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Mash SF: Camo’s Not Dead

I don’t care what the roadies say, camo’s not dead! Check out these new crewnecks Mash just posted!

Jan 22, 2014 Comments are OFF
The Foot Down: Live Dangerously Until the End Shirt

I’m loving this new shirt from the Foot Down:

“When Jean-Luc Godard released À bout de souffle in 1960 he proved that rules meant absolutely nothing. His Nouvelle Vague masterpiece shook cinema, Michel, the central character, lived on the edge and there’s where we should live too.

Vivre dangereusement… jusqu’au bout (Live dangerously until the end)”

Scoop one up here!

Dec 3, 2013 2 comments
Team Dream Team and Golden Saddle Cyclery Van Life Tees

Sean from Team Dream has one of the sickest vans and he knows how to live!

“I always wondered what a bike rack on top of my VW van would look like, so my friend James McClung created this reference image for me. The boys at Golden Saddle Cyclery and I liked the drawing so much we decided it would be best to make it a t-shirt for Team Dream & GSC!”

Pick up one of these awesome tees at Golden Saddle Cyclery! My LA homies are killing it!

You’ve gotta see more photos here.

Nov 26, 2013 9 comments
Necronomicog Nature is Metal Pocket T-Shirt Pre-Order

To make everyone happy, I’m doing a pre-order. It will stay open until Saturday morning and I’ll be placing the order the following Monday. Shirts will take a week to print, so expect them to ship out December 2nd!

There is nowhere more serene than nature but don’t lower your guard, because as enchanting as it may be, the ‘wood will swallow you whole. Nature is metal and is best enjoyed by bike. Sometimes the best thing for one’s mind is to be alone with their bike, and a fire, or simply put: atavism.

Designed by myself and penned by Kyler Martz, these American Apparel pocket tees were printed up here in Austin by the super metal folks at Industry Printshop.

Scoop up one right now for $25 plus shipping in the PiNP Web Shop!

***THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. If you ordered your shirt on Tuesday, November 19th, it will ship this Monday!***

Nov 20, 2013 14 comments