I thought I lost this roll of film somewhere overseas but as I was cleaning my office, I found one last roll from Bali. So I dropped it off to get developed and viola, vacation vibes all over again. These are all completely random and the film crops are all off (gotta fix that setting on my scanner) but they’re all pretty good!

  • Wade Stevens

    Kelli’s back piece is awesome

  • Eric Hancock

    Did you push this roll?

    • John Watson


      • Eric Hancock

        Such nice grain.

        • John Watson

          Neopan is the shit!

  • Rafiur Rahman Muis


  • Andy

    Best on yet ,,,shame about that gorgeous girls tats !

  • jordan roy

    Great shots.  Dirty Messengers sticker is great.  Where they from?  Anyone willing to do a sticker swap for one?

  • Cyclonesian

    Miss you guys!