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Ruckus on the Oregon Outback

With the success of the Bikes and Faces of the Oregon Outback post, I figured diving a little deeper into one bike couldn’t hurt. As I said before, a lot of people were on hardtail or rigid MTBs. While the top two finishers (Ira and Jan) were on drop-bar touring / road bikes, a majority of the field chose the stability and control of a full-on 29r, 27.5 and even 26″.

Shawn from Ruckus took the Oregon Outback as an opportunity to create a bike, specifically for this bikepacking outing and the resulting design is pretty bad ass, not to mention, featherlite!

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Jun 3, 2014 2 comments
Ruckus Carbon Access Tool

Ruckus’ Carbon Access Tool is pretty nifty. I got one in the mail as I was heading out for Australia, so I didn’t get the chance to mess with it but everything about the C.A.T. was spot-on. The dudes at Ruckus have a Kickstarter for the C.A.T., so head over and check that out. Or, if you like bidons, have you seen the Joe Biden bidons?

Oct 24, 2013 3 comments
The Ruckus Carbon Access Tool (C.A.T.)

I like small products like the new Ruckus Carbon Access Tool:

“The Ruckus Carbon Access Tool (C.A.T.) is a multi-tool like no other. It was developed to fit the majority of keys on the market today and allow for future modularity. Manufactured in the USA from lightweight carbon fiber, it offers a balance between sleek professionalism and everyday usage.

Quote from Shawn Small (Owner of Ruckus Composites)
“My girlfriend was out of town and I needed something to do with my hands”

C.A.T. (Carbon Access Tool) MSRP: $32.50″

Also, check out the new Ruckus web shop!

Sep 3, 2013 3 comments