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Night Shift

Here’s a video teaser from the forthcoming Leader and Vans collaboration.

Apr 29, 2016 1 comment
Josh’s Watanabe Street Fixed

Compared to the early 2000’s, the NJS track frame market has had its bottom fall out. Now you can pick up a like new frame for a couple hundred bucks, versus a couple grand and there’s plenty to choose from, in various sizes. Hype has died out on these frames, which is perfect for guys like Josh who still love to ride a fixed gear on the street for a living. He works for Chicken Hawk Courier and makes various deliveries around town here in Los Angeles on this Watanabe frame. Aside from the fluoro paint, I was immediately drawn to the build: all black Nitto, Dura Ace hubs, Sugino Zen, ATAC pedals and a Spurcycle bell to top it off.

Say what you will about fixed gears and track bikes on the street but you’ll be hard pressed to find beausage like this elsewhere. Much less shorelines like that on the lugwork. Dang!

Apr 28, 2016 34 comments
Sammi and Ash for Anna Meares x Santini Collection

Photos by Andrea Schilirò

Track Crit athletes and friends of mine from Austin, Texas, Ash Duban and Sammi Runnels modeled the Anna Meares x Santini Collection while in Italy. Yes, that Anna Meares. The eleven-time UCI Track World Champion / two time Olympic medalist from Team Australia. While I can’t find a link to the actual collection, there is a lifestyle photoshoot on the site. These two ladies absolutely crush it on the bike and turns out, fit female cyclists make for great and real models. Check out the full photo shoot at Santini.

Apr 18, 2016 7 comments
Tillie the Terrible Swede

After working as a seamstress in Chicago, Swedish-born Tillie Anderson received quite the unfortunate nickname after she began sweeping the banks at the local velodrome. In fact, she won 123 of 130 the races she entered, many of which being the now famous Six-Day format. Check out the full story on Anderson’s life in this episode of the Bicycle Story.

Apr 18, 2016 Comments are OFF
David’s Pink and Black Track Shark

Landsharks appear to be quite common in Southern California, especially in the San Diego area where David picked up not one, but two of these beautiful steel frames. The first being his own Track Shark and the second, a Road Shark for his brother. After scooping up the frame for a mind-melting deal, he built it with the spare parts he had from previous track builds, including some black Campagnolo Shamal wheels. In its current rendition, David’s got a platform pedal and foot strap so he can comfortably ride the bike in whatever sneakers he pleases. Fret not, pista purists, he also has a set of Campagnolo Pista pedals to completely dial it in… Personally, I think it’s awesome to see this bike being ridden still, with tons of potential for inner and outer city rides.

Also, that paint! Slawta never disappoints!

Apr 6, 2016 14 comments