Dain’s Black Cat Carbon and Steel Road Jul 23, 2014

20140710-DZ2_3784 copy

Dain from Giro was the key player in the Easton Dream Bike give-aways and now, he’s put together one of his own. Being good friends with Todd from Black Cat and a resident of sunny Santa Cruz, he knew where to go with his idea: a carbon and steel constructed road bike.

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This frame has a Enve top tube and seat tube with Black Cat lugs and seat mast topper.


The stem/fork/handlebars/wheels are Easton with a Shimano Dura Ace group. The build is topped with a Chris King headset, Praxis BB and King cages.

20140710-DZ2_3764 copy

Because people who ride bikes like old sports cars, the paint was in spired by a 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB that Dain saw down the street from the Giro offices at the Canepa Design car museum.


Dain had the following to say about his unique frame:

“I gave Todd my basic measurements and told him that I wanted a bike that was a downhill demon and wicked stable. I said that I wanted to be able to eat a pastrami sandwich (with two hands) on a fast descent… I haven’t found that big, messy sandwich yet, but regular ham and cheese sandwiches haven’t been a problem!”



I hope you find that sandwich one day Dain, until then, enjoy the ride.


Oh and nice sticker!

  • Mod/Classic personified. She’s a beaut!

  • Ely Rodriguez

    i have fond memories of eating a fat pecan topped sticky bun from the pt reyes bakery and having it fall apart on the downhill, and onto my friends legs riding behind me and hearing her shout “hey, your freakin nuts are on my leg.”