Hans’ Rock Lobster Cross

Golden Saddle Cyclery has a lot of really incredible customers, who happen to own really incredible bicycles. I usually sit there all day and just pick off the gems that walk through the door. Case in point: Hans’ Rock Lobster Cross.

Like most people forking out money for a custom bike, Hans was very mindful of what he wanted. The truth is, most people don’t need a cross bike for racing. But for travel, dirt roads, weekend getaways, light touring, singletrack, fireroads and yes, maybe the occasional race, they’re one of the most perfect machines.

Hans and I talked a lot about this bike via email (it happens a lot). He was initially drawn to a lightweight race machine but he kept describing the kind of riding I do on my cross bike. So I asked, “what will you really be using this bike for?”. He ended up going with a more versatile tubing selection, much like I had on my cross machine.

The end result, as seen here, came out superb. See for yourself in the Gallery!

  • Bruno Moreno

    How does that long headtube affect ride quality?

    • http://theradavist.com/ John Watson

      He’s like 6’6″ – this bike fits him. That’s like asking why his custom suit has such long sleeves… ;-)

      The only downsize to a large front triangle are speed wobbles, but any capable builder can accommodate for that. My Bishop is a large bike (custom geometry) and it’s fine at upwards of 50+MPH.

      • Bruno Moreno

        Thanks !

    • hans

      i’m a tad over 6’4″, all legs. this thing fits me like a glove and is very stable; slow speeds with no hands on the bar, high speed descents you name it…it’s a solid bike

    • btdubs

      Long headtubes are more vertically compliant, but not laterally stiffer. ;)

  • http://www.neilbridge.co.uk/ Mr_Bridge

    Watched Hans racing this awesome thing around LA Historic Park on Sunday. Cool bike, cool dude.

    • hans

      thanks man! it was a fun day.

  • Mark Stevens

    Looks tasty and TOUGH. Im looking for tasty tough bikes and their riders to tackle an event up here in Scotland next year. Called Eroica Scozia it is a 60 mile offroad -mostly – ride acros the Scottish Highlands. Starts in Strathpeffer on the East coast and ends in Ullapool on the West. Its early days yet and is subject to Landowners approval. I think the first year will be small Taster but if you or your buddies fancy it get in touch. Instead of Chianti and bread, it’ll be Whisky and oatcakes.. https://www.facebook.com/heroicascozia?ref=hl

  • James

    Is the steerer tube 1″??

    • hans

      steerer is 1 1/8″. head tube is 1 1/2″

  • Hiram

    Rad bike, radder dude, raddest friends!

  • http://www.simplicityofjoy.com/ Simplicityofjoy

    This bike is exactly what I want my bike to be. Need fatter tires…the RockNRoad seem to fit this bike like a glove. Hope Hans like them as I’ll probably give them a go now.

    • hans

      i do like them. they are great on fire roads, single track in so cal. they have a really light casing although it’s never posed to be a problem and i think contributes to their supple feel. my only complaint; they wear out really fast if you do any amount of road riding on them with high pressure. keep the pressure low and stick to more gravel and trails and they are great! i’ll buy them again.