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Last Chance to Pre-Order the New Tracko Kit

I took a step back over to my laptop for the first time since Wednesday to post this. Why? Because it rules and running pre-orders like this allows everyone to get a chance to pick up something that might sell out before you get the chance to scoop. Kyle’s a great friend and he’s been a huge inspiration to me, as well as a lot of you (I’d assume). Support Tracko by ordering this kit for the holidays!

Pre-order the Short-Sleeve Jersey…HERE!
Pre-order the Long-Sleeve Jersey…HERE!
Pre-order the Cycling Vest…HERE!
Pre-order the Dickies’ Brown Bib…HERE!

Pre-order through December 2nd and after that, I doubt that any of this will ever be available again.

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Trackosaurus Rex: Custom Eddy Merckx Track

Photos by Kyle Kelley

Woah! I’ve never seen a Merckx track bike with those custom details, only a Merckx SLX road. Usually an extended head tube lug and a downtube cluster webbing was strictly for the big boy racers. These details came custom out of the Eddy Merckx factory in Belgium and are still, to this day, a rare find.

Check out more at the Tracko Flickr!

Nov 11, 2013 2 comments
Trackosaurus Rex: Car Dodgers Home and Away Tees

I always love Tracko’s t-shirts and this one’s got some history…

“About four years ago I had friend draw this up for me, still not sure why I waited so long to actually produce these tees. But with the Los Angeles Dodgers’ wonderful season and American Apparel finally making a Ash Gray that I was stoked on, I figured it was about time.

Swoop the Home(lighter) tee…HERE!

Swoop the Away(darker) tee…HERE!

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Trackosaurus Rex: God Save the Track Bike Tees in Stock

Photo by Chris Fortuna

Is it punk or is it couture? Whatever it is, this isn’t the first time high fashion has collided with a Tracko offering. The STTB button was inspired by a campaign to “Save The Tents” during NY Fashion Week. This latest tee and koozie pull inspiration from another fashion industry giant – Kate Moss. Originally published in a 2002 issue of i-D magazine, and shot by Craig McDean, the now iconic image of Moss in an olive drab military jacket with “God Save The Queen” painted on the back has long been a favorite of mine.

Pick one up at Trackosaurus Rex!

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Trackosaurus Rex: Ride Hard Relax Harder

Photos by Kyle Kelley

Los Angeles is my favorite place to work. It has the best rides in the country (ATMO – that’s for you, Pablo), some of the nicest bikes and you can drive just hours away to be in the middle of some of the most beautiful landscapes the western United States has to offer. In the two weeks I was visiting the NRGSC, we rode hard, partied harder and yes, I even worked my ass off to bring new content to the site.

Sure, we’d all rather ride than work but sometimes, there is a bit of overlap. Moments like this are just too good to not share. Evidence of a big rides and the moment where you hit the coldest water you’ve felt in months. I can’t wait to see more of everyone’s photos from the past two weeks!

Sep 26, 2013 2 comments
For the First Time

… the three of us are together in Los Angeles. Fyxo, Tracko and myself. Expect some radness to pick up momentum here shortly, for now, we’re probably out riding. Follow the guys on Instagram (linked).

Sep 12, 2013 5 comments