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Seeking Cloud Cover on Iconic Los Angeles Rides

Over the past week, nature flipped a switch. Suddenly, like migrating birds, the 100º weather had flown to the southern hemisphere, leaving behind clouds, cooler temperatures and even traces of precipitation. Basically, the perfect ingredients for successful dirt bike rides. All summer, I’d stuck to shorter, partially shaded rides, or banked on getting in my mileage before the heat of the day and now I felt comfortable taking off up my favorite dirt climbs. (more…)

Nov 3, 2017 20 comments
No Limits

I often wonder what would happen if I wasn’t able to use my legs any longer, so this video from Strava really struck me:

“Glenn’s first handcycle ride from the hospital parking lot is one of our most inspiring uploads of all time: “That was kind of the beginning for me. It allowed me to physically start to build up the strength that I didn’t have in order to become self-sufficient and push around my wheelchair and get stronger. It allowed me to tell the multisport community that had been there for me from the very beginning of my accident, ‘You know I’m getting through this and we are gonna overcome this and everything is going to be alright.’ And it set the wheels in motion to put me back on the path of being a competitive athlete again. Ten months to the day of the accident, I handcycled my first half marathon.””

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Athletes Unfiltered

Athletic accomplishments are far removed from the curated “selfie” life of many social media apps. You can’t fake the funk when it comes to your exercise data. Perhaps that’s what Strava is going for in their latest video?

Aug 23, 2017 1 comment
Strava: Strive Series

Rides have highs and lows. Pain and excitement. Strava takes on these emotions with the Strive series. All of which are super short and concise, showcasing ride and dirt. Play the first one to view the whole series.

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Strava and Global Bike to Work Day

Strava wants you to commute to work everyday but if that’s asking too much at first, why not try it on May 10th, when the rest of the world is observing Global Bike to Work Day? This isn’t just some marketing ploy either. Strava uses that data for Metro, a pool of user-submitted information that help people, including city planners, understand how humans use their cycling infrastructure. This ultimately results in a better, safer city for you to ride your bike in.

Though, remember, don’t blow up the spot. Turn off your Strava when poaching! I mean, don’t poach! Or something…

Apr 27, 2016 8 comments
Cadence for Strava

It’s always great to see two brands you admire join forces, even if it’s for something as simple as a cycling cap. Cadence and Strava did just that, designing a cap that will pull a chord in both design geeks and diehard fanboys. Head over to Strava to pick one up.

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Strava Says Ride With Us

To the pizza shop! Or maybe the coffee shop? Kidding, of course. Here’s a nice video from Strava featuring some unique views from around the globe.

Jun 30, 2015 4 comments
Introducing Strava Photos

Rather than being limited to strictly Instagram, Strava now allows you to upload as many ride photos as you’d like, directly to your activity. This opens the doors for sharing your rides and browsing what others see during their daily routes. To commemorate this new feature, Strava has a great blog post up featuring some of their favorite photographers. Head to the Strava Blog to see more.

Mar 25, 2015 4 comments