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Fyxation’s Mesa Pedals Honor the MTB Meccas of the Southwest

The trifecta of MTB destinations has inspired the colors of the latest release from Fyxation. From the bone white plains of Fruita, Colorado to the red dirt of Moab and high piñon and juniper of Sedona, each of these pedals take inspiration from the natural tonality of these high desert MTB destinations. Head to your local dealer to see them in person or to purchase and head to Fyxation for more information.

Apr 8, 2018 3 comments
Time’s New Speciale MTB Pedals

The Time ATAC platform is my preferred pedal for mountain and ‘all-road’ riding, so when the company announced their Speciale pedal, my interest was piqued. Made in France, at Time’s factory in Nevers, these new pedals come in a few colors, are made from 6106-T6 aluminum, feature a wide platform, adjustable pins for optimal grip and a micro-adjustable clamping system, allowing riders to tune their engagement. I’m anxiously awaiting trying these out. See more information at Time and holler at your local dealer for ordering.

Nov 8, 2017 11 comments
Blue Lug Panda Pedals

Blue Lug has some fancy new pedals in their stock. These Panda Pedals are a playful product, perfect for your flat-pedal pushbike! Check out more at Blue Lug and thanks for the photo, Tomii!

Feb 16, 2016 Comments are OFF
Speedplay Zero Pavé Pedals Enjoy Playing Dirty

I’ve always wanted to ride Speedplay pedals, but with all the hike-a-bike rides I do, it would wreak havoc on their cleats. I’m sure this isn’t the first time Speedplay’s had that criticism and maybe that’s the motivation behind their new Zero Pavé pedals.

Here’s their selection criteria:

-You enjoy riding in mixed terrain environments, road, gravel, or cobbles
-You demand a high performance pedal in wet and dirty conditions
-You expect to walk on un-paved surfaces

Basically, if you enjoy riding your road bike off-road, these might be your new best friend. Head to your local shop for ordering and if you have tried these out yourself, let us know your thoughts!

Made in the USA

Aug 15, 2014 16 comments
The Infinity Pedal

Look, I don’t like to post Kickstarter projects all that often but I am intrigued by this one… Thoughts? My only concern is the platform (or lack thereof) seems like it’d be hard to mount and dismount effectively, especially in muddy or wet conditions but I’ve yet to try it out for myself.

Mar 10, 2014 21 comments