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Wednesday Night at the Road Crits in Melbourne

Last night, I went out to the local road crit here in Melbourne to watch the Saint Cloud guys race. The weather has been kind of shitty here over the past few weeks, but luckily the rain held off all night. After all the grades were done, we got burritos and drank a few beers. I didn’t shoot many photos, so what you see is what you get… I really like the panning shot of Tristen.

Oct 30, 2013 1 comment
Saint Cloud: New Kits Now Available
Saint Cloud

Saint Cloud‘s new Capo kits are now available. These are sharp and came out fantastic. Having kits from around the world should be on every cyclist’s agenda. Support Melbourne’s growing scene and scoop each of these pieces up here. Thanks to Nick for asking me to put the “Prolly” logo on the back. Looks great man!

Apr 3, 2012 3 comments
Tristen’s Guerciotti Pista
Tristen’s Guerciotti

Melbourne has so many nice track bikes on the street at any given moment. It became kind of overwhelming. To the point where I just stopped trying to shoot photos of them. Then I saw Tristen‘s Guerciotti at Saint Cloud and had to shoot it. The build is a mix of old and new, with a peculiar grip situation on the bars. The Phil Wood hubs to Velocity Deep V’s are a wheelset we’ve probably all had at one point but this noble steed gets ridden and locked up everyday, not hung on a wall. Click the image above for the gallery.

Mar 14, 2012 8 comments
Catching Up with Saint Cloud in Melbourne
Swing through when you're in town, Nick and the gang would love to chat with you!

Speaking of Saint Cloud, while I was in Melbourne last month, I spent a good amount of time with Nick and the crew. Since my last visit, Nick’s picked up both track racing and road cycling, all while still trying to get in as much time on the FGFS as he can. The space itself has gone through some changes as well, sporting a new, much more open floorplan. I barely missed the 2-year anniversary party too! What a busy year and in that time, Saint Cloud has been pushing forward with such momentum that I wonder if he’ll have to move to a bigger shop soon? From here, it looks like Melbourne’s got a good thing going for it. See for yourself in the gallery.



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