Bali Randomness

This past week has been insanity. I can’t even describe how much fun we all had. Without rubbing it in too much, I’ll do my best to hit the main points. We got put up in an amazing villa, at the top of a range, surrounding Bali. We rented scooters, Ryan and I got lost. Really lost. Like 35km outside of town lost. Then we spent our days, kicking around town and finally, we visited the Monkey Forest. Tyler got bit on the thumb, sending him to a clinic, while the rest of us perused the local shops.

Our last day was spent at Dreamland Beach, where I almost drowned (long story) and now, we’re back in Jakarta for a few hours before I leave to head back to the States.

This trip would not have been possible without Rocket Company and their hospitality. For that, I am truly grateful and I cannot thank them enough. While I’m flying, enjoy the Bali Randomness below…

  • sp77

    These photos slay it! 

  • Jdhhsept

    cant lie ima little jealous. but it looks like everyone had a killer time!

  • TrulyBogus

    BEST PHOTOSET EVER! Normally you make me want to ride my bike. Now you’re just making me realize that I don’t travel enough. 

  • I wanna play with the monkeys!

    • Guest


  • The carved skull is too sick.

    • I know right? I wanted to buy it but taking it home was gonna be a huge hassle…

  • Tasteful Chap

    Solid shots. 76 and 81 take it for me!

  • MamaProlly

    Great shots!  Now . . what was that about almost drowning?????

    • Guest

      your son was drowning in 14 year old fixie fans

    • The beach was about 100 yards wide and I paddled out too far, got caught in a series of big set waves and knocked under a few times, hitting the rock bottom.

  • WOW these are amazing

  • Jeff

    livin the life!

  • theandira


  • lw

    The bag on 68 & 76 looks nice
    Which bag is that?

    • Robert

      Looks like a T-Level.

      • Yep. T-Level. I bought one with a Borneo native fabric panel. Love it!

  • zeeeeeeecore

    theee best set evarrrr!
    nice one Prolls!

  • guest

    Chas is dreamy…

  • WOW!

    • Benny Gold x Pocari Sweat collab in the future? 

  • Kirbyyy

    Quick question, what kind of shades are the neon shiny green with the black lenses? need a pair, DOPE!

    • Oakley! Made in the USA

      • Kirbyyy

         Awesome, thanks! I’m assuming Frogskins?

        • Yep!

          • Kirbyyy

             Glasses look even better in person! Thanks for the heads up! Awesome blog by the way! Much love from MNice…

  • yung jeezy

    damn..  definitely wish i was there.

  • Tone

    great photos John!

    • Thanks! The subjects weren’t too bad either!

  • Ridefixed

    so jealous but i would like to compliment on this set, your photography has improved so much over the past few months.

  • MonkeyTalks

    so sick. did you spank a monkey? :-0

    • no, they took the liberty of robbing, humping and biting our group. I left those little fuckers to themselves.

  • BitterBMX

    I want to be a fixie blogger