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Rec Fail: Josh Boothby and His New Frame

Photos by Matt Lingo

SE Fixed is in full-swing with the new production model of their 26″ FGFS frame, the Showtime. While Josh was in SoCal, picking up his signature color, “All Day White”, Matt Lingo took him out around town for some lens time. He’s got a whole set over at RecFail, so head over and check the rest out.

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Choose Your Weapon: 2012 Specialized P-Fix and SE Primetime

Who would have thought that in 2013, there would be two complete 26″ FGFS frames ont the market. This forthcoming year brings two beasts: the P-Fix returns and the SE Primetime. Both come in the ‘legal’ setup with a rear brake and optional front but once you strip them of those, you’ve got two street-ready bikes.

Matt from SE shot over the Primetime details and iMinus D posted up the P-Fix. Thoughts? I like the new P-Fix. Black > Red…

Aug 15, 2012 17 comments