeze in up to a 32 with a longer limiter screw.

    I’d be happy for some responses on this! Thanks boys and girls!

    • JP Coates

      The new DA 9100 goes to 30T on the rear.

      • racing < thrashin'

        Yeah, stoked to see DA go that high now.

        • Patrick Walker

          Always 100% true for me

      • Patrick Walker

        So what I did there is use the Ultegra cassette so I can reach all the way to 32, crossed my fingers, talked to Simon over at Cycle De Pro where I had it built, and we decided to give it a shot. Turns out it works great!

    • NickS

      Looks like a RD-R9100, technical max capacity of 30t, comes with Shadow and direct mount capability. On that note, I wonder why there is still a B-link on there?

      Great build, super clean build! Enjoy!

    • Patrick Walker

      I really wanted the 32 but really didn’t want to spend Dura-ace $$ and end up messing anything up. Figured the derailleur could go to 32, crossed my fingers, talked to Simon over at Cycle De Pro where I had it built, and we decided to give it a shot. Turns out it works great!

      • Andy Moore

        I’ve had great success even with a 10 speed Ultegra 6700 short cage rear mech handling 32 teeth with no mods needed. 11-32 FTW!

      • Ryan

        Thanks for the response! Really cool that Shimano now also allows for bigger cassettes to be used!

  • FireFly

    Great to see it all built up and dirty Pat!

    • Patrick Walker

      Many thanks! It’s crazy amazing. SO many more photos to come. I can promise you that.

    • Bas Rotgans

      That’s what I like most about these pics: the bike looking a little gritty and well-used.

  • I certainly spy some DA 9100. What tyres is he running here?

  • Ken Clark

    Sweet ride, and about as close as you can get to a one bike solution.

  • Brad

    Really digging this whole build. It’s nice to see bike so simple and clean looking. It’s all the small details and a great selection of parts that tie this whole build together, so understated.

    Nice to see a Flite saddle being repped too.

    • one of the NOS jammers too!

      • Brad

        Lucky Git, they are becoming a bit sought after in that condition now.

  • So so good. The new DA disk brake, especially the brifters, may very well be the first road disk brake that pleases my eye.

  • PGH_small_adventures

    Every bike I see with a white industries crankset makes the price seem more worth it. Best looking cranks on the market.

    • Andrew Suzuki

      Best teeth in the game

    • Griffin Jones

      They are nice for sure, but the Easton EC90SL looks and feels better IMO. Plus the ability to run Cinch chainrings in a variety of sizes and tooth profiles.

      • Pretty different aesthetics though.

        • PGH_small_adventures

          Agreed, white industries has more of a classic look, especially in the crank arms (similar to what sugino, IRD, and velo orange are going for). Easton is more sporty and technical looking. To each their own. I couldn’t speak on the performance. I’ve never tried the easton.

      • Scott Sattler

        With the White Industries crank’s ‘variable bolt circle’ as pictured, you can run just about any chain ring combo you desire – I’ve got 42/26 on my setup. Its a sweet crank for sure. Made in the USA.

    • Leo Löwe

      Beautiful modern looking titanium bike with a retro look crankset.

  • Andrew Karre

    Great build. What bar tape is that?

  • hans

    looks good Pat!!

  • nothingfuture

    I’m not sure there’s ever been a better looking seat than a Sella Italia Flite. Honestly.
    This bike is fresh to death. Would ride, 10/10.

  • Robert

    This is the kind of road bike that makes me stoked on road bikes again. Beautiful frame and super classy, thoughtfully selected components.

  • barry mcwilliams

    I like that bike Pat.

    And this weekend, I’m going “all-roading”. Up Big T to CC, down to Grizzly Flats. Up & down Grizzly to the Ranger station. Home via the 2. You want in? Ping me.

    • We’re doing that on Wednesday, but up Low, down the 2 to Grizzly and down Lukens. I’m trying to go up and over the Verdugos too. hehe

  • Dexter


  • moe

    One of the nicest mono stay I’ve ever seen…someday!

  • breed007

    I get jaded by all the builds on here, but this thing is dialed.

  • Alex Ball

    It’s the little details like reinforcement around the bottle cage mounts that really make this frame.