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The 2012 Hatcher Pass Black Cat Prize Bike

David Trimble’s races are nothing short of epic. Especially when it comes to last year’s Hatcher Pass race, which left one participant bound for the hospital in a helicopter after he finished. You can read all about the race here at Bicycling. As promised to first place, this custom Black Cat prize bike was recently finished. Laced with Chris King and sporting a wicked paint job, this bike is ready for the next Hatcher Pass. That is, if there will be a next one! See more photos at Dave Trimble’s Flickr.

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Dave Trimble’s Neversink Road Race
Guest Gallery: Dave Trimble's Neversink Road Race

As part of Trimble Racing, Dave has been throwing Neversink , a road race north of NYC in the backroads of upstate New York. The 73-mile coarse packed in over 5,000′ of elevation and with the finish nestled at the top of a grade that peaked over 12%. Three racers did not finish, but the remaining 32 men and women soon found themselves scarfing down hot BBQ.

Dave sent over a selection of photos from the event, which I’ve posted in the Gallery. Also check out finishing times and stats below.


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